When some people hear Indianapolis, Indiana, they may think of the Indy 500. Others may think of all of the rich history that can be found in this well-known city in the Midwest.

With the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery, a Nascar Race, military memorials, such as the USS Indianapolis National Memorial, and great food, that should be enough to draw people to the city.

The truth is many people travel to Indianapolis, in the hopes of seeing a bit more.

Check out the list we have provided and see if you would be interested in doing your own investigations, at some of the most haunted places in Indianapolis:

10 – Rivoli Theater

Rivoli Theater

The Rivoli Theater was built back in 1927 and had multiple owners up until M. Chulchian purchased the theater in 1976. For years patrons visited the theater enjoying quality entertainment.

Based on stories from former employees and patrons, the location is one of the most haunted places in Indianapolis.

Witnesses claim to have heard toilets flushing and sinks turning on and off without anyone visibly present.

Objects have been spotted moving on their own, and the ghosts of women in fancy dresses and men in tuxedos have appeared in the theater.

Some people claim part of the paranormal activity, is due to the theater being built on Indian Burial ground.

9 – The Slippery Noodle Inn

The Slippery Noodle Inn

The Slippery Noodle Inn has been around since it was founded in 1850. It has had many names and served as a bar, restaurant, theater, and a stop on the Underground Railroad.

The Noodle is also home to numerous ghosts, courtesy of its lengthy history.

People have claimed to see the ghosts of slaves who died, in search of freedom, as well as the ghosts of prostitutes murdered on the premises.

Other witnesses have reported seeing cowboys and a caretaker for the Noodle on the property.

8 – Wheeler-Stokely Mansion

Wheeler-Stokely Mansion

The Wheeler-Stokely Mansion is a 2 ½-story home built in 1912. The mansion had multiple owners including Frank Wheeler and William Stokely. At one time the property offered residents and visitors an opportunity to enjoy the mansion, Japanese gardens, a teahouse, a dog walk and more.

Now those making their way to the Mansion, can enjoy the beauty of the grounds, as well as the possibility of seeing a woman with brown hair, running out the door to get into what they assume is a carriage.

Some say it is possible to see the ghost of a man walking his dog. Additional claims state people have felt someone try to push them off the dog walk.

7 – Marian University

Marian University ranks among the most haunted places in Indianapolis, due to a couple of historical buildings on the campus. There is the Allison Mansion and the Wheeler-Stokely Mansion.

Both of the mansions have had multiple reports of, objects moving, cold spots, as well as sightings of different ghosts wandering around the structures. One of the ghosts is said to be that of a baby.

Marian University definitely offers more than just a traditional education for anyone visiting the historic college.

6 – Indiana Repertory Theatre

Indiana Repertory Theatre

The Indiana Repertory Theatre has been home to countless performers since 1972. With so many actors, directors, set designers and more passing through the doors of the IRT, as some call it, there is bound to be some paranormal activity.

The story told most frequently by people visiting the theater, is that of a former director. According to stories one of the directors working at the theater, enjoyed jogging. If he was unable to jog outside due to poor weather conditions he would just jog inside the theater.

Sadly, on one of his outside jogging excursions, he was the victim of a hit and run and did not survive.

Former employees and other witnesses, say it is possible to hear the sound of creaking floorboards, when he is spotted jogging around the interior of the theater.

5 – Allison Mansion

Allison Mansion

James Allison was a successful man in the plane and auto industry. He and his first wife Sarah, made the decision to purchase 65 acres in the early 1900s.

By 1913 the Allison mansion was completed. The mansion and the grounds were elaborate and fit the tastes and desires of wealthy individuals of the time.

Allison’s life took a turn when he fell in love with his secretary Lucile Musset. He quickly divorced Sarah and married Lucile.

Unfortunately, Allison ended up dying of pneumonia not long after the two were wed.

Now a historical landmark and part of the Marian University campus, the mansion is not without its share of haunted claims.

Some of the claims include hearing voices in the attic, objects moving about and sometimes disappearing entirely. At one point claims were made, that furniture and books in the library were rearranged completely.

The scariest, if not the saddest, claims about the mansion include hearing the screams and cries of a little girl that allegedly drowned in the mansion’s basement pool. Some witnesses have claimed they have even seen the young girl’s ghost on the property.

4 – Indianapolis Athletic Club

Indianapolis Athletic Club

The Indianapolis Athletic Club has been around for almost 100 years. It is a historic building that offers a variety of condominium options and all the perks.

Residents have access to many sought after amenities including, a fitness center, basketball gym and virtual golf. One thing the Indianapolis Athletic Club offers its residents, may not be their favorite thing.

The building is also home to a ghost. The ghost was a firefighter who died, while on call to the building back in 1992.

Whereas many lives were saved in the blaze, he was overcome by smoke when a flashback occurred.

3 – The Hannah House

The Hannah House

When looking at haunted places in Indianapolis, one would be remiss if they did not visit the Hannah House. Built in 1858, Hannah House was not only the home to Alexander Hannah, but it was also one of the stops on the Underground Railroad.

Although Hannah successfully helped some people escape. Hannah House was also home to a horrible tragedy. A fire broke out in the basement when an oil lamp tipped over, trapping and killing the slaves.

It is rumored Alexander Hannah buried the remains of the slaves in the basement, so no one would be aware of his participation in the Underground Railroad.

The mansion was repaired but that does not stop the slaves who died in the fire, from making their presence known to guests.

Witnesses have expressed feeling cold spots in the basement and hearing screaming voices in addition to seeing the physical manifestations of the slaves in ghost form.

2 – Paul Ruster Park Cemetery

Early in the 1800s the Paul Ruster family lived on what is now the Paul Ruster State Park and cemetery. The family also farmed on the land.

According to stories a child was killed on the property while playing near train tracks. The ghost of the boy, who was only twelve years old when tragedy struck, is often seen wandering around the grounds.

He is most often seen by a pond on the grounds playing. Other witnesses have seen him running through the trees where he and the rest of his family are buried.

There are people who have heard the sound of his harmonica being played as well. One of the most unique claims by investigators is supported with an EVP recording.

The recording is that of a young voice saying, “yeah, I’m here behind you,” when the investigators called out for him by the name on the grave, John W. King.

Others have captured their own unexplained voice phenomena when they have visited the location.

1 - Indiana Central State Hospital

Indiana Central State Hospital

The oldest mental asylum in Indiana is also among the most haunted places in Indiana, nevermind Indianapolis. Opened in 1848, the Indiana Central State Hospital was built specifically to treat the mentally ill.

Housing as many as 3,000 patients at its peak, stories of subpar and even abusive treatment of the patients began circulating. Conditions in some areas of the hospital were well below proper health standards as was the treatment of patients. Despite stories of patients being chained to the walls of dark basements, the hospital remained open.

With a horrible past filled with abuse, torture, and improper treatment the notion of hauntings at this hospital is not that hard to believe.

Since its closure in 1994 countless ghost hunters, have ventured to the hospital to validate paranormal activity claims.

Former employees, ghost hunters, and others who have ventured to the property, report seeing apparitions around the facility of former patients.

Other reports state machinery and electric devices would turn on of their own volition. Screams from the basement have been heard, and spotting orbs is a common occurrence.