Any fan of the paranormal is going to really love Nashville. Why? Well, to put it simply – this city has been around for a very long time and as you might expect, that means that there are plenty of spirits hanging around!

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into the most haunted places in Nashville, TN:

10 – Ryman Auditorium

Ryman Auditorium

Ryman Auditorium has more than one spirit reportedly haunting the building. The most commonly seen, is a shadowy figure of a man up on the balcony.

Lots of staff and performers alike have reported seeing him up there during their rehearsals, but nobody actually knows who he is or why he is still lingering in the Ryman Auditorium.

However, another spirit that has been seen is certainly more well known. A number of people claim that they have seen country music legend Hank Williams Sr. wandering around backstage.

9 – Two Rivers Mansion

Two Rivers Mansion

Aside from being one of the most haunted places in Nashville, Two Rivers Mansion is also among the most mysterious. Why? Well, nobody can really say for sure why the property is haunted or who is doing the haunting!

However, there is plenty of ghostly activity happening regardless of this lack of information. People report lights turning on and off when the building is empty, shadows flitting past the windows, cold spots and phantom footsteps.

Perhaps one day this spirit will reveal itself or its identity, but until then, its just a cool spot for paranormal fans to visit!

8 – Pegram County Cemetery

In 1970, a group of developers bulldozed an area along Harpeth River to build a new housing estate. However, the land that was dug up included the Pegram Family Cemetery and it was completely destroyed.

The dirt that was removed was sold on and used as fill dirt which ended up being spread across Davidson and Cheatham County! A few years later, the river waters rose and completely flooded the new homes that had been built on the land.

During the flood, several coffins that the developers had failed to remove, floated up to the surface. Ever since, the area has flooded with alarming regularity and the town has had a run of financial hardship. Leading many to believe that the desecrated land has been cursed.

The fire department has reported fires, that simply reignite even after being properly extinguished. Residents have seen tombstones materializing in their yards.

Even those just passing through say that there is a feeling of malice that lingers in the air. As thought the angry spirits of those whose Earthly remains were disturbed, have been lingering in order to seek vengeance on the town.

7 – Isaac Franklin Plantation

Isaac Franklin Plantation

Back in the day, Isaac Franklin was a very well known, not to mention very successful slave trader. However, he was not a very pleasant human being.

He was one of the most brutal men in the human trade and kept his slaves chained at all times.

Some say he has chained their very souls to his plantation. Which would certainly explain why they are seen around the property with such frequency.

6 – The Hermitage

The Hermitage

The Hermitage was the former home of America’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson. In life he was known to be a determined man with a fiery temper.

He almost always got his own way. It seems likely that such a man would not want to simply leave his home, just because he had passed away so perhaps that is why. The Hermitage is one of the most haunted houses in Nashville.

A large number of people who have visited the property have claimed to have seen an apparition that fits Jackson’s description walking around the halls.

5 – Bell Witch Cave

Bell Witch Cave

Even people who are not particularly interested in the paranormal have heard of the Bell Witch! While the Bell Witch Cave is actually in Adams, it is close enough that we think it qualifies as one of the most haunted places in Nashville!

The story is known the world over and it all began with a feud between two neighbours – John Bell and Kate Batts. It is said that Ms Batts tortured Bell’s daughter Betsy for several years during her childhood. All because she thought she had been cheated by Mr Bell during a land deal.

On her death bed Ms Batts, who was believed to be practising witchcraft, swore an oath that she would haunt the Bell family for the rest of eternity.

Even Andrew Jackson, who went on to be a president, believed that the land was cursed and after spending a night at the Bell Farm was famously quoted as saying, ‘I had rather face the entire British Army than to spend another night with the Bell Witch’.

The farm became so notorious that it was torn down for safety reasons. However, to this day those visiting the cave say that they hear chains rattling and strange knocking sounds.

There have also been reports of strange looking animals in the area!

4 – Tennessee State Capitol

Tennessee State Capitol

One of the most haunted places in Nashville is the Tennessee State Capitol building. If you pay a visit to the historic building, you may very well find yourselves hearing the sounds of people arguing.

This is because William Strickland and Samuel Morgan were more or less at odds with one another in life. So why would they be any different in death?

The sounds of their spirits shouting and arguing can still be heard echoing around the building.

This is probably due to the fact that both men were actually buried on the property!

3 – Gaylord Opryland ResortSTAY HERE

Gaylord Opryland Resort

The Gaylord Opryland Resort is a stunning hotel complex which is well known for luxury, but behind the opulence is a darker side!

Locals know the story of the Black Lady very well. She dresses in a large black gown from the Antebellum period and although she may look and sound somewhat terrifying, she does not mean the hotel’s guests any harm.

In fact, staff say that she simply stands watching over guests as they roam through the property.

She probably isn’t everyone’s idea of an appropriate babysitter, but nevertheless she means no harm!

2 – Union Station HotelBOOK NOW

Union Station Hotel

Nashville’s Union Station Hotel was at one time, as the name implies, a railroad station. That was the original purpose of the building when it was built in late 1899s.

However, in 1986 it was converted into a hotel and has become a well known landmark in the city. Thanks to the beautiful architecture it boasts. It also just so happens to be one of the most haunted buildings in Nashville.

There have been various reports of poltergeist activity since the hotel first opened for business and it has been suggested that the activity could be attributed to the spirit of a young woman. Who lost her love during World War II and subsequently committed suicide by jumping from the balcony of the building.

Her apparition has been seen several times repeating her fatal leap.

1 – Tennessee State Prison

Tennessee State Prison

One of the single most haunted places in Nashville, or even the entire state of Tennessee, is surely Tennessee State Prison.

This correctional facility was once home to Tennessee’s electric chair. It is said the screams of the prisoners that were executed in it, are still heard inside this now abandoned structure.

The prison was built in 1898 and aside from serving as a prison it has also been a movie set! Various movies including The Green Mile and Ernest Goes to Jail.

While the prison was in operation, it was notorious for overcrowding, riots and jail breaks. These days there are reports of phantom footsteps, cold spots, apparitions and doors that slam on their own!