Reported ghosts in the City of Cripple Creek, CO

Cripple Creek is full with stories of ghosts and haunting. Want to stay in a haunted hotel in town? Check in at the Hotel St. Nicholas. Originally built as a hospital in 1898 for the prospectors and their families, it expanded and also catered to people who were mentally ill. It was closed when the population started dwindling.

Room 11 is considered a hotspot for paranormal occurrences and investigators often book the room in the hopes of witnessing sightings. Two ladies who have checked in the room had more than their fill of fright. They decided to leave the TV on when they slept because they were not comfortable being in a pitch black room. One of the women felt something sit on the bed near her legs although she could not see anyone. Her friend told her in the morning that she saw the figure of someone sitting near the bed, exactly where she had felt the presence.

In the Palace Hotel, a woman with a nightgown has been frequently seen walking around and carrying a nightgown. The imperial Hotel is another haunted hotel which was opened in 1896. It was run by a man named George Long who was married to his first cousin. They had a daughter named Alice who was mentally disabled and she was kept locked in an apartment next to the lobby. This room is now the hotel’s Red Rooster Bar. It is believed that Alice, using an iron skillet, hither father on the head. George fell down to his death in the basement. He can be seen and felt in the hotel today. He would play the slot machines at night and the security guards have reported hearing him.

Maggie is the resident specter of the Colorado Grande and she has been sighted numerous times. She looks like a 25-year old girl and she wears Victorian clothing. She can be sometimes heard singing and her rise perfume also permeates the air.


Cripple Creek was perceived to be unimportant back in the days and it was actually considered nothing more cattle pasture. However, in October 1890 a man named Robert miller Womack discovered a rich ore and that was when the Colorado gold rush began. Prospectors started flocking to the region and not long after Independence Iode was located and it became one of the largest gold strikes in history.

By the 1900s Cripple Creek, along with Victor, became an important mining community. During Cripple Creek’s heyday, many of the miners joined a union and a significant strike took place in 1894. It was one of the rare times when the governor called out the national guard to help protect the miners from violence against unions.

By the year 2005, the Cripple Creek district has produced more than 20 million troy ounces of gold. Today only small operations remain and most of the underground mines are idle. The current mining operation is now conducted by Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company. The mine operates all throughout the year and workers have a rotating night/day shift. There are now less than 500 employees.