Hotel Phillips, 106 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO 64105

About the Hotel

An Art Deco masterpiece only blocks away from the famous Power & Light District of downtown Kansas City, the Hotel Phillips emits brooding and enchanting energy. Once the tallest building in Kansas City, this historic hotel is beloved to all those who visit and live in the area.

Referred to as a “Gatsby-Esque” structure, the hotel is fitted with modern amenities, ready to serve both the casual traveler and the seasoned businessman. After undergoing a $20 million renovation, the Hotel Phillips is now known as one of the most luxurious and haunted hotels in the area.

Clinging to their time period, numerous spirits still linger inside the dark and alluring Hotel Phillips, many of them unaware of their long-forgotten and bloody fates. Known for dramatic hauntings and active spirits, the Hotel Phillips is sure to arouse your paranormal senses.

Hotel Phillips History

The first structure built on the property was created in the late 19th-century. In 1920, that building was then turned into the Glennon Hotel. A modest stay, the Glennon was in operation for 10 years and is noted for its haberdashery shop, owned by a young, soon-to-be American President, Harry S. Truman.

The Glennon was soon demolished, and in 1931 The Hotel Phillips was created. With 20 stories and 450 guest rooms, the Hotel Phillips then became the tallest building in the downtown area.

A beloved downtown figure, the Phillips was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It has changed hands many times, and is now managed by Hilton, under its “Curio Collection”.

One of the most notable details of this haunted hotel can be found inside its lobby. Built by renowned Kansas City sculptor, Jorgen Dreyer, guests of the Hotel Phillips are greeted by an eleven-foot sculpture known as The Goddess of Dawn.

Hauntings of Hotel Phillips

The narrow hallways and dimly lit corridors of the Hotel Phillips are home to many spirits. In recent years, the hotel has attempted to silence these ghostly encounters, but the staff and guests of this haunted stay know otherwise.

One ghost, in particular, is said to linger in and around Room 1513. Her tale is said to be a tragic one. A young woman, shot dead by her gangster lover, still roams the hallways, terrified and bleeding. She holds her hands up to her chest, seemingly in shock that her beloved has injured her so gravely. One visitor staying in Room 1513 tells of a restless night’s sleep, in which the young woman cried out by her bedside, both in physical and mental distress. Staff often see the flash of her white-laced hemline, brushing against walls and doors. Her panicked face is donned with red hair and flashing eyes.

Her gangster lover can also be felt near the room. An ominous presence, guests often move from Room 1513 after claiming a man has been standing at the foot of their bed, then vanishing as they turn on the light.

A guest once staying in Room 803 reported the signs of lights in his room. While taking pictures of friends, his eye was distracted by a ball of light, streaking over their heads. He attempted to take a picture of the light, but it had vanished.

Room 913 is known to be particularly active. Guests often find themselves awoken by the sounds of knocking and tapping. One guest, attempting to ignore the sounds, decided to try and sleep, hoping the spirits would go away. But the longer they tried to ignore the rattling, the louder it became. The feeling of panic in the room was too much and the guest quickly changed rooms.

Other guests staying at the Hotel Phillips claim that items in their rooms move about on their own. After a night’s sleep, guests have awoken to find controllers, hairbrushes, and other small items, on the other side of the room from where they left them the night before.

Staying at the Hotel Phillips


Ghosts are not the only appealing aspect of this historic stay. While at the Hotel Phillips, take a tour back in time with their hidden bar, the P.S. Speakeasy. A loving tribute to the city’s prohibition days, P.S. is an invisible gem, concealed in a basement mailroom. The only way in and out of the bar is through an unmarked door. Grab a drink, enjoy the ambience and keep an eye out for gangsters and flappers.

If you are looking to dine during your stay, head to the Tavernonna Italian Kitchen. A restaurant that boasts both traditional and contemporary Italian dishes, the Tavernonna is an elegant way to celebrate your visit.

Rates and Amenities

The Hotel Phillips is just blocks from the Power & Light District, as well as the Kansas City Convention Center. The hotel provides a free shuttle covering over three miles.

The hotel also offers onsite dining, a fitness center, business center, and meeting rooms.

A One King Bed goes for $123.00 a night. Two Queen Beds for $143.00 a night. Suites are also available, but book in advance.

Power & Light District

The Power & Light District of downtown Kansas City is a nine-block stretch of local food, shops, entertainment and nightlife. Just outside of this district, visitors can also find the Sprint Center, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and the Crossroads Arts District.

Take the KC Streetcar to visit more downtown features, such as River Market, Crossroads, Union Station and Crown Center.

A world class experience with local charm and fare, downtown Kansas City is a diverse celebration of all the city has to offer.