New England is probably best known for its natural beauty, but it is also a very historic part of America which is littered with paranormal activity and spooky ghost stories. It also has more than its fair share of haunted accommodations.

Join us as we take a look at the most haunted hotels in Vermont.

11. Green Mountain Inn, Stowe

An image of the haunted Green Mountain Inn in Stowe, Vermont

Originally built in 1833 by Peter C. Lovejoy, the Green Mountain Inn has a rich history, playing host to some very important people including Presidents, Gerald Ford, and Chester A. Arthur. 

The hauntings of the inn center around a man named Boots Berry. The story goes he saved a girl who was stuck on the roof, only for him to slip and fall to his death as she got to safety. The sound of him danding on the roof can often be heard, and he’s been known to appear in various locations in the main building.

Is Boots the only ghost to haunt the Green Mountain Inn? Find out on the link below.

Learn more about the hauntings of the Green Mountain Inn, Stowe

10 - Brass Lantern Inn, StoweBook Now

Brass Lantern Inn, Stowe

A number of guests who have spent the night at the Brass Lantern Inn claim to have heard disembodied talking and laughing come from adjacent rooms even though the next room is empty at the time!

9 - Hartness House Inn, SpringfieldStay the Night

Hartness House Inn, Springfield

Hartness House was built by James Hartness, a keen inventor and builder. He actually built a system of underground tunnels beneath the house where he was able to work on his inventions uninterrupted! He even had a library, a bathroom, a study and a lounge down there as well as his workshop. It seems as though he may still be hanging around in his tunnels.

The property is now a guest house and visitors often say that their belongings are taken, but they always turn up elsewhere. There are also unexplained electrical malfunctions.

8 - Green Mountain Inn, StoweBOOK NOW

The Green Mountain Inn was built in the 1860s when it was originally known as the Clyde River Hotel. It is believed to be one of the most haunted inns in Vermont. The third floor seems to be the most active part of the building.

There have been sightings of a number of apparitions including a scowling man dressed in a suit, a female spirit and a spectral timber sawyer who id usually heard rather than seen.

7 - Golden Stage Inn Bed & Breakfast, CavendishBook a Room

Golden Stage Inn Bed & Breakfast, CavendishThe Golden Stage Inn was built in 1788 as a stagecoach stop. It may also have been a stop onthe underground railroad. According to some of the staff there are two ghosts here – one male and one female. The female apparition is always brushing her hair when she is sighted!

6 - Saxtons River Inn, Town of Rockingham

Saxtons River Inn, Town of Rockingham

Saxtons River Inn was built back in 1834 and is said to be incredibly haunted. The entity is often seen manifesting in the ballroom, but there are also sightings in a few other spots. There is also said to be a female spirit who is haunting Room 3.

5 - The Old Stagecoach Inn, WaterburySpend the Night

The Old Stagecoach Inn, Waterbury

The Old Stagecoach Inn is a historic building in Waterbury that is one of the most haunted hotels in Vermont. The spirit here is thought to be a former resident and room 2 is a focal point for the paranormal activity.

Some of the strange occurrences that have been reported include furniture moving by itself and the beds being stripped with the linens left neatly folded! There have also been sightings of apparitions around the inn.

4 - The Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm, QuecheeCheck Availability

 The Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm, Quechee

The Quechee Inn was built back in 1793 and was purchased by John Porter in 1845. John lived there with his wife Jane until their deaths. John passed away in 1886 and his wife followed in 1900. However, neither of them appear to have left their former home and their apparitions are often seen around the inn.

Guests often hear strange noises and phantom footsteps in rooms that are known to be unoccupied. Another spirit who is said to be present in the inn is Patrick Marsh who is often blamed for moving guests’ belongings around and messing with the lights and televisions in their rooms!

3 - Inn at Clearwater Pond, HartfordBook a Room

Inn at Clearwater Pond, Hartford

Legend states that Mr Tewksbury committed suicide in the Inn at Clearwater Pond some time in the early part of the 19th Century. Apparently his spirit is now trapped and he has been seen lurking in the hallways and the family room. Guests have also spotted him in the garden and in their guest rooms. He makes himself known by knocking on doors, breaking things, tapping people on the shoulder and talking to them during the night.

2 - The Black Lantern Inn, MontgomeryBOOK NOW

The Black Lantern Inn, Montgomery

The ghost story linked to The Black Lantern Inn is an amusing one! Locals refer to the spirit that haunts room 3  as the showering ghost because of his tendency to turn the shower on only to turn it off a short time later as if he has taken a quick shower! Plumbers who have checked the shower out can find no logical explanation suggesting that it is indeed paranormal.

1 - The Equinox Hotel, ManchesterStay the Night

The Equinox Hotel, Manchester

The Equinox Hotel in Manchester is part of the Equinox Golf and Spa Resort. The hotel was built in 1769 and is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a very famous lady! The spirit who has been seen in various areas of the hotel is claimed to be Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of former US President Abraham Lincoln.

Guests and employees alike have caught glimpses of her although she usually vanishes fairly quickly. Sometimes she is accompanied by one of her children. She visited The Equinox Hotel in 1865 and perhaps loved it so much that she has decided to continue visiting in her afterlife.