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Milwaukee is regarded by many as the undoubted haunted hotspot in all Wisconsin, with a crazy high concentration of ghosts reported here. Given the history of bloodshed, tragedy, and murder it’s of little wonder. Just researching these haunted sites throws up tales of mad scientists, occult, and who can forget, the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer!

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Most Haunted Hotels in Wisconsin

Looking to go for a short break, or on a long vacation and want to experience something chilling yet exciting? The thrill-seekers in you may want to book a room with a ghost or two. Wisconsin has a plethora of some of the most haunted hotels in country, so let’s get down to it.

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An image of the reportedly haunted The Grand Opera House, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Most Haunted Locations

From Milwaukee and Marshfield to Ripon and Owen, you can’t travel too far in Wisconsin without stumbling upon a haunted site. If you want to experience something truly paranormal and you think you have what it takes, then try ghost hunting at one of these terrifyingly haunted locations!

WARNING: Please check for permission first before visiting any of these haunted sites.

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