Tennessee is probably best known for country music, but it is also a hub of paranormal activity! Among the many historic locations that are alleged to be haunted there are a number of hotels and inns that also have ghost stories of their very own.

Let’s take a closer look inside some of the most haunted hotels in Tennessee.

9 - Gaylord Opryland Resort, NashvilleStay Here

Gaylord Opryland Resort, Nashville

This famous hotel opens on Thanksgiving day in 1977 and survived a major flood in 2010.  The hotel was fully repaired and restored after the flood.

The hotel is said to be haunted by the black lady as the name suggests this female ghost has been seen throughout the hotel dressed all in black antebellum-style clothing.  The identity of this ghost is unknown, but some people believe it could be the spirit of Mrs. Gavock as her family owned the land the hotel now stands on.

8 - Walking Horse Hotel, Wartrace

Walking Horse Hotel, Wartrace

The Walking Horse Hotel was first built in 1917 as a railroad hotel and is on the national register of historic places and contains the strolling Jim restaurant named after the owner’s championship-winning horse.

The hotel is said to be haunted by the ghosts of confederate soldiers that were released sick and malnourished and left to die in the hotel.  Also to add to the negative energy a Vietnam vet killed 4 hotel guests in 1970.

People have reported hearing footsteps and gunshots throughout the hotel.  Room 11 is said to be the most haunted room in the hotel and with all the negative energy surrounding this hotel, it’s no surprise people feel this is a very haunted location.

7 - The Inn at Hunt-Phelan, Memphis

The Inn at Hunt-Phelan, Memphis

Originally built between 1828- 1832 this mansion now hotel has had some very famous visitors.  Such as President Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S Grant and Andrew Johnson.

The inn is also said to have gold hidden somewhere on the property and is haunted by former servant Nathan Wilson.  It is said that the ghost of Nathan Wilson is seen wandering through the hotel carrying a shovel in the hope that he finds the hidden gold and can dig it up.

6 - Prospect Hill Bed & Breakfast, Mountain CityBOOK NOW

Prospect Hill Bed & Breakfast, Mountain City

Prospect Hill Bed & Breakfast was originally built in 1889 and the 6000 sq ft mansion is now a beautiful picturesque bed and breakfast.  This bed and breakfast is also haunted by some of the nicest ghosts around if it is not the ghostly smell of baking muffins filling the hotel they also kindly open and close the doors for you.  Photographs have also shown some ghostly orbs and tongues on fire.

Learn more about the haunted Prospect Hill B&B Mountain City TN

5 - Keith Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Athens

Keith Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Athens

The Mansion for this bed & breakfast was built in 1858 and has some strange things that happen in it.  People have noticed objects moving on their own and some disembodied voices that can wake you up from a nice sleep.  The ghost is believed to be that of a civil war soldier that roams around the hotel.

4 - Read House Hotel, ChattanoogaBook Here

Read House Hotel, Chattanooga

Originally opened in 1872 and completely rebuild in 1926 the Read House Hotel is haunted by the spirit of a murdered woman.

If you want to meet the ghost of Annalisa Netherly then book into room 311, but be warned you might never sleep again as Annalisa wails and gnashes her teeth at anyone unlucky enough to see her.

Annalisa was caught with another man by her husband who killed her in a fit of passionate rage, now she takes it out on unsuspecting guests at the Read House Hotel.

3 - General Morgan Inn, GreenevilleSpend the Night

General Morgan Inn, Greeneville

The original building where the General Morgan Inn rest was named the De Woody tavern and was built in the late 1790s.  Today the General Morgan Inn is haunted by a spirit called Green Room Grace.

Green Room Grace has been haunting this place for over a century and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.  She has been seen throughout the hotel and restaurant and is well known for grabbing spoons.

2 - Union Station, NashvilleCheck Availability

Union Station, Nashville

Union Station opened in 1900 as a railroad terminal and was then refurbished into a hotel in the 1980s.  This hotel obviously has a history especially when it was a railroad terminal guests of the hotel have reported seeing and hearing noises of trains and ghostly apparitions seen waiting for a train that will never come.

Room 711 is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who is seen jumping from the window.

1 - The Peabody Hotel, MemphisStay the Night

The Peabody Hotel, Memphis

The Peabody Hotel is well known in the area for the Peabody Ducks that live on the rooftop and visit the lobby daily.  The Peabody hotel is also known for being haunted by a ghost that likes to wander around the Eleventh floor of the hotel.  This ghost-like to whisper as he walks through the hotel and guests have also noticed cold spots and strange noises all coming from the eleventh floor.