Asheville, North Carolina is a beautiful city filled with incredible views, rich history, a broad range of activities, and easy access to numerous historical locations. The Great Smoky Mountains is another huge sight that draws people to the area.

Paranormal investigators of all levels love to explore the area because of all the claims of ghosts and paranormal activity.

Let’s go ahead and explore some of the most haunted places in Asheville, North Carolina.

9 - Chicken Alley

When visiting the haunted places in Asheville, North Carolina the name Chicken Alley may not drum up images of ghosts. The truth of the matter is this narrow lane is the home to a ghost named Dr. Jamie Smith. Smith was murdered in a bar fight back in 1902 at the nearby Broadway’s Tavern.

Since that time people have spotted him on Chicken Alley. Witnesses claim he is carrying his medicine back and a silver-tipped cane.

He is also said to be dressed in a duster-style coat and his head is adorned with a black fedora hat.

8 - Erwin High School

When a new high school was needed outside of Asheville the planners decided the best location was to build it over and old cemetery.

The people buried at the Old County Home Graveyard and any headstones were dug up and placed in another location. In place of the former cemetery sits Erwin High School and Potter’s Field.

Since the school’s construction the spirits of those once buried in the former graveyard make their presence known. Janitors who have worked the night shift at the school have found the activity so disturbing they will not reveal what has happened.

Other witnesses have seen ghosts wandering the premises while others have heard unusual sounds.

7 - The Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate

No trip to the haunted places in Asheville would be complete without a tour of the amazing Biltmore Estate. The expansive estate was the pride and joy of George Vanderbilt and opened in 1895.

It became home to George and eventually his wife Edith as well as their only daughter Cornelia. In its history people have encountered a variety of ghosts on the property and in the home.

Other guests and employees of the estate have experienced unusual paranormal activity. One of the stories told countless times is that of the sound of Edith speaking to George in front of the marble fireplace in the library at night.

The oak sitting room on the second floor and the billiard room are two locations where people tend to feel George’s presence.

The pool room is one location in the estate where people get a very unnerving feeling.

Other people have felt like they were splashed by water as well as hearing the sound of people splashing in the water and swimming. Insane laughter coming from the pool’s drain is another claim people have made over the years.

6 - Helen’s Bridge

It is not uncommon to find haunted places in Asheville, North Carolina and other places that involve a mother and her children or child.

In Asheville there was a castle, the Zealandia Castle. Tragedy struck the castle when the only child was killed in a fire.  Her mother was so distraught she hung herself from the nearby Helen’s Bridge.

Visitors to the bridge state there is a very eerie feeling at the bridge.

Odd things also occur, such as cars stalling, people seeing a woman with long hair walking towards them, and freshly lit cigarettes suddenly going out.

Other people have witnessed strong winds coming out of nowhere as well as hearing the breaking of sticks in the area.

Trees have also swayed when there is no wind to speak of in the area.

People have also remarked that your car will develop sudden problems preventing you from leaving if you call Helen’s name.

5 - Thomas Wolfe Memorial

If you are a fan of writer Thomas Wolfe you might find it interesting to visit the Thomas Wolfe Memorial in Asheville.

The building is not only a historic location that is a pleasure to visit it is also the home to no less than two spirits. The spirits that dwell within the walls of the memorial are that of a man and a woman.

Witnesses tend to see the man upstairs sitting in a rocking chair. Other witnesses that have gone into the dining room claim a woman hangs out in that part of the house.

People have also heard the sounds of an old-fashioned typewriter as well as seeing a face in one of the upstairs windows looking out onto the street at night.

4 - Basilica of St Lawrence

Basilica of St Lawrence

The beautiful Basilica of St. Lawrence is not only a stunning structure but it is one of the haunted places in Asheville.

People who have toured the Basilica or gone there for religious services have experienced assorted activity. Doors opening without anyone near them, the appearance of odd lights and orbs are some common activity.

Cold spots are also a normally felt by people visiting the site. The ghosts people have seen around the Basilica are believed to belong to a former priest of the Basilica who died in the building as well as the ghost of Rafael Guastavino, an architect buried at the location along with his daughter and wife.

3 - Shiloh Abandoned Forestry Compound

Shiloh Abandoned Forestry Compound

One of the haunted places in Asheville, North Carolina that has unusual activity is the Shiloh Abandoned Forestry Compound.

One of the buildings located on the Forestry Compound was given the nickname the “Whorehouse.” The reason for the nickname is the apparently presence of the ghost of a prostitute that remains in one of the rooms.

There are reports someone discovered a gruesome discovery in one of the bathrooms downstairs. It is said blood fills the toilet. Where it comes from no one knows.

The temperatures inside this building also tend to stay at roughly 40 degrees no matter how warm it may be outside.

2 - Old Battery Park Hotel

Before the Old Battery Park Hotel was renovated and turned into apartments. Various crimes and atrocities occurred in the hotel leaving behind the spirits of those done wrong.

Numerous past employees have stated one particular ghost liked to appear to the staff. Apparently it is the spirit of a man who was murdered in the former hotel. Most of the past staff members claim to have seen him in the pantry.

The ghost of Helen Clevenger is another permanent resident of the former Battery Park Hotel. She was savagely murdered in the hotel and now people can see her roaming the halls, most specifically on stormy nights.

1 - The Grove Park InnBOOK NOW

The Grove Park Inn

The Grove Park Inn is a hotbed of paranormal activity. People have claimed over the years that the Inn is haunted by a woman wearing pink. She tends to be most active at night when people have said they have not only seen her but also heard her.

Some of the guests that have stayed in the hotel say that it feels like someone is tickling their feet when they are trying to sleep. Many people believe it is the woman in pink.

A cold spot is felt when people approach room 545.

Guests and employees also say it is normal to hear laughter, slamming doors and people conversing in rooms that are empty.

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