In the heart of the American West lies Virginia City, Nevada, a town where the echoes of the past are not just heard, but often seen and felt.

Rich in history and steeped in lore, this former mining town is a nexus of the paranormal, offering an array of haunted locales that beckon the brave and the curious alike.

From spectral sightings in century-old hotels to whispers of the past in historic schools, let’s explore the most haunted places in Virginia City!

1. Silver Queen Hotel

The Haunted Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City NV
Location: 28 N C Street, Virginia City, NV 89440

Dare to spend a night at the Silver Queen Hotel, where the line between the living and the dead is as thin as the cobwebs adorning its antique mirrors. This venerable establishment, with its Victorian charm and storied past, is a hotbed of paranormal activity.

One of the most haunted hotels in Nevada, guests have reported eerie occurrences in rooms 11 and 13, where the restless spirits of former inhabitants are said to roam. The apparitions of Rosie and Annie, two ethereal residents, are known to engage in nocturnal escapades, their ghostly giggles and soft footsteps echoing through the dimly lit hallways.

If you’re seeking a more intense experience, the hotel’s guided ghost tours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights offer a chilling glimpse into the spectral side of Virginia City.

2. Old Washoe Club

the haunted old washoe club virginia city nv
Location: Old Washoe Club, 112 S C St, Virginia City, NV 89440

In the halcyon days of the Old West, the illustrious Washoe Club emerged as the pinnacle of luxury and society in Virginia City. Birthed from the riches of the Comstock Lode, this Millionaire’s Club was a sanctuary for the elite—mining tycoons, celebrated artists, and esteemed intellectuals.

Despite a devastating fire that ravaged its original opulent quarters, the club rose anew, settling in a grand three-story edifice, its splendor restored and even enhanced with lavish amenities and the latest luxuries of the era. Yet, as the mines’ yields waned, so did the club’s vibrancy, its closure in 1897 marking the end of an illustrious epoch.

Today, the Washoe Club’s legacy endures, not just in history, but in the whispers of the paranormal. Known as one of Nevada’s most haunted places, its once bustling halls now host a different kind of gathering. Spirits like the enigmatic “Lady in Blue” and a mischievous prospector are said to haunt its spaces, their presence felt in unexplained phenomena and eerie sightings.

3. Gold Hill Hotel

The Haunted Gold Hill Hotel Virginia City NV
Location: Gold Hill Hotel, 1540 S Main St, Virginia City, NV 89440

Nestled in Virginia City’s historic heart, the Gold Hill Hotel stands as one of Nevada’s oldest lodging establishments, its walls echoing tales of the Gold Rush era. Beneath its timeless charm and popularity as a venue for weddings and events, lies a deeper, more spectral narrative.

In the 1860s, Gold Hill thrived with mining endeavors, but it was the tragic fire in the Yellow Jacket Mine in 1869, directly beneath the hotel, that marked the town’s darkest hour, claiming the lives of 37 miners.

Today, it’s said that the spirits of these miners wander the hotel, their presence a haunting reminder of the past.

The old miner’s cabin, a chilling locale near the mine shaft’s unretrieved victims, is notorious for paranormal disturbances.

Inside the hotel, “Rosie’s Room” and “William’s Room” are known for unexplained phenomena: shifting objects, slamming doors, and ethereal figures. Particularly in “William’s Room,” the scent of tobacco lingers, attributed to William, one of the miners lost in the inferno.

4. Mackay Mansion

The Haunted Mackay Mansion
Location: Mackay Mansion, 291 S D St, Virginia City, NV 89440

The Mackay Mansion, a jewel of Virginia City, narrates tales of opulence and the afterlife within its Victorian walls. Built in 1859 by George Hearst and later inhabited by John Mackay, this mansion whispers stories of a miner’s ascent to affluence. Despite the passage of time, the mansion’s spirit endures, not just in its preserved decor but in its spectral residents.

Guests report encounters with a diligent, ghostly servant tirelessly climbing the grand staircase, a contemplative colonel eternally seated in the kitchen, and a curious little girl in white who once greeted Johnny Depp in his room.

Today the Mackay Mansion offers both day tours ($8) and after hours tours ($10), which share both the history of the home, and stories of its paranormal inhabitants. They also hire the venue for paranormal investigations!

5. Silver Terrace Cemetery

the Haunted Silver Terrace Cemetery
Location: 381 Cemetery Rd, Virginia City, NV 89440

As the final resting place for many of Virginia City’s early miners, the Silver Terrace Cemetery is a chronicle of tragedy and loss, its soil steeped in tales of peril and the afterlife.

Between 1853 and 1880, the cemetery embraced hundreds of souls, and some say not all rest in peace. Visitors speak of a little girl, her form aglow, wandering the rows of gravestones, her silent steps a hauntingly beautiful anomaly.

The cemetery gates, too, are players in this spectral ballet, swinging open and closed as if guided by unseen hands, a silent invitation or perhaps a farewell from the world beyond.

