The Stone Lion Inn has such a long history and it has been home to many people who refuse to leave it. It was once the home of Mr. and Mrs. Houghton and their twelve children. However, one of the Houghton children, Augusta became ill and died of whooping cough after the nurse gave her the wrong medicine. A woman named Becky Luker then purchased the home in 1986, wanting to renovate it to its former glory. However, the spirits who lived there seemed to think that it was splendid as it was and were not at all pleased with the renovations.

While the renovation project was ongoing, unexplainable noises were heard. Loud footsteps were reported coming from the back staircase in the early hours of the morning. Doors would open and close by themselves and the police were often called upon for fear that there were intruders. It was not long until Becky came to the realization that her intruders were not of this world. The third floor is said to be the hot spot of several ghostly activities.

It is said that Becky’s son would neatly put away his toys at night before going to bed. However, every time he wakes up in the morning, the toys would all be scattered about. Augusta, the Houghton’s daughter who died of an illness, is said to still haunt the halls of the inn. Her father, F.E. Houghton, has been seen many times throughout the house, huffing and puffing on his tobacco pipe.

Guests have also witnessed a childlike figure tucking them into bed at night. Others have complained about noisy children jumping up and down on the beds even though there were no children staying at the inn. A wooden ball rolling across the mansion floors has also been heard echoing throughout the mansion.


The Stone Lion Inn was built in 1907 by Mr. F. E. Houghton for his family. The mansion has an area of 8,000 square feet and has 4 floors. At the time of completion, it cost $11,900 and was the most expensive home in Guthrie, Oklahoma. It became the Smith Funeral Home in the 1920s. In 1986, the property was purchased by Becky Luker, renovated and converted into bed and breakfast.


The Stone Lion Inn located in Guthrie, Oklahoma is a mansion that has been restored to preserve its history and beauty. Visitors of the inn will experience the life of the people who lived in the gracious mansion complete with servants.

The mansion has upstairs rooms and a library and a parlor on the first level. Dinner can be enjoyed in the oak-paneled dining room and the cook can also be seen preparing meals in the 200-year-old French kitchen which can also seat 10 people. The mansion’s elegant interiors feature leaded glass bookshelves, Adam’s staircase, bathrooms with clawfooted tubs, 3 fireplaces and huge pockets-doors.

The mansion’s grounds have pecan trees, flowers, and lilac bushes and a gazebo where squirrels would sometimes wander. Every morning guests can wake up to freshly pressed coffee, strawberries, and blueberries in rum cream, muffins, and Canadian bacon.

Guests can choose from 6 suites, namely the Kentucky Daisy suite; Cora Diehl suite; Bordello suite; Wedding suite; Lucille Mulhall suite and the Parlor. The Kentucky Daisy suite is located on the mansion’s second floor. It also has a private sitting room. The Cora Diehl suite is also located on the second floor and comes with a modern bathtub; however, it does not have a shower. The Wedding Suite is perfect for honeymooners and can be found on the second floor. It comes with a clawfooted tub but does not have a shower. The Bordello suite comes with a large sitting room which has Adirondack furniture. The Little Mulhall suite has a full size ornate Victorian iron bed. Lastly, the Parlor is located on the mansion’s first floor and has a shower but does not come with a tub.

Things to Do

The quaint little town of Guthrie Oklahoma has a lot to offer to guests looking for history and enjoyment. The Oklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library have a mission of preserving the heritage of Oklahoma. The museum documents many of the most important events in Oklahoma. The Curt Boles Art of the American West Gallery specializes in Western images of cowboys, cattle, horses, Indians, and western wildlife.

The Scottish Rite Temple is one of the nation’s largest Masonic centers and is constructed from limestone. For the food connoisseur, a must-try is Johnny’s Rib Shacks, a restaurant right by the interstate. Their ribs are some of Oklahoma’s finest. Visitors who would like to try some Italian fare should go to Mazzio’s Fast Italian Food. Granny Had One also offers the best pie and ice cream.

Room Tariffs

  • Wedding suite starts at $137
  • Bordello suite starts at 137
  • Kentucky Daisy starts at $137
  • Cora Diehl Suite starts at $97
  • Lucile Mulhall starts at $87
  • Parlor starts at $77

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