The Rosen Room is said to be the most haunted room in the inn. A gentleman who stayed in the room reported that he was stretched out in bed when he looked up and saw a female figure sitting at the table against the wall. The gentleman said, Excuse me but this is my room!” the female responded that it was her room and then disappeared.

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Upon hearing of the man’s experience in the room, they contacted the ghost with the help of the Ouija board and found out that she was a guest of the inn who passed away in her 70s. However, they failed to get her name. Employees also believe that she watches over the guests while they sleep.


The Walnut Street Inn was built as a three-story Victorian home in the middle of the 1890s by Charles McMann. All rooms have cozy chairs, flickering fireplaces, antique books and warm quilts to make your stay as comfortable and as unforgettable as possible. You can spend precious hours resting and relaxing.

The Walnut Street Inn was previously known as the McCann-Jewell House, after its owner, Charles McCann. It is a great example of Queen Ann Victorian architecture. Charles and his wife loved to entertain and the entire part of the house was always open for parties. In 1917, the house was purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Jewell. The next owners of the home were Dr. Max and Barbara Rosen, for which one of the rooms are named. They raised their five children there. Finally, the current owners, Gary and Nancy Brown purchased the home in 1953 with the intent of converting it into a bed and breakfast. The house went through a renovation and was featured in the 1988 Springfield Symphony Designer’s Showcase. It was finally opened to guests in May 1988. Walnut Street Inn has been named “One of the Top 12 Inns in the Country”.


Walnut Street Inn has twelve bedrooms and each bedroom of the house is decorated by a different designer so no room is alike. The Main Guest House of the inn was built in 1894. It houses six rooms, the kitchen, the dining room, the deck, and the porch. For big families traveling together, the entire house can be rented for convenience. Wedding entourages and large parties can also rent all of the 12 rooms of the inn.

The Carriage House was built in 1894 but was not used until 1991 when it was converted into another part of the B&B. It has two large rooms on the first floor which are handicapped accessible and two upstairs rooms, as well. The Cottage Inn is just two doors east of the Main House and it has more privacy and selection compared to other rooms. It is less Victorian than the Main House and was manufactured in 1904 in Chicago and shipped to Springfield via train.


  • Wireless internet connection
  • Phone lines
  • Dial-up access
  • Cable television

Things to Do

A vacation in Missouri is a vacation filled with fun and adventure. Gastronomic delights abound in the city. Gilardi’s is an Italian restaurant which is only three houses away from the inn. They serve wonderful Italian food in a relaxed atmosphere. Gallery Bistro is located 7 blocks away from the inn and they serve wonderful salads, pork, beef, and fresh fish. Ebbetts Field is a local pub where guests can join locals for a night of drinking and merriment.

Nathanael Greene Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. The trails are easy to walk on and are a delight to the eyes. It is a nice place where the whole family can enjoy. The Springfield Conservation Nature Center is one of the best places to bring the kids to. It can also be a quiet and peaceful place for people who want to reflect. The Discovery Center of Springfield is an interactive science center that is not just for kids, but for people of all ages. There are hundreds of fun exhibits about physics, chemistry and many other branches of science.

Room Tariffs

  • Wilder room starts at $99
  • Rosen room starts at $109
  • Carver room starts at $129
  • McCann room and Benton room start at $149
  • O’Neill room starts at $179
  • Suites start at $179

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