Staying in a hotel is always a different kind of experience from home. If you’re wondering about those things which go bump in the night, check out these 9 most haunted hotels in Las Vegas, which will surely leave you convinced that the spirits of the dead aren’t far away.

9. Planet Hollywood (formerly Aladdin Hotel)BOOK NOW

Planet Hollywood

Because the Aladdin Hotel sits on the same ground as the old hotel of the same name, it seems to have its own connections to haunted happenings. Now known as Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, the most haunted spot in the hotel has to be the Paranormal Suite.

Numerous guests have reported being wakened in the middle of the night because they have heard someone at the door. There seems to be whispered voices speaking in the hall, too; and no matter how quickly you rush to open the door, there’s never anyone there.

8. Tropicana Las VegasBOOK NOW

Tropicana Las Vegas

This hotel has been home to some odd events as well. A large wooden tiki mask used to guard the entrance to the hotel a few years ago, and it was said to hold a trapped spirit within it.

Many people reported after touching the mask they would develop a horrible purple rash, and this happened to many guests. If you took a picture in  front of the mask, you might even see a strange purple haze rising from the mask. The management eventually moved the mask out of the main entrance and into safekeeping somewhere.

7. Oasis Motel

Oasis Motel

For something a little off the Strip and closer to Downtown, there is the Oasis Motel. There’s nothing unique about it, except that people have the tendency to check in, then kill themselves.

Actor David Strickland (NBCs Suddenly Susan) and a world-famous poker player named Stu Ungar, both hanged themselves here. Both were in Room 20 (not at the same time) and it’s said they still haunt the place. Unless you like creepy, you might want to book another room.

6. Bally'sBOOK NOW

Bally's Hotel and Casino

In 1980 a terrible fire ripped through the old MGM Grand Hotel, killing 87 people. The property was renamed Bally’s after being sold. The tower where the fire happened is still a part of the new hotel, and guests will say they sense unusual shadows in the hallways, hear strange noises and wonder at furniture which mysteriously moves unseen around hotel rooms.

The higher you go in the tower, the more paranormal the activity seems to be. Some spirits never rest.

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5. The Luxor Hotel and CasinoBOOK NOW

The Luxor Hotel and Casino

This most unique hotel modeled after the famous pyramids of Egypt, is said to be haunted. When the hotel was being constructed, some say between two and seven construction workers died when a wall fell on them.

There are reports that only one worker died and continues to haunt the hotel. Because the shape of the hotel is that of a pyramid, many believe the hotel is cursed as well as haunted, due to secret powers. The powers of the pyramid are said to far surpass modern comprehension.

There are also other people who have jumped to their deaths from the balconies which line the inside of the pyramid. Most of these people left no note and there was no reason for them doing such a thing.

The Luxor is also said to have been built on a popular burial site that mobsters regularly used. Because few buildings were at the southern end of the Strip, mobsters would bury bodies there, and term “holes on the Strip” referenced the people who were buried in those holes.

4. Flamingo Hotel and CasinoBOOK NOW

Flamingo Hotel and Casino

The idea to build the Flamingo Hotel way back in 1946 was given a boost when a gangster by the name of Bugsy Siegel lent his hand to designing the casino and hotel. Bugsy was murdered in 1947 in Beverly Hills when investors couldn’t find their money.

There are people who are convinced Bugsy’s spirit still haunts the hotel. There are guests who have experienced a dark figure standing at the foot of their bed at night, doors opening and closing on their own, and eerie whispered voices that come from nowhere. Outdoors near the memorial which is dedicated to Bugsy, people have encountered his ghost.

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3. The ExcaliburBOOK NOW

The Excalibur

This hotel is a great place for gambling, but if you’re looking for ghosts, you will find them as well. If you happen to be staying on the 10thfloor and feel like someone is following close behind, you’re not alone.

A voice that whispers into guests’ ears and feeling great coldness are other strange occurrences. Static from televisions that are turned off, furniture which mysteriously move in rooms, and phones ringing with no one on the other end are some of the additional weird circumstances surrounding this hotel.

2. Circus CircusBOOK NOW

Of all Vegas’ hotels and casinos, Circus Circus is one of the most famous. People from all around the world have found their way there, and many guests have reported strange occurrences in their rooms. For instance, someone said the words “Help Me” were seen on a mirror and others have heard those words being screamed.

Room 123 is where a mother killed her young son, then herself and these two have been reported as wandering around the hotel. Three people who were killed in the kitchen have also been seen by guests and staff.

1. The MirageBOOK NOW

The Mirage

When the casino was being built, there is a rumor that a wall actually fell on workers, not exactly the best way to start things off. Even though the worker is no longer physically there, his spirit seems to have never left.

The bathrooms in the Terry Fator theater are said to have a spirit; if you happen to be in there alone and late at night, the automatic sensor faucets may just turn on by themselves. Employees have reported this poor soul still knocks on the walls. One of the cleaning staff will no longer go in there to clean, she’s too afraid. And she’ll only walk on by with rosary beads in her pocket.