The Edgewood Plantation and the grounds on which it rests are a very important piece of American history. Not only was it the location where the first Thanksgiving took place, but it was also the birthplace of two U.S. Presidents, William Henry Harrison, and Benjamin Harrison, and it played a key role during the Civil War.

There are many ghost stories and legends surrounding the inn, but perhaps the most fascinating is the story of the couple who sat up the whole night talking to a Civil War soldier named Aaron Young III. You may also come face to face with the apparition of Elizabeth Lizzie Rowland, the fiancée of a Civil War soldier. She died of a broken heart after her fiancée never returned from the war. Her spirit is said to sit in the window, waiting for him to return.

As well as the main house, there’s also a lot of activity in the old slave buildings.

Which Room?

One of the more active rooms is Lizzie’s, however, there have been reports of activity throughout the Edgewood Plantation, so you’ll be good booking any of the rooms. Have fun and let us know if you experience anything!

Happy hunting!

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