Fort Wayne in Indiana has a long history with people having called this home for more than two centuries. According to ghost hunters, some of those residents have not left.

Lets take a look now at some of this history in the 12 most haunted places in Fort Wayne, IN:

12 – Jehl's Park (Swingers Grave)

Jehl’s Park is a great place to visit. Open since 1979 the park has a walking trail, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a playground for young children. It also found its way onto this list of most haunted places in Fort Wayne because of the belief a young girl was using the swings and died. Witnesses claim that if you visit the park at night and use the swings once the clock strikes midnight you will fall off. The twisted part to this story is although you may assume you have fallen off, some claim the girl who died is actually there pushing people off the swings.

11 – Devil's Hollow

If the name Devil’s Hollow isn’t scary enough the legend attached with it may be for the faint of heart. As the story goes a witch lived in a house on the top of a hill. People who believed this woman to be a witch burned it to the ground and all that remains is the chimney. Other stories claim the fire was an accident. What remains the same is the fact that the witch perished in the fire and remains in the area. The police have gone to the site many times over the years as different cults like to use the spot to perform rituals and sacrifices. Some say that at times the witch appears and chases people she considers trespassers off her land.

10 – Main Street

Ghost hunters exploring the haunted places in Fort Wayne cannot help but visit Main Street. Like many other cities, Main Street is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman in white. She has a flowing white gown and appears to just walk down the street. That alone is enough to cause concern; however, the woman in white on Main Street continues walking until she reaches the St. Mary’s Bridge. Once there she horrifies witnesses who watch her climb over the bridge to jump into the water beneath the bridge. People have been so convinced the woman is real they contact the police but nobody is ever found.

9 – Bruick Road

For the curious individual in Fort Wayne, Bruick Road is a road that seems to go nowhere specific. That is not the only unusual about the road; it is also home to some unusual lights. People who have traveled down Bruick Road state they can see lights on the road. The lights vary from white to an assortment of other colors. Some people state the lights move away the closer people attempt to approach them. Other witnesses state they look more like orbs and vanish entirely when people get too close.

8 – Whitley Jail aka, Columbia City Jail

Whitley Jail aka, Columbia City Jail

One of the creepiest haunted places in Fort Wayne, Indiana is the Old Whitley Jail aka. Columbia City Jail. Established back in 1875, the Whitley Jail now serves as part of a haunted house during Halloween celebrations and as a historical site.

Ghost hunters make their way to the old Jail in hopes of encountering the ghost of Charles Butler. Butler was a criminal who broke out of the jail only to be caught, returned to the jail, and sentenced to death by hanging.

Due to complications during the hanging, he ended up strangling for 10 minutes rather than having his neck broken immediately. His ghost is believed to haunt the jail since.

Witnesses have heard laughter, voices, and footsteps. The ghost of an unknown woman and the ghost a former sheriff are also believed to haunt the jail.

7 – Embassy Theatre

Embassy Theatre

The Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne dates back to 1928 and is considered a landmark in the city. When open, the building has been home to plays and other entertainment productions.

With the many closures, renovations, and openings entertainment is not the only thing the Embassy Theatre offers its patrons. People have seen a grey apparition roaming the halls on numerous occasions.

Some people believe a long deceased director is the apparition. Along with that apparition some people see and hear what they can only assume is an older woman.

Other strange things in the theatre include odd smells, random cold spots, and lights spontaneously turning off and on.

6 – Brookside Mansion (formerly Bass Mansion)

Brookside Mansion (formerly Bass Mansion)

John H. Bass was an incredibly wealthy man when he was alive. He had a mansion built for himself that even included an artificial lake not far from the house.

The mansion stood abandoned for a number of years before a local university decided to renovate the building and use it as a library.

There are stories that John H. Bass remains a resident of his mansion. These stories claim if you are in the library John H. Bass will help you find the book you desire.

Sounds innocent enough except Bass will literally throw the book at you.

5 – Lindenwood Cemetery

Lindenwood Cemetery

Next on the list of haunted places in Fort Wayne is Lindenwood Cemetery. Lindenwood Cemetery was originally founded back in 1859.

In the more than 175 acres the cemetery covers there is said to be somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy thousand gravesites. The overall style of the cemetery is Victorian in nature.

Lindenwood cemetery is a fascinating cemetery to visit based on the sure size of it, which ranks among the biggest in America.

If exploring the cemetery for historical purposes does not interest people, avid ghost hunters visit the location in hopes of seeing the ghost of a politician from the Victorian-era.

The man wears a top hat and walks with a can around the cemetery in the morning. If someone attempts to approach him, or he notices people watching him, he vanishes.

4 – Lincoln Bank Tower

Lincoln Bank Tower

The Lincoln Bank Tower opened its doors for business back in 1930. With 22 floors at one time it was the tallest skyscraper in the entirety of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The building remains standing and in use to this day. Along with any business that a visitor may take part in at the Lincoln Bank Tower they also have the opportunity to visit one of the most haunted places in Fort Wayne.

There are reports that every floor is haunted by at least one ghost. The top floor remains the home of a man who reportedly jumped to his death through one of the buildings windows.

Another female ghost is said to scream at people from the fourth floor.

3 – Lutheran Hospital of Indiana

Lutheran Hospital of Indiana

Old hospitals always seems to have stories of hauntings. The Lutheran Hospital of Indiana is one of those hospitals. Opened back in 1904, the Lutheran hospital helped countless people who entered the doors.

While the hospital was still standing witnesses and paranormal investigators encounter some interesting activity. There was the ghost of a man who appeared on the fourth floor. He would automatically vanish when someone living approached him.

The more unusual story associated with the hospital is that of the basement. People made claims that if you walked down the stairs of the basement without any light you would never reach the bottom.

One individual stated he and some friends walked down the stairs for 20 minutes but managed to return in 3. Only that man and his associates know for sure if that is the truth.

2 – Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple

When the Masonic Temple was built in 1926 it was meant to be the meeting place for the fraternity members. The Freemasons used one of the rooms as a gentleman’s club, while a host of events took place in the four different ballrooms.

The building, which stands 10 stories high, served the members of the Masonic fraternity for decades. In more than 90 years, the Fort Wayne Masonic Temple has not been without stories of ghosts.

People claim to have seen and heard the ghost of a young man who’s identity is unknown. Witnesses say the ghost causes a great deal of mischief, enjoys slamming doors, and switching lights off and on.

1 – Wells Street Bridge

Wells Street Bridge

The Wells Street Bridge has been around more than 100 years as it was built in 1884. Today the bridge is a piece of history and considered a historic landmark.

According to countless tales the Wells Street Bridge is not just a piece of history it is among the many of the most haunted places in Indiana.

Unlike many of the ghosts and apparitions located at other haunted destinations, the rumored ghost at the Wells Street Bridge is a dog…

Over the years, many people who have ridden their bikes across the bridge at night during the winter are believed to see and hear him barking at them.

The only advice people offer regarding crossing the bridge, if you see a dog, do not stop, keep going.