For quite some time, the hotel was used as a sporting house.  One of the women who used to work there was married, but she fell in love with one of the regulars. Her husband became enraged after knowing this and murdered the man his wife fell in love with, a cowboy named Zeke. Staff and guests of the hotel have reported seeing the figure of a cowboy at the top of the stairs, even when there is no such guest in the hotel. One of Zeke’s favorite things to do is move chairs behind the doors so that guests will have a hard time opening doors.

The most common paranormal phenomena which guests in the hotel encounter is that of the hotel’s clock radios. They would sometimes go off at the same time (around 2-3am) or clocks in rooms would go off more than once. Reports of loud bangs and the sound of spurs jangling have been reported numerous times.


The Beaumont Inn was built in 1879 originally as a stagecoach stop for travelers who are in transit between Fredonia and Wichita. Most of its customers were cattle buyers but when aviation became a big thing in the area, a native grass airstrip was carved out of the prairie and soon people who wanted to take a break from their flight became one of the hotel’s more common visitor. The hotel has been restored by S.J. Craig Enterprises and some of the things added to the hotel were private baths, deluxe rooms, and four suites. The dining room was also remodeled and is now accentuated with period log furniture.


From its humble beginnings as a stagecoach stop, the Beaumont Inn has now become a quaint and unique hotel with 3 suites, two dining rooms, and 8 rooms. The hotel’s café is designed like a 1950’s diner. It serves people lunch and dinner from Thursdays to Sundays and breakfast on Fridays to Sundays. Visitors can enjoy delicious dinners in the Prairie Fire Room from Thursdays to Sundays. The inn’s Beaumont brownie, served with ice cream and pecans, is a must-try. The hotel also has monthly specials which guests will surely enjoy. Because of the airstrip, it is not uncommon to see airplanes landing on the strip and taxi up to park in front of the hotel.


  • Voicemail
  • Facsimile
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee maker
  • Satellite TV

Things to Do

A visit to the hotel begins with a walk through the neighborhood which is almost completely abandoned. Visitors will be able to see old buildings and the oldest water tower in the United States. There are Beaumont historical markers in the area which tell the place’s various stories. Guests will see the Frisco Ponds and the Elk River Wind Farm. Visitors of the inn can enjoy wagon rides, as well as campfire cookouts at the nearby Tall Grass Prairie National Park. They will also be able to enjoy the works of local artists. The Historic Railroad Wooden Water Tank is also located just next to the Beaumont Hotel. It was constructed back in 1875 and it used to serve the St. Louis, Wichita and Western Railway. The boilers of steam locomotives were once refilled on that line.

Room Tariffs

  • Standard rooms start at $60
  • Queen rooms start at $70
  • King room starts at $80
  • Queen executive rooms start at $90
  • King suite starts at $100
  • The executive suite starts at $110
  • King room executive suite starts at $120

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