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Asheville, aka The Land of the Sky is rich in history, in fact it’s one of the oldest cities in the South. And with such a rich history comes a whole host of spooky stories and reportedly haunted historic locations! Click below to learn more about the most haunted locations in Asheville…

Find the most haunted places in Asheville, NC

The Queen City, not only known for its high-octane racing, popular museums, and fine restaurants, Charlotte is also a paranormal hotspot. Check out some of uptowns famous landmarks that harbor a ghostly past, as well as some of the many more haunted sites around the city.

Learn more about the most haunted locations in Charlotte NC

The most populous city in Pitt County, Greenville is a gorgeous town. Not famed for its paranormal past, however, there are a number of reports emanating from residents about several spooky goings on around town. Click the link below to find more about the most haunted places in Greenville, NC.

The most haunted locations around Greenville NC

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An image of the reportedly haunted Grove Park Inn Resort, Asheville NC

7 Most Haunted Hotels in North Carolina

If you’ve got a keen interest in the paranormal and you want to push the limits of your fear, a fun night away for you could be staying in one of the most haunted rooms in the most haunted hotels in the Tar Hell State. Are you ready to make that reservation?

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The battleship North Carolina

North Carolina’s 12 Most Haunted Locations

From haunted battleships to stately homes, the state of North Carolina certainly has everything a ghost hunter could want. From Charlotte to Wilmington, Asheville to Greensboro, NC is teeming with haunted hotspots waiting for you to visit.

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Dramatic industrial vintage river bridge scenery at night with illuminating fog in North Carolina.

North Carolina’s Most Haunted Bridges

It’s little surprise that bridges are considered to be some of the most haunted locations. Tragic accidents, suicides, and urban legends leave their mark over the years. All over North Carolina, there are numerous reportedly haunted bridges.

Find the most haunted bridges in North Carolina