Did you know that the name Tulsa is actually derived from ‘Tallasi’ which is a Creek word that literally translates as ‘Old Town’? With a name like that it is hardly surprising that the town of Tulsa has some haunted history to call its own! In fact, the town is said to be home to two of Oklahoma’s most famous ghost stories.

Join us as we explore some of the most haunted places in Tulsa, OK, below:

10 – Gilcrease Museum

Gilcrease Museum

One of the most haunted places in Tulsa is Gilcrease Museum which is believed to be haunted by none other than Mr Thomas Gilcrease himself. It seems only natural that he would want to keep an eye on his museum and staff have confirmed seeing him here and there around the building since his death in 1962.

He also makes himself known by slamming doors and via the sound of his footsteps. However, the museum has been the subject of many a paranormal investigation over the years and it is said that Mr Gilcrease is not alone here.

Witnesses have reported seeing the spirits of a number of Native American children running around in the museum. Children have also been seen playing in the garden and people often say that they have heard laughter when nobody else is around.

All in all, it is thought that there are at least 7 spirits in the museum, and all are believed to be friendly!

9 – Brady Theater

Brady Theater

The Brady Theater in Tulsa is said to be home to a somewhat famous ghost – the spirit of renowned Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso. The legend states that Caruso died in 1921 less than a year after visiting Tulsa.

He apparently developed pleurisy following an open top carriage ride in Tulsa during his visit and his health began to deteriorate fairly rapidly from there. His manager laid the blame firmly on Caruso’s visit to Tulsa.

Many believe that following his death, Caruso returned to haunt the Brady Theater which was considered the scene of his demise despite the fact that he actually died at home in Naples.

Aside from Enrico Caruso, the theater is also said to be haunted by the spirit of a workman who died after falling off of a ladder.

8 – Mohawk Park & Golf Course

There are a couple of pretty odd tales that are linked to Mohawk Park & Golf Course not least of which is that it is allegedly home to a creature that is described as being part woman and part deer!

Aside from this strange beast, people have also described tiny figures roaming the property and making strange noises.

These tales may seem just a little bit too far fetched for even the most enthusiastic paranormal fan, but what about the haunted bathroom in the golf facility.

Staff say that they have seen the light come one when the bathroom is not only empty, but when no electricity is connected!

There have also been reports of doors opening and closing on their own and apparitions in the mirror!

7 – Spotlight Theatre

Spotlight Theatre

One of the top venues in Tulsa for the performing arts is The Spotlight Theatre which also just so happens to be one of the most haunted places in Tulsa as well! It is said to be inhabited by several different spirits none of which seem all that keen to welcome visitors.

The basement in particular seems to be pretty active. Witnesses say that if anyone enters the basement they soon start to here phantom footsteps coming towards them and a sound of scratching on the walls.

In fact, actual scratch marks have been found on the walls down there. It seems like these are very clear warnings that the living are not at all welcome down there!

6 – Cain's Ballroom

Cain's Ballroom

One of the most infamous haunted places in Tulsa is probably Cain’s Ballroom. The popular concert venue is allegedly haunted by a number of spirits including a one time performer by the name of Bob Willis.

Apparently, the country western star loved performing at Cain’s Ballroom so much that he has chosen to make it his home in the afterlife!

He is certainly not alone in haunting the venue, there is also a female spirit known as Jane who apparently dates back to the 1950s and another female spirit identified as Chloe.

Bob and Chloe seem to be pretty friendly and curious while Joan is described as being indifferent!

5 – Tulsa Little Theatre

Tulsa Little Theatre

Like so many other theatres, Tulsa Little Theatre is allegedly haunted. It has been investigated by some local paranormal investigators who say that there are several spirits in residence.

It was built in 1932 and in 2004 a large renovation project got underway to return it to how it once looked. Some say that it was during this renovation work that the spirits started making themselves known as if maybe they had been disturbed by the construction.

A strange light anomaly has been seen in the building and every so often someone glimpses a figure standing behind them when nobody should be there. Items often go missing and lights turn on and off by themselves.

This truly is one of the most haunted buildings in Tulsa.

4 – Camelot Hotel

Camelot Hotel

The Camelot Hotel (or the Camelot Inn as it was known originally) was built in 1965 and very quickly became the hotspot place to hang out in Tulsa. However, it fell out of popularity in the eighties and after a rapid decline it was eventually abandoned.

In the late nineties, the building was condemned for public habitation even although the structural integrity was sound. The building has since been demolished, but while it was still standing witnesses would often see some lights coming on in the top floor and even figures in the windows.

Even now that it is torn down, people have reported seeing shadowy figures and light anomalies.

3 – Philbrook Museum

Philbrook Museum

One of the most haunted locations in Tulsa is the Philbrook Museum. The whole place has a really creepy atmosphere and lots of visitors will tell you that the statues’ eyes will follow you around the rooms.

In fact, some visitors have even claimed to see the heads actually turn! This may just be a bit of an urban legend, but it certainly isn’t the only example of paranormal activity that has been reported here.

One common occurrence that has been reported is the lights going on and off in the hallways even when there is nobody around.

2 – Will Rogers High School

Will Rogers High School

Will Rogers High School is apparently haunted by a man who wears a white tuxedo. He is often seen in the auditorium where he will walk around on stage or hang around backstage.

He is apparently not alone, because some students have also reports seeing a smaller figure also dressed in white.

In most cases, the sightings of these figures are seen by the janitorial staff or by kids staying late after school.

It has more or less been accepted that the man in the white tux is the spirit of Dr. Carl Barnett, a band director who died of a heart attack in the auditorium in 1974 ironically while conducting Bach’s ‘Come, Sweet Death’.

1 – Hex House

Hex House

Many fans of the paranormal may dismiss Tulsa’s Hex House as just a fake Halloween attraction and that is true to some extent. Each October, the Hex House is transformed into a terrifying haunted attraction.

However, you may have heard that old saying – ‘there is no smoke without fire’ and that is certainly true of The Hex House because there is some very real paranormal activity going on here too!

If you enter the house outside of the Halloween season you will notice that it still has a very sinister atmosphere. Many believe that this stems from the fact spell casting and other strange rituals were conducted in the original house during the 1940s.

It is believed that this invited something into the property that now has no intention of leaving! Two young women were actually forced to live in the freezing cold basement of the property during this time giving all of their money and belongings to Ms Carolann Smith who had designed her own religion based in the occult.

She starved and beat the women and used bondage and hypnotism to control them. This is the true tale that the Hex House haunted attraction is based on.

There have been reports of apparitions both in the original Hex House which was torn down in 1975, and in the haunt. Could these entities have come to the faux Hex House from the original site?