Greenville, NC is not one of those cities that is particularly well known for its paranormal activity, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find any ghostly happenings. If you want to find the spooks of Greenville, then you just need to know where to look, because they are tucked away out of plain sight!

Let’s take a peek at some of the most haunted places in Greenville NC.

6 - Fourth and Holly

On the corner of Fourth and Holly, there is a small cluster of haunted homes. It is believed that the spirits actually belong to an empty lot where a house once stood before it burned to the ground in the 1960s!

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It is believed that the spirits moved into nearby homes once the building was destroyed. For example, in the grey house next to the vacant lot, students from nearby ESU share their accommodation with the spirit of a man in a hat who is believed to have committed suicide.

In another one of the houses people have smelled the unexplained aroma of perfume lingering on the first floor! Plenty of the other houses in the vicinity have also had some spooky experiences.

5 - Alpha Omicron Pi House

Prior to being purchased by the sorority, the property had only had two previous owners, one of which was The Johnston Family.

According to local legend, the family had lost several children and when the time came to move away, the mother was desperate to stay, believing that if she left she would be leaving the souls of her dead children behind.

It is Mrs Johnston who many of the girls living here believe is haunting the property, still there waiting to be reunited with her lost children.

One of the most common reports from the sorority girls is that there is a crying baby heard at the top of the stairs and that a female apparition appears to comfort the child.

Other girls have felt something sit on the end of their bed during the night and on at least one occasion a black handprint has been discovered on one of the bathroom mirrors.

This is just a small selection of the strange things that have been experienced inside the Alpha Omicron Pi house.

The girls who live in the sorority house are by no means afraid of the spirit who they have affectionately nicknamed ‘Minnie’, they feel that she is protective of them and they treat her like an extra house mom!

4 - Green St Bridge

Green St Bridge

There are a number of variations of the legend of Green Street Bridge and nobody can say for sure where the true origin lies, but everyone agrees that the place is haunted!

One of the most common versions of the creepy tale states that some time in the 1920s, a bunch of teens snuck out one night without their parents knowledge so that they could all hang out together underneath Green Street Bridge.

However, the get together ended in tragedy when one of the girls in the group drowned in Tar River. When questioned by police, all of the kids had a similar story to tell – that a pair of old and shrivelled hands had emerged from the water and pulled the girl into the water.

The police dismissed the tall tale and assumed that the girl was simply caught off guard by the current and swept away!

There are similar tales of an old man and a little boy being pulled into the river by those terrifying hands and locals swear that the anguished moans of the victims are still heard in the night if you listen carefully.

Another strange tale which may or may not have any link to this legend is that two different diving teams have reported finding a headless Civil War statue in the water beneath the bridge. There are no records of a statue like it ever existing or being lost, so nobody knows how it got there.

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To this day no attempts have been made to remove it or even photograph it leading many to believe that divers could be too afraid of disturbing what ever spirit those horrible hands belong to!

3 - Krispy Kreme

We did mention that in order to find the most haunted locations in Greenville, you really need to know where to look.

It goes without saying that the local branch of Krispy Kreme would probably not be high on your list of places to check out unless you already had prior knowledge of the paranormal activity that occurs here.

However, while you might not expect a place like this to be haunted, it is important to remember that there would have been something different in its place long ago! That is exactly the case with this location.

Long before there was a Krispy Kreme on the corner of Tenth Street and Charles Boulevard there was actually a graveyard for confederate soldiers. There were at least 14 bodies removed and reburied in Cherry Hill Cemetery, but some people believe that not all of the bodies were removed before construction began.

This is why many people believe that the corner is cursed. Many of the businesses who have rented the property have struggled to be successful. This is largely down to the fact that the staff and customers were being terrorized by lingering spirits.

The most common complaint being that they have destroyed property and stock. Strangely, the activity seems to have died down since Krispy Kreme moved in. Nobody is sure why. Did the owners do something to help the spirits move on, or do the soldiers just really like donuts?

2 - Pactolus Light

The Pactolus Light is one of many so called ‘haunted railroad’ that seem to be littered all across North Carolina. The local legend is frequently used as a sort of hazing ritual by local teenagers, but few of them actually know the tragic tale that is connected to it!

The legend states that in the early 1900s, a man was participating as a teacher training program in Greenville when he met the woman of his dreams. However, when the semester drew to an end she had to return home to Virginia.

The man swore he would be waiting to greet her from her train when she returned the following year. He intended to meet the train at Pactolus and propose marriage as he rode with her to Greenville.

However, the train was delayed and he decided to ride home when it began to get dark. He was ambushed by a gang who killed him.

The girl is said to have died of a broken heart some time later having never learned what happened to her love.

Now, the tracks have long since been removed, but some say that the mysterious light still appears following the path that the tracks once did. It is believed that this is a manifestation of the young man’s ghost as he attempts to let his lady love know that he tried his best to be there to meet her.

The light is spotted in two different states. When it is seen at waist height this is said to be him walking beside his horse, but when it appears much higher it is said to be him riding the horse instead.

1 - Greenville Courthouse

Greenville Courthouse

Another one of the most haunted buildings in Greenville NC is the old courthouse and sheriff’s office. It is one of those hauntings that hardly anyone talks about, but all of the locals know the stories!

It is said to be haunted by the spirit of an Old Judge and he is incredibly active – so much so that both the courthouse and the sheriff’s office had to be moved out to a different building because the judge would not let people sleep!

Local teens love to go down to the old courthouse and keep watch on the upstairs windows to see if they can be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the ghost looking out of the windows which he is known to do fairly regularly.

It is said that before the jail cells were relocated, inmates would be kept awake all night by creaking, groaning and disembodied voices. Several of them also reported having the exact same dream – something that went on over a number of years with inmates who had never even met one another.

The dream would always be the same – the inmate would find themselves standing before the judge who would tell them in no uncertain terms that if they did not straighten up and fly right then they would be sentenced straight to hell!