6. Bonanza Saloon

The Haunted Bonanza Saloon Virginia City
Location: 27 C St, Virginia City, NV 89440

The Bonanza Saloon, a vibrant relic of Virginia City’s colorful past, has witnessed a myriad of souls and stories within its venerable walls since 1870. Yet, not all tales are told in the light; whispers of dark paranormal activity echo through its structure.

Employees and guests alike recount tales of inexplicable assaults by invisible forces, a chilling reminder of the building’s enigmatic history.

The basement harbors a presence, its aura tied to the notorious Suicide Table, an artifact marred by tragedy and loss. The aggressive specters associated with this table continue to etch their stories into the very fabric of the Bonanza Saloon.

7. Bucket of Blood Saloon

The Haunted Bucket of Blood Saloon
Location: Bucket of Blood Saloon, 1 S C St, Virginia City, NV 89440

Step into the Bucket of Blood Saloon and step back in time to an era of raucous laughter and untamed spirits. Since 1876, this saloon has stood as a beacon of the Wild West’s vibrant legacy, surviving the Great Fire and the passage of time.

The interior, a tableau of the 19th century, is not just a shelter for the living. The spirit of Donald, a former owner, is said to linger, his presence a silent testament to his enduring dedication.

Amidst the clink of glasses and the melodies of live music, the saloon offers an experience where the line between the past and the present blurs.

And while the saloon’s Bloody Marys are famed for their kick, it’s the whispers of the past that add the true spice to your visit. In the Bucket of Blood, every sip, every glance, holds a story, making your encounter not just memorable, but hauntingly so.

8. Sugar Loaf Mountain Motel

Sugarloaf Mountain Motel
Location: Sugarloaf Mountain Motel, 62980 N Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97701 – BOOK A ROOM

Tucked away in the heart of Virginia City, the Sugarloaf Mountain Motel and Market is a portal to the past, its structure echoing the charm of 1878. Once a haven for miners, the motel now welcomes guests with its authentic brick, stone, and iron décor, promising a quaint yet captivating stay in one of Nevada’s historical gems.

But beneath its cozy allure lies a whisper of the unknown. Guests often speak of spectral figures donned in 19th-century garb, and the halls resonate with the untraceable sounds of footsteps, muffled laughter, and ghostly sighs. The peculiar behavior of digital clocks and self-acting doors only deepens the mystery, weaving an enchanting tale of the paranormal.

9. Piper’s Opera House

The Haunted Piper's Opera House
Location: Piper’s Opera House, 12 B St, Virginia City, NV 89440

Established in 1860 by John Piper, Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City quickly became a cornerstone of cultural life during the mining boom. Despite two devastating fires, Piper’s unwavering spirit led to the theater’s final reconstruction, creating a cherished venue where miners and magnates alike could revel in performances.

Yet, it’s not just the living that are drawn to this grand stage. Paranormal investigations have unveiled a spectral audience that never left; from a stern man in a gray suit reliving his favorite shows to a young woman in blue, eternally captivated by the performances.

Reports of giggling children in the balcony and mysterious figures in the attic add to the theater’s allure.

10. Historic Fourth Ward School Museum

Historic Fourth Ward School
Location: Fourth Ward School, 537 S C St, Virginia City, NV 89440

Built in 1876, the Fourth Ward School in Virginia City, once a bustling hub of education, now whispers tales from beyond the classroom. This architectural gem, with its grandeur now housing a museum, is said to echo with more than just the footsteps of tourists.

Unseen presences, perhaps former pupils or educators bound to their beloved school, manifest in unexplained phenomena.

The sound of phantom footsteps in empty corridors, the faint rustle of period attire, and the ethereal laughter of children long past their recess fill the air, inviting visitors to ponder the lingering spirits that seem reluctant to graduate from the Fourth Ward School’s hallowed halls.

11. St. Mary’s Art Center

The Haunted St Mary's Art Center in Virginia City NV
Location: St Mary’s Art Center, 55 R St, Virginia City, NV 89440

St. Mary’s Art Center, formerly known as St. Mary Louise Hospital, stands as a poignant relic of Virginia City’s past, steeped in tales of care and the supernatural. In its heyday, the attic was home to six or seven devoted sisters who tended to the ill and infirm of the city, their doors open to all, regardless of the severity of their ailments.

The building was a hive of medical activity, boasting an operating room on the ground floor, a ward for the mentally afflicted on the topmost floor, a space for urgent care in the basement, and a nursery to care for the youngest residents.

Over the years, the old hospital bore witness to countless stories of life and death, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of the city. It’s said that the spirits of some of its denizens linger on.

Among the most notable apparitions are the ghostly figure of a man forever seated in his wheelchair, his expression etched with bewilderment, and the infamous “White Nun,” reputed for her mischievous antics of disheveling beds and wandering the corridors, as if in an endless search for patients to tend to.

Today, St. Mary’s Art Center thrives as a 501c3 nonprofit, a beacon for artistic expression and community events in Virginia City. Offering everything from art exhibitions to children’s classes, and housing 16 guest rooms and two kitchens, it’s an unparalleled venue for workshops, retreats, and special occasions like weddings on the historic Comstock.