In Mississippi, affectionately known as “The Magnolia State,” the whispers of the past mingle with the present, marking it as a prime destination for those intrigued by haunted places.

This state is a treasure trove of paranormal activity, with an array of sites from cemeteries brimming with untold stories to hotels where guests from beyond seem to linger. Each location is steeped in its own narrative, some eerie and others marked by deep-seated sorrow.

Embark on a journey with us as we explore the corners of The Magnolia State, uncovering the tales and mysteries that make Mississippi a haven for seekers of the historic, and the paranormal.

1. City Cemetery, Kosciusko

City Cemetery, Kosciusko
Location: Kosciusko, MS 39090

City Cemetery is said to be the home of a haunted statue! When Laura Kelly passed away in the late 1800s her husband was broken hearted. He decided to commission a statue in her honor.

He spared no expense and hired a world famous sculptor to complete the task. Even going so far as to send the artist his wife’s clothing to allow him to capture a realistic likeness!

Once the statue was complete he built a third floor onto his residence, so that he could view the statue from his home.

Mr Kelly loved his wife deeply and perhaps it was the passion that he poured into her memorial, that left a mark on the statue. Because a number of witnesses have reported seeing the statue of Laura Kelly weeping!

2. Chapel of the Cross Cemetery, Madison

chapel of the Cross Cemetery, in Madison Mississippi
Location: 674 Mannsdale Rd, Madison, MS 39110

Another cemetery that joins the list of reputedly haunted locations in Mississippi, is the Chapel of the Cross Cemetery in Madison.

The most interesting tale is linked to the final resting place of Henry Grey Vick.

Henry was actually killed in a duel, just days before he was due to be married to Helen Johnstone. Helen was understandably distraught and reportedly wore her wedding gown to Henry’s funeral.

There have been a number of witnesses who claim to have seen Helen’s ghost visiting Henry’s grave or sitting on a nearby bench always in her wedding dress!

3. Stuckey's Bridge, Enterprise

Stuckey's Bridge in Enterprise, Mississippi
Location: 6170 Stuckey Bridge Road, Enterprise, MS 39330

You may have heard of a group of outlaws known as The Dalton Gang, who specialized in bank and train robberies. Well, legend has it that one of the members, known as Stuckey opened an inn close to the Chunky River.

He would stand outside with a lantern in order to guide those traveling the river to his Inn. However, once everyone was asleep Stuckey would murder his guests, rob them, and throw their bodies into the river.

When his scheme was uncovered Stuckey was captured and hanged from the railings of the bridge. Now it seems that his restless soul haunts that very bridge.

He has been seen walking with his lantern, still in search of new victims and he is sometimes seen hanging from the bridge as he did on the day of his execution.

However, the most terrifying encounters are up close and personal, with one witness even claiming to have been pushed off of the bridge by an angry apparition!

4. King's Tavern, Natchez

Kings Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi
Location: 613 Jefferson St, Natchez, MS 39120

King’s Tavern is the oldest standing building in Natchez, so it understandably has a rich history – some of it paranormal!

It is said that King’s Tavern is haunted by several ghosts, including a lady named Madeline. It is believed that Madeline was the mistress of one of the original owners of the tavern.

Some say that she was murdered by her lover’s wife, but in truth, nobody really knows exactly what happened to her.

However, in the 1930s there were three mummified bodies discovered in the cellar, and one of them is assumed to be Madeline.

Some of the strange phenomena that has been reported in the tavern, includes a phantom baby crying, strange reflections in the mirrors, and unoccupied beds being disturbed and feeling warm to the touch as if someone had been sleeping in it.

[PLEASE NOTE] The restaurant is currently closed, and the building is listed for sale.

5. The Longfellow House, Pascagoula

The Longefellow House in Pascagoula Mississippi
Location: Pascagoula, MS 39581, USA

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Pascagoula, Mississippi, you will find that the haunting of The Longfellow House, is always a popular topic with the locals!

Local legends say that the culprit behind the paranormal activity is the spirit of a slave who once worked in the house.

It has been suggested that on one occasion, he was beaten almost to the point of death before being sent into the woods to die.

It seems that this brutal treatment from his employers, has bound his spirit to the property and he is often heard moving around upstairs.

He is said to be very angry, which is probably quite understandable given the manner of his death. He is often violent and has pushed and slapped some of the employees.

6. Kuhn Memorial State Hospital, Vicksburg

Kuhn Memorial State Hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi
Kuhn Memorial State Hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Once a permanent fixture on all ghost hunting must visits in Mississippi, the Kuhn Memorial State Hospital is now demolished.

The hospital was closed for good back in 1989 and it laid vacant ever since. Well, almost vacant! Demolition began in 2019.

