Built in 1902 by wealthy businessman Joseph Stickney, the Mount Washington Hotel was truly a wealthy man’s paradise. He and his wife Carolyn loved the hotel almost as much as they loved each other. However, on one tragic day in 1903 Joseph died from a sudden heart attack, leaving his devastated widow to roam the hotel they both loved so much, alone.

Carolyn eventually married again, to Prince Lucinge of France, and moved over to his homeland with him, until he died years later. After his death the princes moved back to the Mount Washington Hotel, spending the rest of her days enjoying the hotel and its many luxuries that her first husband had worked so hard to build.

It’s Carolyn’s ghost that many people believe still haunts the hotel today. Staff and guests alike have reported seeing the apparition of a woman that matches Carolyn’s description looking over the balcony of the hotel. She used to stand here secretly comparing what people were wearing, determined to outshine them. Her ghost has also been seen descending the stairs for the dinner.

Room 314 (also known as the Princess Room), used to be Carolyn’s private suite. The handcrafted four-poster bed in this room is the one that she shared with her husband, Joseph. On a few occasions, guests have awoken to see Carolyn sitting on the end of the bed, slowly brushing her hair. In this room TAPS (Ghost Hunters TV Show), caught an EVP of a woman, believed to be Carolyn, seemingly respond to their questions.

In the Tower suites, lights are also known to turn on and off. Perfume suddenly drifts into rooms and tubs have been known to fill themselves.

Brief History

The Mount Washington Hotel was built in 1902 by Joseph Stickney, who made his fortune from investments in coal mining and the Pennsylvania railway. The hotel was to spare no expense, to provide the high society of New England with the utmost in luxury and modern amenities of the time.

The hotel has played host to many celebrities and people of high society, including Thomas Edison, the Vanderbilt’s, and three U.S Presidents.

In 1944 the hotel hosted the Bretton Wood International Monetary Conference. Representatives from 44 nations met to establish the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, setting the US Dollar as the main currency used in international exchange. The signing of these famous documents was signed in the Gold Room, which is now preserved as a historic site. In 1975 the Mount Washington Hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and in 1986 it was recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

In 1991 the Mount Washington was purchased by a group of New Hampshire businessmen, who brought the hotel into the 21st century, combining the resort’s golf courses, ski area, and surrounding development land.


A grand hotel that compliments the history behind it. The Mount Washington Hotel is elegant and filled with extensive amenities. A favorite retreat for the rich and famous of New England, the hotel is a treat to every one of the senses. There are 200 guest rooms and suites in total, all finished to the highest standard.

The hotel has a full service 25,000 square foot spa and salon, the recently renovated 18-hole golf course, designed by Donald Ross. The resort also boasts New Hampshire’s largest ski area, two four-diamond dining rooms, and the all-new Stickney’s restaurant, and the renovated “Cave”.


  • Luxury guest rooms and suites
  • 30,000 square feet of meeting space
  • Full-service spa and salon
  • 2 golf courses
  • New Hampshire’s largest ski area
  • Two four-diamond rated dining rooms
  • Numerous resort activities
  • Indoor/Outdoor pool
  • Stunning location
  • One of the longest zip line tours in New England
  • Tennis courts
  • Fitness center
  • WiFi available

Things to Do

Situated in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, you’ll find a wealth of outdoor activities to take part in. As well as the vast array of activities at the Mount Washington Hotel, you have nearby attractions such as Mount Washington Cog Railway, Storyland, Six Gun City, Flume Gorge, Echo Lake Beach, and numerous hiking trails and picnicking areas.

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