Throughout the South, there are countless plantations. These expansive and architecturally impressive homes have drawn visitors to the South to explore them for years. Some people visit the South to see these impressive plantations for another reason.

They want to see some of the most haunted plantations anywhere in the United States.

The following is a list of what we believe are the most haunted plantations in America. Let’s get to it!

1. Nottoway Plantation, White Castle, LA

Haunted Nottoway Plantation, White Castle, LA
31025 LA-1, White Castle, LA 70788, United States [BOOK A ROOM]
John Hampden Randolph, a sugar planter, commissioned one of the most spectacular homes on the western banks of the Mississippi River.

The Nottoway Plantation, upon completion in 1859, featured 64 rooms and had countless extravagant features including hand-carved Italian marble fireplaces, 11-foot doors, and 15 ½ foot ceilings.

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Although Nottoway Plantation is not the most haunted place in Louisiana it has some reports of ghostly activity.

The ghost of a former slave, who served as a coachman, is reportedly seen on the plantation.

People have also heard bells ringing, which is attributed to the coachman.

Professional ghost hunters, the Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigators, visited and came away with a few EVP recordings; they heard the ringing of the bell and experienced some other odd experiences. [BOOK A ROOM]

2. Historic Drish House, Tuscaloosa, AL

Drish House, Tuscaloosa, AL
2300 17th St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, United States

Drish House was built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the late 1830s by John Drish. John Drish and his wife Sarah were among the first settlers in the area.

They utilized slave labor to help with the completion of the impressive home. Sadly, Drish House was home to tremendous tragedy. John Drish reportedly fell to his death from the upstairs balcony after drinking.

His grieving wife hid the candles that were used at his funeral so they would never be used at hers. Subsequently when she passed the candles were never found but odd occurrences began.

Numerous reports of fires breaking out in the house have been made yet there are never any fires. Individuals who have investigated the home believe Sarah is the cause of the appearance of flames in the home.

Other unusual activity reported at the home includes unusual lights coming from the second floor when the house has been vacant for some time. 

3. Gaineswood Plantation, Demopolis, AL

Gaineswood Plantation, Demopolis, AL
805 S Cedar Ave, Demopolis, AL 36732, United States

Gaineswood Plantation is one of the most haunted places in Alabama.  Construction on this plantation in Demopolis, Alabama began in 1843 and finished in 1861. Nathan Whitfield and his family lived in the home for many years.

Ownership to someone outside the family occurred in 1923. The most notable ghost in the house is attached to Evelyn Carter. Carter was hired to help with the children and things around the plantation following the untimely passing of his wife.

Carter perished unexpectedly and was buried under the home. The intention was to send her back home when the weather cleared, but that never transpired. There are reports people hear the rustling of skirts, voices and some people hear singing.

Other visitors claim the plantation’s piano comes to life with beautiful melodic songs.

Those that work there say that is impossible as keys are missing and it is out of tune. The assumption is Evelyn Carter’s ghost is the one playing the piano as she is still tied to the plantation.

Additional people who have spent time at Gaineswood have claimed to sense the ghosts of slaves that once lived and worked at the plantation. 

4. Barnsley Gardens, Adairsville, GA

Barnsley Gardens, Adairsville, GA
597 Barnsley Gardens Rd NW, Adairsville, GA 30103, United States [BOOK NOW]
In Adairsville, Georgia is Barnsley Gardens. In the late 1840s, Godfrey Barnsley began construction on the beautiful mansion, which featured luxurious gardens on the exterior. According to stories during the course of building the mansion Julia, Godfrey’s wife passed away.

He ceased building until he claimed his wife’s ghost told him to complete the home. Numerous people in Godfrey’s family died at Barnsley Gardens over the years. The beautiful gardens remain as spectacular as ever. The gardens are also the home to more than one ghost.

Many people have spotted Julia’s ghost wandering around the gardens. Her favorite place to stay in the gardens is near the fountain.

The ghost of a Confederate soldier who was shot and killed in the garden has been seen in the gardens on numerous occasions by curious visitors. What remains of the once impressive mansion is also haunted by one of Barnsley’s descendants.