However, before its demise, the hospital attracted paranormal enthusiasts from all over the country. It was even been featured on the television series ‘Ghost Asylum’. 

Some of the strange occurrences recorded there included the disembodied voice of a little girl asking if investigators, ‘want to come play with me?’ and the word help suddenly appearing written backward in the dusty floor of the embalming room!

Needless to say, if this hospital was still standing today, then I’m sure the hauntings would have continued. Perhaps they still do! After all, where are the souls of lost buildings meant to go?

7. Waverly Mansion, West Point

Waverly Mansion in West Point, Mississippi
Location: 1852 Waverley Mansion Rd, West Point, MS 39773

There are said to be a number of different ghosts haunting Waverly Mansion, but one of the most unsettling is an apparition of a small girl who is searching for her mother.

As well as manifesting visibly, there have been lots of occasions where people have actually heard her calling out for her Mama.

The little girl has even been known to take naps in one of the upstairs bedrooms, leaving behind an indent in the bed!

8. Grand Opera House, Meridian

The Grand Opera House in Meridian, Mississippi
Location: 2200 5th St, Meridian, MS 39301

Now known as the MSU Riley Center, the Grand Opera House in Meridian stands as a magnificent venue for an array of entertainment options, but it also harbors a more mysterious aspect.

Legend has it that the opera house is home to spectral performers from days gone by! In the stillness, staff have reported hearing the melodious voice of a female ghost singing in the auditorium.

Her identity in life remains a mystery, yet one thing is clear: she seems determined to continue her performances, transcending the boundary between life and the hereafter.

9. Franklin Cemetery, Gautier

Garden of Hope Cemetery (Franklin Cemetery) Gautier, Mississippi
Location: 1021 Old Spanish Trail, Gautier, MS 39553

Formerly the Garden of Hope Cemetery, the Franklin Cemetery is reportedly home to several spirits. One of the spirits often seen, is a young and pretty friendly female spirit that is known as Cheryl Anne.

There is also reports of a man, believed to be her father, Hal, who apparently murdered Cheryl Anne, her mom, and her siblings!

He is said to come out of his grave, steal the floral tributes from other graves and then return to his own with the ‘loot’!

Some visitors to the cemetery have also encountered another spirit known as Bloody Sarah.

It is said that this apparition runs into the road, making motorists think that they have run someone over. She finds this highly amusing and laughs maniacally throughout the incident!

Be warned though, this old cemetery is on private land, and any trespassers may be prosecuted.

10. McRaven, Vicksburg

The McRaven House in Vicksburg, Mississippi
Location: 1445 Harrison St, Vicksburg, MS 39180

McRaven is considered to be the most haunted house in Mississippi and is also ranked as the third most haunted house in the entire United States! It has been featured in a variety of different paranormal-themed television programs too.

When you take a deeper look into the history of the property, it is easy to see why McRaven is considered to be one of the most haunted houses in Mississippi.

Several former residents have died inside the house, with one of them actually murdered there. In addition to this, the mansion also served as a Confederate hospital back in the Civil War.

Over the years there have been thousands of reports of paranormal activity from a variety of witnesses.

Some of the many apparitions that have been spotted in the house include civil war soldiers, Native Americans, and even some of the previous owners.

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11. Fairview Inn, Jackson

Fairview Inn Jackson MS
Location: 734 Fairview St, Jackson, MS 39202 | See Availability

Visitors to Jackson’s Fairview Inn have encountered a range of mysterious phenomena, from hearing voices without a source to experiencing sudden shifts in temperature and observing furniture that seems to move on its own during the night.

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In 2018, this historic establishment caught the attention of the Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute, leading to an investigation whose eerie results were featured in the Clarion-Ledger that year.

The inn’s proprietors note that the resident spirits seem to bear no ill will and even show a peculiar affection for dogs.

If you want to book a stay of luxury with a haunted twist, rooms and suites at the Fairview Inn range from $219 to $319 per night. Not too bad if you ask me, and they include breakfast!

12. The Towers of Natchez

The Towers of Natchez
Location: 801 Myrtle Ave, Natchez, MS 39120

The Towers of Natchez stands out for its distinctive architectural style and its reputation for being haunted.

Originally constructed in 1798, the estate underwent two expansions in the mid-1800s and has recently been extensively renovated to reclaim its former splendor.

Throughout the Civil War, The Towers served as a base for Federal troops during their occupation of Natchez.

There have been numerous accounts of spectral sightings, including ghostly Civil War soldiers and apparitions of the Fleming family, who were proprietors of the house for a significant portion of the 19th century.

The estate offers candlelight tours during the autumn and spring, providing a unique glimpse into its storied past.