Oklahoma happens to be home to a wide ranging of interesting ghost stories filled with murder, suicide and even the odd cryptid!

Let’s look a little closer at some of the most haunted places in Oklahoma:

11. Dead Woman's Crossing, Weatherford

Dead Woman's Crossing, Weatherford

Dead Woman’s Crossing is a bridge on the road around Deer Creek in Weatherford. Local legend states that in 1905, a woman called Katy DeWitt James and her baby girl Lulu Belle boarded a train to visit family in Payne County.

She had just filed for divorce on the grounds of cruel treatment at the hands of her husband. Her father had personally put her on the train and expected to hear from her in the next few days.

However, weeks passed with no word from his daughter so he engaged a private detective to locate her.

The detective learned that Katy had befriended a prostitute named Fannie Norton on the train who had taken her and the baby to her brother-in-law’s house in Clinton.

They stayed there for a few hours and then took a trip in a buggy. Fannie returned alone and claimed to have no idea where the pair were.

However, the detective found that the buggy had disappeared into a field near the creek where it had spent around an hour before coming speeding back out with blood staining the wheel.

Fannie then stopped at a nearby farm and gave him the baby, wrapped in a bloody dress.

However, on being questioned by the detective she denied any involvement, although the fact that she poisoned herself later that same day seems to indicate her guilt.

Local legend states that Katy’s spirit now roams the area around Deer Creek in search of her baby daughter, sometimes calling out her name.

Some witnesses even claim that if you stand under the bridge and keep very still you can actually hear the wagon wheels rattling above you.

10. Belvidere Mansion, Claremore

Belvidere Mansion, Claremore

The Belvidere Mansion was built in 1902 for the Bayless Family. However, six months before the mansion was completed Mr Bayless died after his appendix burst.

His wife and six children did move into the home and stayed until 1919. It is believed that the spirits of the Bayless family have remained in the property causing it to gain a reputation for being one of the most haunted buildings in Oklahoma.

Visitors report feeling hot and cold spots throughout the house and have heard many unexplained noises and disembodied voices.

It is common for hazy figures to be seen in the dim lights inside the property.

9. Veteran's Lake, Sulphur

Veteran's Lake, Sulphur

Veteran’s Lake has long had a reputation for being one of the most haunted locations in Oklahoma. It is said to be possessed by the spirit of a lady who once drowned in the lake.

She was apparently attempting to save her child when she herself ended up drowning as well.

A few years later there was another drowning when a girl died in a boating accident.

It is said that the apparitions of both the lady and the girl can be seen in the lake and local legend states that anyone entering the lake after dark will be pulled under the water and drowned.

8. Bird Creek School, Pawhuska

Bird Creek School, Pawhuska

Bird Creek School in Pawhuska is a one-room schoolhouse that was built in the early 1900s for Native American children.

If you are brave enough to enter the building, you should write your own name on the chalkboard that remains in the classroom.

If you then leave for a few minutes it is said that when you return your name will have been erased from the board by the spirits who linger here.

7. Cherokee Strip Museum, Alva

Cherokee Strip Museum, Alva

While this building now serves as the Cherokee Strip Museum, it was actually a hospital in its early days. These days it is alleged that the ground floor is haunted and it has been the site of various different paranormal phenomena.

Visitors to the museum frequently report encountering cold spots in various locations on the ground floor of the museum.

It is also common for people to hear disembodied voices and for the piano on the ground floor to play by itself.

It Is generally assumed that the paranormal activity experienced in the museum is caused by the spirits of former patients who died here while the building was still used as a hospital, but no-one has any suggestions as to why they are confined to the ground floor!

6. Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa

Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa

Cain’s Ballroom has been a popular concert venue in Tulsa for many years, hosting hundreds of performers. However, it is also said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Oklahoma!

One of the most well-known spirits that is said to haunt the venue is a former performer named Bob Willis. Bob was a country-western performer who seems to have enjoyed performing there so much that he decided to stick around after his death!

There is also a female presence that has been both seen and felt over the years.

Visitors to the venue and groups of paranormal investigators have reported feeling like they are being watched, encountering cold spots in the ballroom, capturing orbs on camera, lights turning on and off and even strange disembodied voices.

5. Blanchard Cemetery, Blanchard

Blanchard Cemetery, Blanchard

Blanchard Cemetery is apparently haunted by a very tall man in a dark colored suit. He is apparently a man who is buried in the cemetery, but his spirit has no malevolence towards anybody.

In fact, most of the witnesses who report seeing him say that he is usually waving at them in a friendly manner.

Perhaps his family is long gone and he is simply lonely? This is not the only paranormal activity that is reported at Blanchard Cemetery.

Another reason why it is considered one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma is that at night there are lots of strange, unexplained noises to be heard.

4. Blue Belle Saloon, Guthrie

Blue Belle Saloon, Guthrie

The Blue Belle Saloon in Guthrie was once operated as a bordello by Miss Lizzie and her girls Claudia and Estelle. It was a very popular saloon right up until the day when Claudia was found beaten to death.

Miss Lizzie had Claudia’s body buried inside the saloon and continued to operate the bordello with Estelle.

However, a short time later both Miss Lizzie and Estelle were found dead of unknown causes.

Ever since these deaths, the saloon has been haunted by Miss Lizzie and her girls.

3. Mohawk Park & Golf Course, Tulsa

Mohawk Park & Golf Course, Tulsa

Mohawk Park & Gold Course makes it onto the list of Oklahoma’s most haunted spots thanks to a couple of strange tales that are connected with it.

First and foremost, the park is said to be haunted by a creature that is half woman and half deer! There are also ‘little people who apparently room around the whole property and can be heard making all sorts of strange noises!

Finally, there is a bathroom in the gold facility that is said to be extremely haunted.

All manner of paranormal activity has been reported there, but most commonly is the fact that lights are often seen inside despite the fact that there is no electricity running towards it!

2. Langston's Western Wear, Oklahoma City

Langston's Western Wear, Oklahoma City

Langston’s Western Wear is a former dance hall and bar built back in 1919. Today it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma thanks to the presence of two ghostly sisters named Rose and Patty.

The sisters are said to have been ‘taxi dancers’ in the old dance hall which means that customers could pay them to partner with them on the dance floor.

The story goes that Patty was shot by her boyfriend leaving her sister so distraught that she hung herself in an upstairs room at the dance hall.

Ever since the girls died there have been a variety of unexplained events at the property leading people to believe that Patty and Rose are haunting the building.

1. Stone Lion Inn, Guthrie

Stone Lion Inn, Guthrie

The Stone Lion Inn has become incredibly popular with paranormal investigators in recent years.

The hotel is apparently haunted by a number of ghosts including a middle-aged man and a little girl known as Augusta. It is said that Augusta is around 8 years of age and she is usually spotted up on the third floor of the building.

Lots of people have reported that Augusta strokes their cheek during the night. She also loves to move small objects from one place to another which she apparently sees as a fun game to play with living guests.

The male spirit is usually seen smoking a long pipe in the late hours and his appearance is often accompanied by the smell of tobacco smoke.

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