Nevada is known as the gambling capital of the United States, but it is also a hotspot for paranormal activity! The state is home to some of the most haunted hotels in the U.S. – some so terrifying that some guests do not even manage to last the night!

Join us as we investigate some of the most haunted hotels in Nevada.

10 - Boulder Dam Hotel, Boulder CityBook a Room

Boulder Dam Hotel, Boulder City

Boulder Dam Hotel housed several notable figures in the forties and fifties including Shirley Temple, Howard Hughes and Boris Karloff. Staff will insist that the hotel is not haunted, but previous guests and even some former employees beg to differ! Several people have reported cold spots and unexplained whispering. There are also tales of a ‘lady in red’ who was apparently murdered in the hotel.

9 - Sugarloaf Mountain Motel, Virginia CityBOOK NOW

Sugarloaf Mountain Motel, Virginia City

At least part of the Sugar Loaf Mountain Motel was built in the 1800s and initially, it was used as a boarding house for local miners. At some point is also served as the town jail. These days, visitors choose the Sugarloaf Mountain Motel for its historically accurate rooms which feature originally fixtures, but often they get more than they bargained for because the rooms also have some of their original occupants!

Common reports include phantom footsteps, heavy breathing in the room with them, and electronic devices malfunctioning. There have also been many photographs taken in the hotel containing strange shadows and mysterious light anomalies.

8 - The Commercial Hotel, ElkoBook a Room

The Commercial Hotel, Elko

The Commercial Hotel is fairly run down and much of the building is actually condemned. However, the casino is still a hangout for small-time gamblers and rooms are made available. The official line is that the owners just don’t have the money to do the required renovations, but others say it is more a case of not being able to find contractors willing to go onto the second and third floors!

Among the reports from the few guests who have braved a night in the hotel are unexplained noises like gunfire, babies crying, and heavy footsteps. Doors that have been locked for years have suddenly sprung open and guests complain of rattling doorknobs while security cameras show nobody in the hallway!

7 - Santa Fe Inn, WinnemuccaBook a Room

Santa Fe Inn, Winnemucca

The Santa Fe Inn has been in continuous operation since 1830 and is said to be haunted. Room 136 is said to be a hotspot for the paranormal activity with one guest experience strange television interference followed by loud knocking at his door – but nobody was there. Later he saw a shadowy figure walking across the room which was enough to encourage him to leave in the middle of the night and sleep elsewhere.

This is just one of many similar tales from guests who have checked in to the Santa Fe Inn.

6 - Gold Hill Hotel, Gold Hill

Gold Hill Hotel, Gold Hill

The Gold Hill Hotel was built back in 1859 and is said to be haunted by a number of miners who died in a nearby mining accident. There are also claims that the former owner, William and his housekeeper Rosie still linger in the hotel.

5 - Silver Queen Hotel, Virginia City

Silver Queen Hotel, Virginia City

The Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City is well known for being one of the most haunted hotels in Nevada. The most prominent spirit said to be resident in the hotel is a former prostitute named Rosie who is rumoured to have taken her own life in Room 11 some time in the 1800s.

Guests have reported a variety of activity including strange noises, tapping, phantom footsteps (which sound like boots on wooden floors despite the hotel being carpeted) and perhaps most unsettling of all inhuman growls! At least one guest claims that she was chased down the hall by a dark shadowy figure.

4 - Tahoe House, Virginia City

Tahoe House, Virginia City

Virginia City is known to be one of the most haunted towns in Nevada, so let’s check out another of its haunted hotels, this time in the form of Tahoe House. Built in 1859, the hotel has 16 rooms all decorated in period style and featuring antique beds and furniture. It is the perfect setting for a haunting and does not disappoint!

One of the rooms on the second floor is said to be a hotspot for paranormal activity. Guest staying in the room often feel a presence in the room with them and often smell strong floral perfume.

3 - Flamingo Hotel & Casino, Las VegasBook a Room

Flamingo Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

There are many casinos dotted around Las Vegas and many of them are said to be haunted. One of the most infamous is the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. The original owner, Billy Wilkerson teamed up with the infamous Bugsy Siegel to design the hotel which opened in 1946. Siegel was murdered less than a year later. His spirit is said to still haunt the hotel and casino.

Many guest have called reception claiming that a dark figure is standing at the end of their bed during the night and it is also common to hear disembodied whispers and for doors to open and close by themselves.  The chapel gardens also house the Bugsy Memorial and people often see his apparition wandering the gardens.

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2 - Clown Motel, Tonopah

Clown Motel, Tonopah

Even if the Clown Motel in Tonopah wasn’t haunted it would scare the living daylights out of many people. It is entirely clown themed! The office is filled with clown figurines and dolls and the rooms feature clown related artwork and ornaments! Some of the clowns are reported to move by themselves. This is hardly surprising given the motel’s close proximity to Tonopah Cemetery!

1 - Mizpah Hotel, TonopahBook a Room

Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah

The Mizpah Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in Nevada thanks to the multiple spirits that are alleged to be roaming the halls!

One psychic who paid a visit to the hotel identified one of the spirits as a woman named Rose, a prostitute who worked at the Mizpah Hotel entertaining guests in their rooms. She was apparently murdered by one of the clients and now haunts the hotel. She often visits guest rooms and will sometimes leaves a single pearl behind.

There is also a decommissioned elevator which will randomly open and close at times, items that will move around on their own and even a phantom figure that has been seen taunting the living!

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