A spirit from the 1800S reportedly still haunts the hotel. Everyone who has ever worked in the hotel, as well as guests who have checked in the hotel, know about the legend of Boots Berry. Boots Berry was the inn’s former horseman and he was the son of another of the inns’ former horseman and chambermaid. He was given the nickname Boots because he liked to tap dance. He was born in the hotel’s Room 302 in the servant’s quarters. He was also a horseman himself and was thrust into prominence when he saved a stagecoach full of passengers. He was called a hero and was even awarded a medal.

However, Boots was dismissed from the hotel because of his excessive drinking and he went about wandering the country for many years. He drifted back to Stowe and in 1902, he saved a child who was stuck on a rooftop during a snowstorm. However, Boots Berry slipped and fell to his death from the roof above the room where he was born. Legend has it that people who stay on the hotel can still hear Boot’s tap dancing on the hotel roof.


The Green Mountain Inn has been visited by famous presidents and personalities. Gerald Ford, as well as President Chester A. Arthur, were once guests of the hotel. The hotel was built by Peter C. Lovejoy in 1883 and he later traded it to Stillman Church for a farm. Churchman added a dance hall, two brick wings, and a double front porch after acquiring the property. He also renamed it the Mansfield House. However, he also lost the building to W.H.H. Bingham in mortgage foreclosure.

It was renamed the Brick Hotel and in 1893 it was purchased by Mark C. Lovejoy and later became the Green Mountain Inn. In 1982, a Canadian visitor named Marvin Gameroff fell in love with the inn and bought the property. The inn’s current owner is now the Gameroff Trust. The hotel has been through various restorations and renovations.

By far, the most ambitious project was done in 2000. Twenty-two newly appointed suites were added to the hotel’s accommodations. If you are looking for great accommodation in Vermont, Green Mountain Inn is the place to stay.


The charming Green Mountain Inn located in historic Stowe, Vermont has 105 guest rooms and suites. It features a large sauna, afternoon tea, and massage services. Each of the rooms in the hotel has handcrafted furnishings from Vermont furniture makers. Whip Bar & Grill, only serves food made from local farm produce and even local microbrews. The bar provides fine dining with a casual atmosphere and they have an extensive menu of flavourful food.

Main Street Dining Room is steeped in the ambiance of New England. It is designed with antique dumbwaiter, hardwood floors and an original display of a Walton Blodgett watercolor painting. The Green Mountain Inn also caters to special events such as weddings, meetings, conferences, rehearsal dinners, and reunions. For these events, there is the Main Street Dining Room which can accommodate up to 120 guests comfortably. The Village Room, which is also adjacent to the Main Street Dining Room, can seat up to 120 people for cocktails and hor’s d’ oeuvres and up to 100 people for formal dining.


  • 24-hour front desk
  • Air-conditioning
  • Coffee in lobby
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Designed toiletries
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Extra towels/bedding
  • Safe-deposit box at the front desk
  • Massage-spa treatments in rooms
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Fully equipped health club

Things to Do

There are nice places to visit and several things to do in Stowe, Vermont. Stowe is a wonderful, eclectic village where the arts thrive. The Vermont Ski Museum is a museum and shop which is open daily from 12 noon to 5 in the afternoon. The museum has permanent and rotating exhibits, programs, archives, and libraries. The Sleeper House Gallery has fine home accessories, art, and unique gifts. They have art reproductions and photographs from Vermont artists. The Robert Paul Galleries have been called one of the country’s best art galleries and they have an outstanding collection of sculpture, paintings and fine art.

Festivals also abound in Stowe. The Music Festival of the Americas brings together world-renowned virtuosos and some of the most promising artists in the world. The Vermont Mozart Festival also features world-class performance starting in 1974. It is one of Vermont’s Top Ten Summer Events and attendees also regard it as one of the best summer rituals. Ben & Jerry’s, the famous ice cream company is just about 9 miles away from the Green Mountain Inn.

Room Tariffs

  • Deluxe rooms start at $358
  • 2 BR townhouses start at $718
  • Luxury suites start at $687
  • Sterling apartments start at $807
  • Classic rooms start at $447

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