In the United States sits the Midwestern state of Indiana. Indiana is a destination boasting miles of farmland and one of the most famous racetracks in the nation, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The state is also home to a plethora of covered bridges, Indiana Dunes State park, and countless other appealing sights and destinations. Indiana is also home to a number of haunted places.

Now here are some of the most haunted places in Indiana:

7. 100 Step Cemetery, Brazil, Indiana

In Brazil, Indiana is the 100 Step Cemetery. Headstones in the cemetery date back to the 1860s. Over the years a legend developed. The legend states that on a completely dark night if you climb all the steps and reach 100 when you get to the top you are supposed to see a ghost.

This ghost is then supposed to cause you to have a vision of when you are to die. If you turn around and walk to the bottom and count 100 steps once again, you will not die as shown in the vision. If you do not reach 100 you will die as predicted.

The ghost is believed to be the cemetery’s first undertaker. Further stories state that if you do not walk on the stairs, and choose to go down on the grass and hand will push you down and a red handprint will stay on your body for a few days.

The handprint is believed to be the mark of the devil.

6. Haunted Bridge, Avon, Indiana

Haunted Bridge in Avon Indiana
Haunted Bridge in Avon Indiana

The Haunted Bridge in Avon, Indiana has multiple legends and stories attached to it. The Haunted Bridge is believed to have been built somewhere around 1906 although some say construction started as far back as the 1850s.

One of the most famous stories associated with the bridge is that of the construction worker, Henry Johnson. It is believed while working he fell into a vat of cement where he perished. Some stories suggest his co-workers heard him while others say his body was not discovered until the next day.

Another story claims a young mother was on her way to take her infant to the doctor when she became trapped. Her only option was to jump off the bridge with her infant to save their lives. The woman survived but the child did not.

The young mother eventually died a few weeks later. Visitors to the bridge claim to hear screaming and seeing what they believe is the ghost of the young mother walking around the bridge.

5. University of Notre Dame du Lac, South Bend, Indiana

University of Notre Dame Du Lac in South Bend Indiana
University of Notre Dame Du Lac in South Bend Indiana

The University of Notre Dame du Lac is in South Bend, Indiana. The University dates back to 1842 and is well known for being a top educational facility and sports center.

Over the years there have been countless stories of a ghost haunting Washington Hall. The ghost is believed to be a former football player, George “Gripper” Gipp.

Gipp contracted a fatal case of pneumonia after sleeping on the steps instead of facing his brother for violating curfew.

Some of the haunting claims include lightbulbs unscrewing themselves, the sounds of footsteps, and slamming doors.

Other people have claimed to hear music, including someone playing the trumpet. The trumpet playing is believed to be someone other than Gipp.

4. Willard Library, Evansville, Indiana

Willard Library in Evansville Indiana
Willard Library in Evansville Indiana

The Willard Library opened in Evansville, Indiana back in 1885. Stories of sightings and other paranormal activity did not start to get reported until 1936.

When a maintenance worker told his employers he was quitting he informed them it was not because of the job itself, it was because he saw what he referred to as the “Grey Lady.” According to the worker she appeared to be dressed in garb very similar to when the library first opened.

Who the Grey Lady could be, remains a mystery. What does not remain a mystery are the sightings as she has been caught on camera on more than one occasion.

There have been claims of cold spots in certain areas of the library as well as people smelling perfume that is not from anyone present.

The Grey Lady herself has been seen in the basement, near the elevator, and also the restrooms.

3. Historic Hannah House, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Historic Hannah House in Indianapolis Indiana
The Historic Hannah House in Indianapolis Indiana

Alexander Hannah built his home in Indianapolis, Indiana back in 1858. An additional wing and rooms were built following his marriage to Elizabeth Jackson to accommodate the new lady of the house and servants.

Hannah, a man known for being against slavery, allowed his home to be used as a stop on the Underground Railroad. People have claimed to hear whining and moaning throughout the house.

Other people have claimed to smell a horrible odor in the home with no apparent cause. Some believe these paranormal activities are the result of the rumored death of slaves who burned alive in the basement after a lantern caused a fire.

2. The Nicholson House, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Nicholson House in Indianapolis Indiana
The Nicholson House in Indianapolis Indiana

The Nicholson House is a gothic mansion that dates back to the 1870s. David Nicholson was working in Indianapolis on the Marion County Courthouse when he started construction on his own home.

The mansion was completed and around 1903 ownership changed hands. The Rand family became the official owners of the property until the 1960s.  No paranormal activity in the house had ever been recorded until 1997.

After being abandoned for years, the Nicholson House was being moved to another location to help preserve the structure. During the move a photograph was taken which appeared to show a ghost looking out one of the upstairs windows.

Once this story broke additional stories of unusual activity in the house started spreading. One story states that the house is haunted by a young girl killed close to the home. Another story states a man hung himself when the structure was a boarding house.

There are also stories that a woman haunts the house.

Some of the most shocking stories related to the house involve the story that the Nicholson House served as a stop on the Underground Railroad.

People have claimed to see blood dripping through the walls while others claim to have smelled decaying flesh. There is also a tale of slaves burning to death in the basement.

There are people who claim they can hear those slaves’ screams in the house.

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1. The Story Inn, Nashville, Indiana

The Story Inn in Nashville Indiana
The Story Inn in Nashville Indiana

Back in 1851, the quaint little town of Story was founded by Dr. George Story. The town was comprised of the Story Inn, a schoolhouse, two general stores, a sawmill, a post office, church, and a couple of additional buildings.

Up until the Great Depression, the small town flourished. The town of Story sat abandoned for decades, eventually, preservationists decided to bring the town back to life. The structures in the town were repaired but their uniqueness and original state were for the most part left intact.

The Story Inn is one structure in the town that was restored to what it once was back in its heyday. Each of the rooms and cottages in the inn is free of radios, televisions, and clocks, which the owners consider modern-day distractions.

The rooms and cottages have some modern features; electricity and running water, but their furnishings are very 19th century American Midwest.

The rustic looks and history are not all the Story Inn possesses. There are also stories of paranormal activity…

Countless staff members and guests have made claims of seeing the “Blue Lady.” It is said the Blue Lady is Dr. George Story’s wife.

The former Garden Room is now named after the Blue Lady. People wishing to engage with, or see the Blue Lady, are told they can turn on the blue light in the room and she will appear.

People have claimed she has left behind blue objects, that she has blue eyes, and they can smell cherry tobacco, the Blue Lady’s favorite when she was among the living.

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