San Francisco is an incredible city to visit. There is the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and Alcatraz that drawn thousands of tourists to the city throughout the year. The almost idyllic weather the majority of the year, the spectacular scenery, food, and shopping even convinces some people to stay in the city by the bay.

There are other things that draw people to San Francisco. Countless people venture to the city in hopes of encountering a ghost or two.

Let’s a little bit closer at some of the haunted hotels in San Francisco, CA.

5 - Vintage Court HotelBook a Room

Vintage Court HotelIn 1912, the Vintage Court Hotel opened in San Francisco. With its ideal location people from around the world have come to stay in the charming hotel. Wine enthusiasts will appreciate its connections to Napa wine country via its décor and artwork. The rooms are even said to have connections to local wineries.

People looking for a hotel that is convenient to a number of local attractions will find the Vintage Court a great place to stay. Other more adventurous souls will travel to the Vintage Court in hopes of experiencing some paranormal activity.

Due to a number of stories the Vintage Court is amongst the best haunted hotels in San Francisco. Flickering lights, lights that shut off completely before turning back on are normal. Doors also have a tendency to open at random when no one is near them.

Guests at the hotel have also experienced things they feel are a bit more frightening. Reports of toilets flushing and shower curtains moving without any logical explanation has occurred on occasion.

Noises that seem to come from invisible forces have also been reported. Some guests to the Vintage Court were so unnerved by the paranormal activity in their room they have no other recourse but to check out.

4 - Queen Anne HotelSpend the Night

Queen Anne Hotel

The beautiful and historic Victorian-style Queen Anne Hotel is unlike many others in San Francisco. It has charm, an excellent location, and is one of the quieter hotels in the city. It even survived the horrific San Francisco earthquake of 1906, which destroyed a great deal of the city.

Many people seek out the Queen Anne Hotel in hopes of experiencing the paranormal. Those brave enough can even request the most haunted room at the Queen Anne, Miss Mary Lake’s room on the fourth floor. When the location served as a girls school, Miss Mary Lake was the headmistress.

People have captured orbs in the room when taking photographs while others have reportedly felt the presence of Miss Mary. Those staying in room 410 also report unusual sounds with no apparent cause and unsettling tapping.

Other people have reported the sensation of someone touching and even stroking their hair, yet there is no one close to them. Other people have witnessed and even captured on camera shadowy figures moving through rooms in the hotel.

On one of the floors guests can find the Bishop’s chair. Some people have reported that when they sat in the chair and put their arms on the armrests, it felt as though someone had placed a hand on their arm in a comforting fashion. The chair reportedly dates back to when Miss Mary Lake was the headmistress.

3 - San Remo HotelStay Here

San Remo Hotel

The San Remo Hotel has been around since 1906. The hotel has a lot of character and is more like a home than a true hotel. Unlike most hotels the individual rooms share bathrooms located in the hallways. It has a Victorian, Italian, bohemian feel to the design.

The charming hotel has a reputation for the comforting accommodations but it also has a reputation for being one of the most haunted hotels in San Francisco.

One of the most famous ghosts to haunt the San Remo is the Painted Lady. The Painted Lady was a madame who stayed in, and died in, room 33. People staying in the room have reportedly heard knocking on the door to the room as well as having things moving and other odd stories.

The ghost of a young girl has been seen on numerous occasions trying to enter room 42. There are also people that claim while in their room someone knocks on the outside of the door. Because the knocking seems to becoming from a low spot on the door it is assumed it is a child.

There are also stories of hearing a man’s voice in the room as well as movement and other random noises. People suspect it is the ghost of a man who killed himself there.

A double murder was also said to have occurred in the restaurant of the San Remo Hotel. People who spend time in the restaurant have seen a dark, shadowy figure crossing the room. These are just a handful of the sightings and paranormal activity that occur at the San Remo Hotel.

2 - Hotel RexBook a Room

Hotel Rex

The Hotel Rex is a boutique hotel that draws its inspiration from the 1920’s, specifically the literary salons and art galleries of that era. It offers its guests with a mix of the past and modern amenities. Due to its excellent location people have easy and fast access to some of the best attractions in the city.

Guests to the Rex also have the opportunity to enjoy everything a haunted hotel in San Francisco has to offer. One of the most frightening ghosts to appear at the Hotel Rex has appeared to a number of the housekeeping staff.

It is said a Chinese man spends a considerable amount of time wandering around the 4th floor. That in itself is not what is so frightening, what is scary is the fact that he wanders around holding a cleaver. Did he work in the kitchen or does he want to take our revenge on someone?  Considering Chinese immigrants lived in the building during the Gold Rush, it is quite possible he only wanted to prepare something to eat for his family.

Guests who have stayed in the hotel have made claims of hearing horses behind the building in the alley. As there are no horses in the area it may be the ghosts of horses that were brought to the area during the Gold Rush and later.

1 - Nob Hill HotelBook Now

Nob Hill Hotel

When the beautiful Nob Hill Hotel was first built back in 1907 it served as a private home. It offers cozy accommodations with Edwardian period furnishings as well as some modern amenities. The hotel offers stairs and an elevator that only accesses certain floors. This was done to maintain the hotel’s historical accuracy.

Along with being a wonderful place to stay Nob Hill Hotel is among the most haunted hotels in San Francisco. Over the more than 100 years since it was built people have reported approximately 20 different ghosts still inhabiting the hotel.

The majority of the ghosts at the Nob Hill Hotel like to play pranks o the guests and staff members of the hotel. They will hide things from people, play with doors, electricity, and have even been known to turn appliances on and off. Guests have reported feeling as though someone had just sat down next to them on their beds when they were either in the room alone, or the other party was nowhere near them.

The wine cellar is a popular hangout from a number of the ghosts at the inn as well. One guest had reportedly mentioned how charming it was to have a woman in period clothing sitting at the end of one of the hallways. The staff were perplexed as there was no such woman hired to be there, nor was there even a chair at the end of the specified hallway!

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