Opening in 1907, the Mizpah Hotel was one of the leading luxury hotels of its time. The historic hotel was in operation up until 1999, and was later restored and re-opened in 2011 with the spirits of many of its former guests still lingering.

Nevada’s most haunted hotel is now home to multiple spirits, one of whom goes by the name of Rose (aka the Lady in Red), a prostitute that was killed on the 5th floor of the hotel by one of her clients. She’s known to visit several guest rooms, and will often leave behind a single pearl. Room 502 is the room she was murdered in and is the most active of all.

As well as Rose, there is believed to be the spirits of children that play in the hallways, a phantom figure who likes to taunt guests, and guests have even reported things moving around their rooms by unseen hands!

Which Room?

Room 502 (The Lady In Red Suite)
Room 503
Room 504

Though it’s worth noting, however, there have been reports of activity throughout the Mizpah Hotel, so you’ll be good booking any of the rooms. Have fun and let us know if you experience anything!

Happy hunting!

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