Basin Park Hotel Ghosts

Basin Park Hotel has long been the source of eerie tales, unusual happenings, and hauntings.

Room 307 is reportedly quite active, with a cowboy ghost known to appear to unsuspecting guests during the night.

There is the often reported sighting of the young translucent woman who has steel blue eyes and cotton candy blonde hair, the little girl with pigtails in a yellow dress, and the various orbs around the hotel, as well as various objects moving of their own accord.

Because of its haunted reputation, many guests come to the Basin Park Hotel to experience the strange happenings first hand. There are ghost tours of the hotel conducted every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. The two guides for the tours are mediums. Aside from exploring the hotel, the tour also gives guests the haunted history of Eureka Springs.

Basin Park Hotel History

During the 1800s, Eureka Springs became very popular for its supposed “healing waters.” The waters of the spring were believed to cure various crippling conditions, and because of this, the little town’s population exponentially grew. By 1881, Eureka Springs became the fourth largest city in Arkansas. The hotel officially opened its doors to guests on the 1st of July 1905.

The original hotel had 100 rooms, and each room had various amenities. The Basin Park Hotel is truly unique because it is built into the side of the mountain. In 1944, the hotel was purchased by Roy Parkhill for his nephew, Joe Parkhill.

Joe Parkhill did not spare anything to improve the hotel. Various entertainments were added, including horseback riding, fishing, dancing, as well as hayrides. He even installed slot machines and served alcohol even though it was against the law. As a result of this, rumors spread that his customers were mobsters.

The hotel was raided in 1955, and Joe and two other people were arrested. Parkhill then sold the hotel and moved to a different place. In 1997, the Roenigk couple bought the Basin Park Hotel, as well as The Crescent Hotel. Both hotels underwent a series of renovations and were modernized.


The Basin Park Hotel & Spa is the sister of The Crescent Hotel. Designed in the spirit of the turn of the century Mission-style, guests will find a wide choice of rooms to give them what they need and more.

Basin Park Hotel is the home of Arkansas’ favorite spa, the Serenity Spa. Guests of the spa will be able to look forward to a day of nothing but relaxation with a hot tub and a soothing massage.

The Balcony Restaurant & Bar can also be found in the hotel, and it is the home of the best burgers in Arkansas. Another must-try is the War Eagle Fish Fry. They offer both indoor and outdoor dining with a menu that is principally built around appetizers.

The restaurant overlooks the street and also has a band that plays live music for its patrons. In 2011, the restaurant added Park-view Dining. The 30-seat copper bar serves a full menu.

Business travelers will find that the Basin Park Hotel has all the things they need. There are meeting rooms and spaces to meet all their needs. For various events, The Atrium, The Ozark Room, and The Barefoot Ballroom can be booked. Aside from business meetings, they would also be an ideal venue for weddings and parties.


  • Jacuzzi
  • Internet access
  • Pets allowed
  • Bar/lounge
  • Business services
  • Sauna
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Audiovisual equipment

Things to Do

What attractions does Eureka Springs have to offer? You will be pleasantly surprised. The Bear Mountain Riding Stables is for beginners, as well as pros. It covers 30 acres of the wooded area.

The Belle of the Ozarks offers spectacular views of the Beaver Lake shoreline. Sunset cruises are offered to guests who would like to see all the great things Mother Nature offers.

The Blue Spring Heritage Center is Arkansas’ premier botanical garden. It covers 33 acres and was once a part of the Trail of the Tears and is also listed on the National Historic Register.

Guests can enjoy horseback rides through the Dinner Bell Ranch & Resort. Eureka Springs Historical Museum will take you on a trip back in time and learn more about the history of Eureka Springs.

Room Tariffs

King Jacuzzi rooms start at $214
Premium king rooms start at $164
King suites start at $194
Queen Jacuzzi rooms start at $194
2 double beds start at $164
2 double bed suites start at $194
Balcony suites start at $264
Queen bed Jacuzzi suites start at $244


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