1325 Odd Fellows Rd, Liberty, MO 64068

The Belvoir Winery in Liberty, Missouri offers patrons an array of experiences. Experiences such as free wine tastings of their signature pours. The Belvoir also offers luxurious event spaces, perfect for weddings and gatherings of any size. If history is what you crave, book an overnight stay at the historic Inn at Belvoir Winery.

Originally known as the Odd Fellows Home, the building was used for a variety of reasons, such as an orphanage, a nursing home, and a hospital. The building still stands as a shining testament to its time period, its Jacobethan architecture, and the rich cultural history of the men and women who laid its foundations. 

But lurking beneath this exciting and alluring complex remains a darker, more sinister detail. The Belvoir Winery of Liberty, Missouri is crawling with ghosts.

Belvoir Winery Ghosts

The list of hauntings, apparitions, and unexplained experiences at the Belvoir Winery is extensive. Every staff member, from top management, to housekeeping, has their own personal ghost story.

Former Odd Fellows Home
Belvoir Winery / Photo Credit: Jim Powers [jimbobp.com]

One of the most popular and frequently seen spirits is that of an older gentleman. He lingers near to the old hospital and emits dark and brooding energy. The hospital itself has been left just as it was abandoned. Nursing outfits and medical supplies hang about the place. Perhaps the old gentleman believes the hospital is still in use, and the living is there to intrude.

The nine-room Inn at the Belvoir underwent a two-year restoration process, transforming it into the luxury stay that stands today. The woodwork is completely original, keeping many of the old energies in place.

Footsteps and distant voices are particularly common at the historic inn. As well as the sounds of children running about. Once used as an orphanage, the space is prone to juvenile hauntings. Ghost hunters who have sung nursery rhymes in the space are often met with excited and chattering young spirits.

The owner of the place has reported the form of a little boy wearing a red shirt and knickers on several occasions. He stands near the fireplace, enjoying the warmth.

Another apparition seen in the space is that of a woman in the library area. The owner’s daughter has reported a lengthy conversation with another little girl that no one else could see. The piano has been known to play on its own and down in the basement the doors open and close when staff appear with arms full.

Folks online share their own ghost stories, such as a couple staying in Room 7. They encountered the sounds of someone in their bathroom all night, with an occasional flickering of lights. Other guests speak of the image of a female teacher. Her hair is pulled back tight and her clothes are not from this time period.

Belvoir Winery History

The building in which the Belvoir Winery inhabits has a long, and “odd” history, dating back to its establishment in 1900.

Originally built by the “Odd Fellows”, an independent fraternal order started in 1819 in Baltimore, Maryland, the group created a community in which to support their many members.

The Nursing home or “Old Folks Building” was used to care for their elderly members.

belvoir winery history

The orphanage housed children of all ages, who had either lost their parents or came from families so deeply impoverished that the children were sent away.

There, in that same structure, was also a hospital. The hospital still stands today, a mausoleum of sorts, completely frozen in time.

As there was much life on the grounds, there was also death. A cemetery was built, not far from the main building, where the elder members, the hospital patients, and the children, would meet their final resting place.

There are said to be just over 600 bodies buried in the old cemetery, just steps away from the Winery.


Visiting Belvoir Winery

Belvoir Winery and Inn is conveniently located in Liberty City, MO, just one min drive from Route 291. The space is open year round for visitors, with wine tasting, events, and accommodation on offer.

After your wine tasting or event, you don’t have to travel far as the Inn at Belvoir Winery offers 8 standard-sized suites and a 1,500 square foot bridal suite.

For information regarding bookings for wine tasting or booking for an event or accommodation, visit the Belvoir Winery Website.