Charlotte, North Carolina is probably a lot more haunted than you might expect. For some reason, people seem to dismiss the city, when thinking about places with a high concentration of paranormal activity, but they are very much mistaken.

With everything from haunted plantations and creepy shopping malls, to quite possibly the spookiest university in America, this town has it all!

Let’s take some time to dig a little bit deeper into the history of 10 of the most haunted places in Charlotte, NC:

10 - Kennedy's Premium Bar & Grill

Kennedy's Premium Bar & Grill

Kennedy’s Premium Bar & Grill, is an old farmhouse that has been converted into a popular drinking hole, for the Charlotte locals. However, it is also reported to be haunted!

Employees have witnessed a variety of unexplained occurrences over the years. Including doors opening and/or closing by themselves, the radio switching on or off and sightings of figures in the bathrooms, long after the bar has closed and the patrons have all left.

Local paranormal teams have carried out investigations here and have concluded that it is indeed one of the most haunted locations in Charlotte NC!

9 - Latta Plantation

Latta Plantation

The Latta Plantation dates back to approximately 1800 and now serves as a living history farm, where visitors are invited to take a self-guided tour around the estate. However, what the guidebook fails to mention, is that the Latta Family are still very much in residence here, despite the fact that they have long since passed away!

Many tourists who stop by to take the tour, leave the building with tales of doors slamming by themselves, the sound of children running and playing, and even sightings of a dark shadow figure walking around the grounds!

8 - Carolina Theatre

Carolina Theatre

Carolina Theatre first opened its doors in 1927 and it was the very first building in Uptown Charlotte, to have its own air conditioning. It also boasts a resident ghost who staff have affectionately dubbed ‘Fred’.

Although he is mostly harmless, Fred is known to cause a spot of trouble around the theatre including turning lights on and off and showing himself as a pale white apparition on the balcony.

It has now come to be tradition for all staff and performers, to bid Fred good night as they leave, to offer a sign of respect to the spook!

7 - Old Fire station #4

Fire Station number 4 was originally built back in 1925 and although it now stands abandoned, it remains one of the most haunted buildings in Charlotte!

The story behind the haunting begins back on April 1, 1934, when firefighter Pruitt L. Black was running to slide down the fireman’s pole, but wound up falling into a hole and hitting the concrete floor below. He fractured his skull and died a short time later.

Following the closure of Fire Station #4, the building was used as a fire service themed museum for a short time. Visitors to the museum would often comment on Black’s appearance, which was more often than not, accompanied by the distinctive scent of his cigar smoke!

6 - Founders Hall

Founders Hall

Founders Hall is a modern shopping center, that at one time served as a medical school. It is also one of the most haunted buildings in Charlotte.

In the late 1800s, a girl from nearby Salisbury died and bodysnatchers stole her corpse, to sell to the medical school. It was fairly soon after this crime,  that people began to see an apparition of the young girl wandering Founders Hall.

She’s always upset and was often said to be screaming. Students were totally freaked out and would often call the police. Eventually, the girl’s body was recovered and returned to her grave in Salisbury, but her ghost remains attached to the building.

Founders Hall has since been converted into a shopping mall and business center. Yet the girl is still spotted from time to time, although she seems to have stopped screaming, instead she is content to simply open and close doors all over the building!

5 - Antique Kingdom

The Antique Kingdom on central avenue, has seen many uses over the course of its lifetime including a moonshine distillery, a wedding venue and a dormitory for high class single ladies. These days it is a haunted antiques emporium.

The owner and various others refuse to go up onto the third floor, of the building unless they absolutely have to and the second floor is not much better!

Even at ground level people have experienced feeling very ‘closed in’ and say they can feel some unseen person, breathing on their neck or cheek! Yikes!

4 - McGlohon Theatre

Where McGlohon Theatre now sits was once the site of a church, built in the late 1800s. However, it was replaced by the current building in 1903 and still served as a church.

In the early 1950s it was transformed into what is now McGlohon Theatre and it is one of the most haunted places that Charlotte has to offer!

Employees say that when they are in the basement they can hear someone singing upstairs, even though they know that it is empty!

They have also reported the sound of phantom footsteps, when they know that they are alone in the building!

3 - Ri-Ra Irish Pub

Ri-Ra Irish Pub

The Ri-Ra Irish Pub was originally built in 1997 by Irishman Ciaran Sheehan, with the goal of creating an Irish bar, that was as authentic as possible. This is one of the newest buildings on our list, but that certainly does not mean that it is any less haunted, than some of the other, much older properties that we have mentioned!

One of the theories behind why the pub is so haunted, is that Sheehan brought in authentic items and antiques from Ireland to add to the authenticity and some of these items likely had spirits attached.

Ever since the pub first opened its doors, staff have been reporting a variety of paranormal activity.

There are a number of cold spots throughout the building and there have been many sightings of ghostly figures, wearing period style dress. However, perhaps the creepiest tale of all, relates to the sudden appearance of a ghostly alphabet, scrawled in chalk on one of the upstairs walls!

2 - Queens University

Queens University

There is little doubt in anybody’s mind, that one of the most haunted places in Charlotte is Queens University. The school has a fascinating history which more than explains why there is so much paranormal activity going on here!

There are various different examples of paranormal activity, associated with different areas throughout the school.

For example, underneath Dana Auditorium on the main campus you will find the Suzanne Little Rehearsal Hall. Where students can go to practice prior to a performance. It is also where many students have spotted the apparition of a well dressed lady, who walks past them before vanishing into thin air!

Another example would be found over at Hall Brown, which is also known as Overcash Hall. Students claim that room 303 is particularly haunted and that one night a student awoke to find her redhead roommate slumped over the desk. It wasn’t until she tried to wake the girl to put her to bed, that she noticed the dark straggly hair and realised it was not her friend.

She promptly screamed, at which point the figure vanished and her real roommate woke up with a start – where she had been sleeping all along!

We are not even close to being done with the spooky stories, coming out of Queens University but we’ll leave it there for now!

1 - The Dunhill HotelBOOK A ROOM

The Dunhill Hotel

The Dunhill Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Uptown Charlotte, so it probably does not really come as much of a surprise, to learn that it is fairly haunted!

The hotel first opened its doors in 1929 as The Mayfield Manor. Ever since, there have been reports from employees about strange things happening in the hotel.

There are several spots around the hotel, that staff describe as “just not being comfortable to be in” and many of them place the blame squarely on the fact that there have been many suicides on the property.

A great deal of these occurred during the great depression because the hotel was the tallest building that was accessible to the general public!