Arkansas certainly has its fair share of haunted accommodation to offer and it is not short of a creepy tale or two to tell! Join us as we explore some of the most haunted inns and hotels across Arkansas.

1. Magnolia Hill Bed & Breakfast, Helena

Magnolia Hill Bed & Breakfast, Helena
Magnolia Hill Bed & Breakfast, 608 Perry St, Helena, AR 72342

The Magnolia Hill Bed & Breakfast can be traced all the way back to the early 1900s when it served as the private residence of Captain Charles Moore Snr. Over the years guests have experienced a variety of unexplained activity including unexplained noises, disembodied voices, and other weird occurrences. The property has even been featured on some popular paranormal television programs.

[Please Note] – As of November 2020, Magnolia Hill is not currently operating as a B&B.

2. Inn at Carnall Hall, FayettevilleCheck Availability

Inn at Carnall Hall, Fayetteville
Inn at Carnall Hall, 465 Arkansas Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701

When it was built back in 1905, the Inn at Carnall Hall was a women’s dormitory. Guests spending the night in one of the hotel’s 50 rooms have reported a variety of spooky encounters. The most common reports are sightings of a woman without a head or feet floating in mid-air dressed in a white gown. Guests have also reported indentations appearing on their bed as though someone has just sat down on it. There are also unexplained noises, flickering lights, and a number of photographs that have been taken that show an apparition reflected in the polished surface of the furniture!

3. The Empress of Little Rock Bed and Breakfast, Little RockBook a Room

The Empress of Little Rock Bed and Breakfast, Little Rock
The Empress of Little Rock Bed and Breakfast, 2120 S Louisiana St, Little Rock, AR 72206

There are at least four different spirits that are alleged to be haunting the Empress of Little Rock Bed & Breakfast. The first is the ghost of an African American maid who is said to be spotted in the maid’s closet. There is also the apparition of a well-dressed gentleman wearing a humbug hat who appears on the stairs and the lady in pink who stands in the hall outside of the guest rooms. Finally, an old sea captain has been seen in a number of guestrooms. Aside from the apparitions, there have also been reports of phantom footsteps, disembodied voices, and other ghostly phenomena.

4. Park Hotel, Hot SpringsSpend the Night

Park Hotel, Hot Springs
Park Hotel, 211 Fountain St, Hot Springs, AR 71901

The Park Hotel in Hot Springs was completed in 1929 and serves as a shining example of the architectural brilliance of the ’20s and ’30s. Beneath its polished appearance, however, is a history of hauntings going back decades.

Although there is not much known about who or what haunts the hotel, guests and employees alike have had paranormal encounters here. It is very common for people to feel as though something is brushing past them in the hotel corridors and many guests say that they have experienced being touched or poked by some unseen presence during their stay.

5. Basin Park Hotel, Eureka SpringsCheck Availability


Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas
Basin Park Hotel, 12 Spring St, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

The Basin Park Hotel is certainly not shy about the fact that it has a reputation for being haunted accommodation! There are regular ghost tours offered around the property. Guests have experienced various paranormal experiences here including strange orbs of light and items moving around by themselves. There are several ghosts haunting the property, but the two that are spotted with the greatest frequency are a young woman with long blonde hair and a little girl with pigtails who wears a yellow dress.

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6. The Baker, North Little RockCheck Availability


The Baker in North Little Rock, Arkansas
The Baker, 501 Main St, North Little Rock, AR 72114

The Baker is one of several haunted inns that can be found scattered across Arkansas. It was built between 1916 and 1917 and is believed to be haunted by several different spirits all of whom have some historic connection to the property. Two of the most frequently spotted ghosts are a construction worker by the name of Jefferson and the woman in white. Some of the paranormal activity that is reported by guests staying at the inn includes cold spots, the sound of children playing when none are present and doors opening or closing all by themselves.

7. Capital Hotel, Little RockBook a Room

Capital Hotel, Little Rock
Capital Hotel, 111 W Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72201

There are two ghosts that are reported to haunted Little Rock’s Capital Hotel. The first is the spirits of a laborer who more or less keeps himself to himself. The second, and most prolific,  is the ghost of a young woman who apparently fell to her death from one of the upper floors. She has been heard apparently over the hotel wailing or screaming. She often makes an appearance in guest’s rooms and has been known to move their luggage around.

8. Arlington Resort Hotel, Hot SpringsBOOK NOW

Arlington Resort Hotel, Hot Springs
Arlington Resort Hotel, 239 Central Ave, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901

If you ask the staff at the Arlington Resort Hotel if it is haunted they will fiercely deny any paranormal activity. However, guests will tell a very different tale! Not only do wine bottles have a habit of jumping off of shelves when nobody is near them, but there have been persistent reports of a number of different apparitions throughout the hotel.

Guests have reported a number of apparitions wandering the hallways and lobby dressed in old-fashioned clothing who vanish into thin air! Among these apparitions is a lady in a wedding dress who stares out of the window into the street, perhaps waiting for a bridegroom who never shows up. The ghost of a man in a black suit is often seen wandering into the hotel laundry and will wave at anyone who spots him.

There is also a ghostly bellhop wandering the fourth floor and a little girl in a pink dress in the lobby. Guests have also reported lights flickering, taps turning on and off by themselves, disembodied laughter, and the feeling that someone has brushed against them when there is nobody around. Room number 824 seems to be a particular hotspot and people say there is an evil presence there. It makes you wonder just how long staff can deny the presence of ghosts at the Arlington Resort Hotel!

9. Crescent Hotel, Eureka SpringsCheck Availability

Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs
Crescent Hotel, 75 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs is not only one of the most haunted places to stay in the state, it’s one of the most haunted in the country. The history of the building is the perfect recipe for some paranormal activity! The hotel was formerly a hospital that was operated by a con artist convicted of practicing medicine without an appropriate license. He frequently promised to be able to cure cancer, but most of his patients ended up dying under his care. So many, that the hospital had its own morgue in the basement – where the hotel spa is now located!

When the building was first constructed it was a girls’ school and it is said that one of the construction workers died on the job in what is now room 218. There are also supposed to be spirits residing in rooms 202, 419, and 424. Room 419 is said to be haunted by a female entity called Theodora. Guests claim that ghostly nurses walk the halls often pushing wheelchairs. With so many ghosts in residence, it comes as no surprise that the hotel offers regular ghost tours!

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