According to reports the individual was shot and killed in 1935 on the property. [BOOK A ROOM]

5. Edgewood Plantation, Charles City, Virginia

Edgewood Plantation, Charles City, Virginia
4800 John Tyler Memorial Hwy, Charles City, VA 23030, United States [BOOK NOW]
The Edgewood Plantation was built back in 1854 and is now a bed and breakfast. The plantation served as a lookout post during the Civil War and a makeshift hospital.

Most people who have experienced ghostly activity see or hear the ghost of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rowland who lived in the home. She apparently died of a broken heart when her love never returned home from the Civil War.

People have spotted her ghost looking out one of the upstairs windows in hopes of seeing her love.

Other guests have said they have seen the ghosts of soldiers from the Civil War.

One visitor even claimed to have had an entire conversation with one soldier identified as Aaron Young III, someone who shows up in records related to Virginia’s 20th regiment. [BOOK NOW]

6. Waverley Plantation, West Point, MS

Waverley Plantation, West Point, MS
1852 Waverly Mansion Rd. West Point, MS 39773

Close to West Point, Mississippi is the haunted Waverley Plantation. The plantation was constructed during the 1840s and is known for its unique architecture and a cupola that sits above the home.

The plantation was owned by the Young family until the 1900s. For years the Waverley sat empty and began deteriorating. A family by the name of Snow came in and saved the home restoring it to what it is today.

People, who have come to the property, as well as the Snow family, have experienced an assortment of paranormal activity.

The most common activity includes seeing the ghost of a young girl. The girl is sad and crying. Most people that have seen her get the feeling she is looking for her mother because she is lost.

Others who may not see her have been known to hear her cries. Seeing things move without assistance is also a typical occurrence people experience at the Waverley.

Along with the young girl people see, a man dressed in a military uniform has been spotted. He is most commonly seen in mirrors around the property.

7. Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie, LA

Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie, LA
3645 LA-18, Vacherie, LA 70090, United States

The famous Oak Alley Plantation is well known as one of the most haunted plantations in Louisiana. It is also known for the magnificent splendor that is the oak canopy, which leads to the front entrance of the plantation.

Construction on the plantation began in 1837 and took two years. The first owner was Jacques Telesphore Roman. Roman retained ownership until 1866. For more than 150 years it has had many owners and countless hauntings.

Among the many ghosts seen on the property are two different women. These women are said to be the manifestations of Jacques Roman’s wife Celine and their daughter Louise. The apparition has appeared in a photograph of what was an empty room at the time the picture was taken.

She appears to be sitting in a chair. Celine’s ghost has appeared in the house as well as on the grounds. Some people claim she is the Lady in Black who appears to be riding a horse under the oak canopy.

Others have seen her on the second-floor balcony. Accounts of seeing the Lady in Black in different areas of Oak Alley are extremely common and frequent.

Reports from staff members claim Oak Alley’s last caretaker, a woman named Mrs. Stewart, remains on the property. She has been seen looking down on people from an upstairs room.

Other misty apparitions appear out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly. Chairs rocking on their own, things moving, things flying across the room, and even what sounds like crying are other paranormal activity experienced at the Oak Alley Plantation.

8. The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA

The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA
7747 U.S., Saint Francisville, LA 70775, United States [SPEND THE NIGHT]
The Myrtles Plantation isn’t just one of the most haunted places in Louisiana, it’s high on the list of the most haunted places in America!

The stories of traumatic events and hauntings have plagued the plantation that was built in 1796. In its history, the Myrtles Plantation had multiple owners as well as reports that as many as the plantation is home to as many as 10 murders.

William Winter’s murder is the only one with verifiable historical documentation. Winter died after he was shot. He attempted to climb to the second floor but perished on the 17th step. The sound of his footsteps moving up the steps has been heard by countless visitors and employees of the plantation.

Another claim is that a former house servant by the name of Chloe haunts the plantation. People state that Chloe wears a green turban to cover the ear that her former lover, and master of the plantation, Mark Woodruff, had removed.

In an act of revenge, she reportedly poisoned Woodruff’s children and they died. Chloe was hung and her body was tossed in a river nearby. Why she roams the plantation, no one knows.

The handprints of the children and sometimes their likenesses are seen in one of the plantation’s mirrors.

Other paranormal activity visitors to what is now the Myrtles Plantation bed and breakfast have heard what sounds like children’s footsteps in the home. Witnesses have seen beds levitating and clocks that appear to be shaking. [SPEND THE NIGHT]

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