Built in 1890 as a place of relaxation for the rich and famous, the Thomas House Hotel in Red Boiling Springs TN isn’t just luxury and refinement, it’s recently been listed as one of the most haunted places in America.

Moving beds, unexplainable cold spots, shadow figures, and disembodied voices are just some of the reports emanating from this extremely haunted building. The hotel has seen its fair share of disaster and tragedy over the years, with three fires, numerous deaths, murders, and accidents. There are also stories of this property once being the home of a cult!

Sitting on limestone, an underground spring, as well as on the path of an ancient Indian Trail, and an intersection of two creeks, it’s little wonder there is so much paranormal activity going on here.

Which Room?

The more active rooms are Room 17, 35, 37, however, there have been reports of activity throughout the Thomas House Hotel, so you’ll be good booking any of the rooms. Have fun and let us know if you experience anything!

Happy hunting!

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