It is often said that Virginia is one of the most haunted states in all of America. Considering the big role that the area played in both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War this is probably not all that hard to believe! It often seems like wherever you turn in Virginia there is a ghost story to tell!

Join us as we explore some of the most haunted hotels in Virginia.

1. Belle Grove Plantation, King George

An image of the haunted Belle Grove Plantation in King George VA

Belle Grove Plantation is a plantation mansion and estate that dates back to the 17th century. Established in 1670 as a tobacco plantation with 1,000 acres, this estate is a Virginia Landmark and is the birthplace of President James Madison.

Apparitions are a seemingly common sight at the property, with a total of 23 full-body apparitions reported since March 2013. The majority of these spirits are described as being Union Civil War Soldiers which would be very relevant to the area. These ghostly soldiers have been seen standing guard at the plantation’s entry posts, crossing the driveway, walking in the plantation fields, and even walking in and out of the main house.

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2. The Martha Washington Inn, AbingdonBook a Room

The Martha Washington Inn, Abingdon

There are thought to be 6 different spirits haunting the Martha Washington Inn! They are mostly soldiers and nurses, but there is one spirit who is said to be malicious. He hangs out in the underground tunnel beneath the hotel!

3. Boxwood Inn, Newport News

Boxwood Inn, Newport News

The Boxwood Inn was built back in 1897. When the current owner, Kathy Hulick, bought the property to serve as an inn she was a firm non-believer in anything paranormal. However, it wasn’t long before she changed her mind.

Experiences that both she and her guests have shared include hair being tugged, phantom marching footsteps, and silverware being rearranged. The spirits are all said to be friendly and the most active one is believed to be Nannie Curtis, the wife of the original owner.

4. The Glencoe Inn, Portsmouth

The Glencoe Inn, Portsmouth

The ghost that haunts The Glencoe Inn is said to be the spirit of an elderly woman who is most often spotted fussing over the roses in the gardens of the hotel! When she appears inside, those nearby get an overwhelming scent of roses.

5. The Black Horse Inn, WarrentonBook Now

The Black Horse Inn, Warrenton

The Black Horse Inn dates back to Civil War times and it has become known for being one of Virginia’s premier accommodations. However, the inn’s string of hospitality awards does not tell the whole story!

It once served as a Civil War hospital and many guests have seen wounded soldiers at the hotel. There are said to be four main spirits that are haunting the property including a laughing nurse, a dancer who tap dances up and down the stairs, a ghost dubbed ‘Scrooge’ as he frequently topples the Christmas tree over, and another spirit known to slop into the bed in the Burgandy Room – even leaving the impressions of a body.

6. By the Side of the Road Bed and Breakfast, HarrisonburgStay Here

By the Side of the Road Bed and Breakfast, Harrisonburg

By the Side of the Road Bed & Breakfast is a charming property from the Revolutionary War era. It is a very popular place to stay with glowing reviews from past guests. In fact, it is so good that some guests have returned after their death!

One of the most active spots is said to be the 3rd floor where the innkeepers have traditionally lived. The doors have a habit of opening and closing by themselves on this floor. Some believe that the reason for the hauntings is linked to the fact that the building has previously served as a Mennonite Church and as a Civil War Hospital.

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7. The Wayside Inn, MiddletownSpend the Night

The Wayside Inn, Middletown

The Wayside Inn has been called one of America’s most haunted inns. We don’t know about that, but it is for sure one of the most haunted hotels in Virginia! It was originally built in 1797 and it is one of the oldest inns in Virginia that is still in operation.

In the Civil War, the inn served as a hospital and it is believed to be the spirits of the soldiers who died there that are haunting the inn today.

8. Lafayette Inn, StanardsvilleStay Here

Lafayette Inn, Stanardsville

Many of the spooks that we have encountered thus far in Virginia have been friendly, but the entity that haunts the Lafayette Inn is a little darker!

There is a phantom bloodstain left behind when a Confederate soldier took his own life after discovering his wife was cheating on him with a Yankee! The stain reappears on a daily basis and there have also been sightings of an apparition in a confederate uniform holding a pistol.

9. Edgewood Plantation Bed & Breakfast, Charles CityBook a Room

Edgewood Plantation Bed & Breakfast, Charles City

The beautiful Edgewood Plantation was built in 1849 and is now a stunning bed & breakfast offering guests the opportunity to step back in time. It is lovingly restored with Victorian decor and old-fashioned amenities. As with any haunted plantation, it’s also haunted by several ghosts from its past.

The spirit haunting the antebellum plantation home is said to be a genuine Southern Belle by the name of Lizzie Rowland. It is said that Miss Lizzie died from a broken heart after her beloved soldier failed to return from the civil war. She now remains at the plantation still waiting for her love to return to her.