If you are the type of person who actively seeks out accommodation that is said to be haunted, then a trip to Wisconsin should definitely be in your future plans. There are several haunted hotels and inns that you can choose from!

Let’s explore some of the most haunted hotels in Wisconsin.

10 - Hotel Mead & Conference Center, Wisconsin RapidsBook Now

Hotel Mead & Conference Center, Wisconsin Rapids

The Hotel Mead & Conference Center is a 5 story Atrium hotel that has undergone a multi million dollar refurbishment and expansion.  The hotel has been known to be haunted especially in the basement of the hotel. The hotel owners however refuse to discuss this and say the hotel is not haunted and also have instructed staff not to mention anything about the haunting.  This of course has not stopped guests talking about it.

The basement room was once a gambling room and bar, rumors are that a female member of staff was stabbed to death in the basement.  This has led to reports of the smell of blood from 20 feet away, doors slamming shut by themselves, lights flickering.  The room is also the coldest in the hotel, which there is no explanation for.

9 - Union Hotel, De Pere

Union Hotel, De Pere

The Union Hotel was built in 1883 and is the longest continually running hotel in the state.  The hotel is known for owner McKim Boyd’s impressive collection of over 1000 ties of every color, style and shape you can imagine.

Any hotel of this age will have some uninvited guests and reports say that this hotel is indeed haunted.  One spirit has been known to turn all the lights in the hotel on or off depending on their mood.  Guests and staff in the bar have also reported a ghostly bartender that still likes to serve customers.

8 - The Karsten Hotel, Kewaunee

The Karsten Hotel, Kewaunee

The Karsten Hotel also known as the Kewaunee Inn was first built in 1858 and was called The Steamboat House.  The hotel has had a lot of different owners during its lifetime and is currently still open and running now known as The Karsten Hotel.

The hauntings in this hotel are said to be of William Karsten Senior who is known to be a nice and friendly ghost unless he is having a bad day, which he can then set off sour smells in some of the rooms.

The ghost of Young Billy Karsten the 3rd has also been heard running up and down the hallways, he likes to play in the basement and also with any visiting children.

Agatha is another one the ghosts that frequent the Karsten Hotel.  Agatha has been seen in mirrors in the hotel and once pushed a hotel staff member down some stairs, luckily this only happened once and Agatha is not thought to be an evil spirit just a bit moody.

7 - Big River Inn, Genoa

Big River Inn, Genoa

The Big River Inn was built in 1896 and was originally just a restaurant.  The hotel was added at a later date when riverboats and wagon trails started heading to the north-west of America.  The hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former employee.  The Ghost named Kenny is known to move things around and likes to turn the tv on and off.

6 - Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast, MilwaukeeCheck Availability

Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Milwaukee

The Brumder mansion was built by George Brumder Senior for his son George Junior unfortunately George Sr died before the mansion could be finished and it was completed by his son.  George Jr and his family stayed in the mansion for a number of years until it was sold to Sam and Ed Pick who worked for Al Capone and set up clubs and speakeasies.

The History in this bed and breakfast is undeniable and it is haunted by many ghosts including Suzanne an older spirit that likes to hang around in the gold suite.  Another female ghost thought to be from the speakeasy days is also said to hang around the hotel lobby.

5 - The American Club, KohlerSpend the Night

The American Club, Kohler

This luxury hotel was built in 1918 as a place to house immigrants.  The hotel is also the midwest’s AAA five diamond resort hotel and is also a member of the historic hotels of America.

The hotel also has its dark side and is said it is haunted by the ghost of woman who hanged herself in room 209.  The woman apparently hung herself after her husband died in an industrial accident.  Guests have seen her spirit standing in front of the fireplace in room 209. A guest also reported seeing a ghost of a man in dirty torn clothes but when he spoke to him he wouldn’t answer.

4 - Retlaw Plaza Hotel, Fond du LacBook Now

Retlaw Plaza Hotel, Fond du Lac

The Retlaw Plaza Hotel opened in 1922 and was the brainchild of Walter Schroeder. The Hotel got its unusual name after Walter decided to use his name backwards as the name for the new hotel.  The Hotel is haunted by a former property owner that was murdered in the hotel.  The ghost is said to scream and make noises throughout the hotel and has even been heard saying help me. The ghost also like to turn water on and off.

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3 - Old Baraboo Inn, Baraboo

Old Baraboo Inn, Baraboo

The Old Baraboo Inn was established in 1864 and was originally a tavern and a brothel. The hotel was also a brewery and winery at some point in its history.  The hotel has also suffered fire damage and was closed for 14 years before being renovated and opened again in 2002.

With all this history there is no surprise that the hotel has has reports of several hauntings from doors opening and closing lights switching on and off and even things moving about.  The Most famous ghost is one of a saloon dancer that has been named Mary and possibly bled to death in the hotel sometime in the 1900s.

2 - Astor House Bed & Breakfast, Green BayBOOK NOW

Astor House Bed & Breakfast, Green Bay

This house was built by Titanic victim John Jacob Astor. The bed and breakfast is also on the national register of historic places and was famously owned by Dr Julius Bellin. Dr Bellin was know for founding Bellin hospital and the Bellin school of nursing. The House is now a bed & breakfast and is said to be haunted by the spirit of Dr Julius Bellin.  Dr Bellin has been seen in the early morning by guests and staff in the parlor room.§3

1 - Pfister Hotel, MilwaukeeStay Here

Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee

Guido Pfister wanted to make a people’s palace and came up with a design for the Pfister hotel unfortunately he died before construction began, but his son Charles kept his dream alive and the is extravagant hotel opened in 1893 at a cost of $1.5 million dollars, which in today’s money would be just under $40 million dollars.

This hotel also has some ghostly visitors mingling among the guests especially the ghost of Charles Pfister who likes to still observe the going on in his hotel.  Some guests have also heard disembodied noises of dogs playing in the hotel.

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