6 Most Haunted Places in California

When most people think about California, the first thing that comes to mind is usually sunshine, Hollywood and golden beaches! However, The Golden State has a much darker side to it as well and it is home to some of the most haunted locations in the country! Let’s take a closer look at the top 6 most haunted places in California:

6 – Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach (Stay Here)


The Queen Mary Hotel is recognized as not only one of the most haunted places in California, but also as one of the most haunted hotels in the entire world. The former ocean liner is now permanently docked at Long Beach where it serves as a hotel that is very popular with paranormal researchers and others interested in the paranormal. The ship is incredibly haunted and we could not  even begin to document all of the strange events that have occurred there in this one brief summary. However, we can touch on some of the most common hauntings.

The First Class Swimming Pool is said to be haunted by two female spirits who are said to have drowned there in the 1930s and 1960s respectively. They have both been seen as apparitions and visiting psychics have said that they feel a negative presence coming from the changing rooms. There are also reports of a a lady in white in the Queen’s Salon, a male in 1930s attired in the First Class suites and the sounds of children playing near the storage room. These are only  handful of the reports of paranormal disturbances on board!

One possible explanation for the high levels of paranormal activity dates back to World War II. The Queen Mary actually ended up slicing through her escort ship, but was under strict orders not to stop and look for survivors. It is believed that as many as 300 men drowned in the accident and their souls can still be heard pounding on the hull begging for assistance!

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5 – The Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula (Book Now)


The Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula was built in 1911 in the old English Tudor style. It is a beautiful building, but it could be described as having a somewhat ugly past! The history of The Glen Tavern Inn is rich and colourful, with a large dose of dark and seedy moments. It is a fascinating building once frequented by the stars, which fell on hard times after prohibition was introduced  and the 3rd floor became a speakeasy, brothel and gambling den. It is this that is likely to have triggered the majority of the paranormal activity reported here.

The Glen Tavern Inn is one of the most haunted places in California and it is home to a number of different ghosts. One of the most well known hot spots is Room 307 which is said to be haunted by two ghosts, a cowboy known as Calvin and a prostitute.  Calvin is described as being tall and thin wearing a white short and sporting long hair and a goatee beard. He has been seen walking through walls and is often captured in photographs taken by guests. Calvin is believed to have been a man who was shot and killed during a card game back in the days when the 3rd floor of The Glen Tavern Inn was a gambling den. This tale is backed up by the discovery of a western style hat behind one of the walls during renovation. The hat featured two bullet holes and some blood stains.

The other spirit in the room is an unknown female who is believed to be a prostitute who was beheaded in the room. Her body was dumped in the closet and discovered by a maid. Her mist like form has been seen and people report sudden cold spots, knocks and disembodied voices. There have also been sightings of a child running through the corridors and the sound of children laughing.

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4 – East 8 Mile Road, Stockton


One of the most haunted places in California is not a building, but a stretch of road – Eat 8 Mile Road to be exact. It is said that there is the spirit of a witch who appears on the road. Many a heavy goods vehicle driver has reported a scary woman in a tattered white dress standing in the middle of the carriageway! Legend states that if you turn back to take a second look at the phantom then you will see the spirit sitting in your back seat. There are also reports of a Native American girl wandering the road on the night of the full moon and locals say she can be heard screaming in the night. It’s no wonder paranormal fans lover the idea of a haunted road trip along East 8 Mile Road!

3 – Winchester Mystery House, San Jose


The Winchester Mystery House is one property that certainly lives up to its name! Construction began in 1884 and it never really stopped until the owner, Sarah Winchester passed away on September, 5 1922. It is believed that she spent around $5 million on construction. Why? Well, because Sarah was convinced that her home was haunted by all of the victims killed by a Winchester Rifle and that the only way to quiet the spirits was to keep on building! Sarah may well have been correct, because since the mansion was opened up to the public in 1923 staff and visitors alike have reported several mischievous spirits in the building.  One particular story that stands out  is a photograph taken inside the house of a ghostly male in a workman’s overall. It has been suggested that he could be one of Sarah Winchester’s carpenters still working on the continuous construction even after his death!

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2 – Los Coches Adobe, Soledad


Los Coches Adobe might just be one of the most terrifying places in California. In the early days Los Coches Adobe was the site of a mine. However, one day a horrific accident caused over 30 mine workers to be trapped in a collapse. All of them lost their lives. Tragedy like that has to leave a stain on the very land, so it is really no wonder this place is haunted!

Locals and visitors alike have heard the screams of trapped miners emanating from an old well on the property and there are also numerous reports of a lady in black and a male phantom walking around the grounds. Some even claim to have seen the ghost of a man hanging from a tree just on the boundary of the property! All of this is before we even get into what is lurking inside the buildings themselves! The buildings are said to be so terrifying that local gangs apparently use them as an initiation ritual – locking potential members in the building overnight. If they last the night then they are in! There is said to be demonic activity within and apparently several visitors have been possessed! It is also claimed that anyone who goes to sleep inside will wake up outside with no memory of how they got there!

1 – Alcatraz, San Francisco


There are few structures in this world that are as infamous as Alcatraz! Prisons are often a haven for restless spirits and Alcatraz is no different. In fact, this former high security prison is probably even more likely to be haunted given what the conditions were like when it was in operation coupled with the dangerous criminals who were housed within its walls. The entire building is soaked in fear, regret, anger, pain and death – the perfect recipe for restless souls and much darker entities!

The prison is like a breeding ground for the paranormal. One of the most feared presences on the island is known simply as ‘The Thing’. This entity is said to have red glowing eyes and it has been seen not only by visitors today, but by prisoners and staff when Alcatraz was in operation. Other common reports detail disembodied voices, sobbing, screams, banging of cell doors and putrid smells which some say indicate a demonic presence. Visitors have experienced being touched, feeling cold spots and even having emotional outbursts of either sadness or anger. Some have even said that they encounter apparitions who spoke to them of abuse at the hands of guards and other inmates!

Perhaps the darkest place in Alcatraz is ‘The Cell’. This is an area in D Block where inmates were places as punishment for breaking the rules. They were stripped naked and given nothing while locked in The Cell. Even mattresses were only issued at lights out and removed again in the morning. Over the years, inmates and guards alike reported a shadow figure haunting D Block However, on on night a prisoner in The Cell was screaming for hours claiming to be under attack. The guards ignored him, assuming he was just causing a disturbance since he was locked alone in the cell. He finally fell silent, but in the morning when the cell was unlocked the guards discovered the man dead on the floor with distinct hand prints on his throat!

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