Miami is a city that conjures up images of sunshine, beaches and fit bodies. It is also a place for clubbing and having a good time. Other people think of Miami and want to investigate places they have heard were haunted.

Here are 10 most haunted places in Miami, that people often visit to be scared senseless!

10. Villa Paula

Villa Paula

Back when Senior Don Domingo Milord was the first Cuban consulate in Miami, he had a home built the Villa Paula. Milord and his wife lived in the Villa for six years prior to her death. Milord’s wife, Paula, had a leg amputated and unfortunately complications from that took her life.

Since then, many different owners of the home and even neighbors have made claims of unusual activity. There are witnesses who stated they smelled the scent of fresh blooming roses, when there were none in the area, or those that were, were not blooming.

Sometimes it is possible for people to smell the aroma of Cuban coffee, hear shoes on the backyards stone path, as well as knocking.

The saddest and most grizzly activity at Villa Paula, is the death of countless cats when the iron gate of the Villa randomly slams shut.

9. Coral Castle

Coral Castle

Ed Leedskalnin was a man of short stature and slight build. Standing a little over 5 feet and weighing 100 pounds. But that did not stop him from building Coral Castle, over the span of an estimated 28 years. Coral Castle features 1,100 tons of coral rock stacked and carved into various shapes and designs.

Rumors are, he built it without any modern tools, for the object of his affection. People visiting the spectacular creation, state they feel an unusual energy around the place.

Additional witnesses have reported a shadowy figure lurking around the place. Some say it may be the ghost of Ed looking over his creation.

8. Miami City Cemetery

Miami City Cemetery

When the city of Miami was established, it was necessary to build a cemetery when the residents passed away. In 1897, the City of Miami cemetery was founded. The founders of the city eventually came to call the cemetery their final resting place.

The Burdine family and Julia Tuttle are among the most famous founders in the cemetery. Which has 9,000 gravesites, and is divided into three sections. Ironically, this place of rest is filled with activity.

People visiting the cemetery hope to encounter the ghosts of Confederate and Union soldiers buried there.

An overall creepy feeling is common at the cemetery, as well as cold spots and the sense of not being alone.

The Miami City cemetery is also the location of a lot of ritual sacrifices and grave desecrations done by the living.

7. Deering Estate

Deering Estate

If you are looking to visit the most haunted places in Miami, because you live to see ghosts or witness paranormal activity, then the Deering Estate is a must visit!

Long before Charles Deering had his estate built on the property in 1915, the land was used by Native Americans as tribal burial grounds. Any time you build something over graves of any kind, there is bound to be some sort of paranormal activity. Add in to the mix, the fact that there was an explosion during construction on the site, that took the lives of four construction workers and you have a recipe for activity.

The reports of ghostly sightings and paranormal activity are plentiful for the Deering Estate. There are those that have experienced changes in temperature. Others have witnessed doors slamming shut without anyone near them, and reports of people hearing whispering voices.

People have seen an assortment of spirits, all around the estate.

On one visit to the Estate a psychic reported hearing a woman pleading for help for a young boy that was apparently drowning.

6. Parkway West Medical Center

Parkway West Medical Center

The Parkway West Medical Center opened in 1974. The medical centwe could accommodate approximately 300 patients. It remained in operation for 30 years.

Multiple people considered purchasing the site, renovating and reopening it with other uses in mind, but the plans always fall through. The property continues to deteriorate and has been vandalized over the years.

Because of all of the wear, deterioration, vandalism, and overgrowth of plants the facility is rather scary for those daring to visit.

Ghost hunter enthusiasts have witnessed dark shadows, unusual noises, and the feeling of someone watching or breathing on them.

People interested in checking out haunted places in Miami, may be disappointed if they cannot get in because police keep a close eye on the place.

5. Curtiss Mansion

Curtiss Mansion

When Glenn Curtiss lived in Miami he had a home built, the Curtiss Mansion. He lived in the home a brief five years, after moving in, in 1925 with his wife. Glenn Curtiss was an important developer in Miami, as well as being a pioneer of aviation.

It was reported he left many unfinished and unpatented ideas in the home. Following his death, claims of him haunting the mansion began with his wife.

She claimed to hear him working on new projects…

Other people who have ventured to the property, have claimed to hear him speaking with pilots as he works on projects.

4. Colony Theatre

Colony Theatre

The Colony Theater has been a part of Miami Beach since 1935. Although it may not be one of the most haunted places in Miami, it is not lacking in paranormal activity and ghostly presences.

The movie theater is not only a part of the city’s history, it is reportedly the home to the ghost of a white poodle. Who the dog belonged to remains a mystery.

Another ghost, people have spotted is a woman who appears to be wearing 1930s clothing.

People have also heard footsteps near the main stage.

3. Miami River InnBOOK NOW

Miami River Inn

Since 1910, the Miami River Inn has been providing visitors to the area with a comfortable place to stay.

In the Inn’s more than 100 years in operation, people have enjoyed their stay. However, some guests and employees of the Inn have experienced ghostly activity.

Although there are no reports of people seeing the ghosts themselves, they have experienced other paranormal activity. Odd noises and the random slamming of doors are typical of the Inn.

People also claim that at 11 in the evening, if you are on the first floor you can hear people coming in the front door. The ghostly visitor appears to throw things around and shakes door knobs.

2. Pinewood Cemetery

Pinewood Cemetery

Pinewood is another cemetery included in the list of most haunted places in Miami. It was also known as the Cocuplum cemetery. Pinewood is the county’s oldest cemetery, with grave markers dating back as far as 1855.

The cemetery is a mere four acres in size. Exactly how many people were buried in the cemetery is uncertain due to improper record keeping, a massive hurricane, and lack of care for the cemetery.

One estimate claims there may be anywhere from 200 to almost 300 people buried in the cemetery. Sadly there are very few headstones or grave markers present.

Ghost hunters and the curious who have ventured to the old and almost forgotten cemetery, have experienced an assortment of activity. One individual claimed to have seen the figure of a man appear out of nowhere and then vanish.

Others have experienced an uncomfortable or odd feeling that occurs when at a cemetery. One individual captured what sounded like “thank you”, on her recorder when she went to the cemetery and cleaned up some of the grave sites.

An unusual white mist has also been seen at Pinewood cemetery, along with people hearing strange sounds.

1. Biltmore HotelSTAY HERE

Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore Hotel was built in 1926 and became the ‘go to’ location for those looking for a grand hotel experience. When World War II broke out, the hotel was converted into a hospital for soldiers returning home from battle. Some of those soldiers drew their last breath in the makeshift hospital.

Following the war, the Biltmore Hotel was eventually restored to its former glory and became a hotel that the wealthy and powerful enjoyed when away from home.

For guests and employees of the Biltmore, it can be considered one of the haunted places in Miami, due to activity they have experienced.

One of the most common reports over the years, is the ghosts of soldiers who lost their lives in the hotel continue to roam its hallways to this day. Witnesses claim to have seen men wandering the grounds, in what can only be described as old uniforms worn by the military during WWII.

The elevator reportedly will randomly go to the 13 floor without anyone in the elevator. The thirteenth floor was the location where Thomas “Fatty” Walsh, a gangster, was murdered.

People on the 13th floor can smell his cigars as well as see his ghost wandering the halls.