One of Missouri’s Most Haunted Mansions!

The Wyeth Tootle Mansion, St Joseph, Missouri


The imposing, gothic style mansion was commissioned by William and Eliza Wyeth and built in 1879. William Wyeth had developed his small business into the successful Wyeth Hardware and Manufacturing Company and Wyeth Saddle Factory. The couple’s mansion was built with over a million bricks and a turret on the north side, leading the home to be called the “castle on the hill,” and sometimes just the “house on the hill.” The family resided in the front part of the house with ornate parquet floors and walnut woodwork. They entertained in the large rooms on the first floor and slept in bedroom suites on the second. The third-floor housed servants and their workrooms.

In 1887, the Wyeth mansion was sold to the widow Kate Tootle. Her recently deceased husband, Milton Tootle Sr is credited with creating St Joseph’s “Golden Age,” and was one of the richest residents of the area. The couple’s son and wife, Milton Tootle Jr and Lillian Tootle became the next residents of the Wyeth Tootle Mansion and both died in their home in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The mansion’s ownership passed to the City of St Joseph and it became the St Joseph Museum headquarters before the museum moved to the site of the Glore Psychiatric Hospital nearby.

Hauntings of Wyeth Tootle Mansion

Paranormal teams and skeptics alike have visited the Wyeth Tootle Mansion, leaving as converted believers in its ethereal residents. One of which is said to be a male spirit who inhabits the third floor, others are possibly servants whose voices are heard, and apparitions are seen, throughout Wyeth Tootle.

Paranormal investigators visiting Wyeth Tootle Mansion in 2015 reported plenty of spooky activity in the house. From shadowy figures on the stairs to the feeling of a curious small child in one of the 2nd-floor rooms. One ghost hunter clearly felt the spirit of a welcoming servant or governess, still keen to keep the house in order.

There are also reports of unexplained cold spots and parts of the house that make visitor’s hair stand on end, feel watched, and experience their emotions change with unexplained stirrings in the environment.

In 2017 another group of investigators held a charity event at Wyeth Tootle Mansion, they recorded unknown voices at the base of the tower, in the basement, in the entrance hallway, and in one of the rooms declaring that once again Wyeth Tootle’s paranormal activity “did not disappoint.”

There is little doubt that Wyeth Tootle Mansion is home to a number of curious and potentially friendly spirits.

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