People love to head to Key West, Florida for the sunshine, party life, and beautiful beaches. Some people venture to the city in Florida in hopes of having an encounter with any of a number of ghosts that reportedly haunt a number of different hotels and resorts.

Take a look at some of the stories below and see if you have any interest in coming face-to-face with any of the spirits who have yet to move on from some of the most haunted hotels in Key West, Florida.

7 - Chelsea House HotelBook a Stay

Chelsea House Hotel

The original home built on the site of the Chelsea House Hotel dates back to the late 1800s. Long before the Chelsea House Hotel became the establishment it is today it was a private home for the Delgado family.

Mr. and Mrs. Delgado were reportedly happy and successful in the cigar business. When Mr. Delgado vanished his wife claimed he went back to Cuba. Years later when Mrs. Delgado was on her deathbed, she confessed to killing her husband and burying his body under the front porch. The body was never found but it wasn’t long after that ghost stories started to be told.

Some people claim to smell cigar smoke randomly when no one is smoking one in the vicinity. Other guests have claimed to see the ghost of Mr. Delgado in their room at the hotel. Of all the activity in the hotel the most active room is Room 018.

6 - Ocean Key ResortBook a Room

Ocean Key Resort

The Ocean Key Resort was originally built in 1982 but underwent major renovations seven years later. To look at the Resort today one wouldn’t expect to find out that it is haunted. Strange noises can be heard around the resort according to some reports.

Reports of an entity on the third floor have surfaced over the years. Some claim that if there is a ghost or ghosts at the location they may have been people who lived on the land prior to the Ocean Key Resort being built.

The sound of jingling keys and someone sighing, as if they are sad, have been reported by guests of the resort. Curtains and even a bureau have been moved by unexplained forces.

5 - Old Town ManorBOOK NOW

Old Town Manor

The former Eaton Lodge was constructed in 1886. Today the former lodge is known as the Old Town Manor and serves as a bed & breakfast inn. The beautiful old building is a relaxing place to stay, if you don’t happen to encounter one of the ghosts in residence.

Reports of a male and female apparition are assumed to be former home owners, Dr. William Warren and his wife, Genevieve. Some say it is possible to hear Dr. Warren typing on his old school typewriter around the property.

Unexplained footsteps and electrical issues are some of the unusual paranormal activity people experience. One woman stayed with her husband for a few nights and reported that she kept waking up because someone repeatedly placed the blankets over here as she slept.

There is enough activity in the Old Town Manor that many consider it to be one of the haunted hotels in Key West, Florida.

4 - La Concha HotelBook a Stay

La Concha Hotel

The La Concha Hotel has been a part of Key West since 1926. It was a first-class hotel and a popular getaway for the rich, famous, and members of high society. It remains an incredibly popular destination people enjoy not only for the accommodations but also the bar and nightlife.

One group of visitors to the La Concha enjoys the destination due to the belief that it is haunted by any number of ghosts. As many as 13 people have committed suicide off the roof where the bar is located.

One of those poor souls likes to take glasses of Chardonnay out of the hands of some of the patrons. It is said that he drank the wine prior to leaping to his death.

There is also the spirit of a man haunting the fifth floor and the elevator. He died when he fell down the elevator shaft in the 1980s.

3 - Banyan Resort & GuesthouseStay Here

Banyan Resort & Guesthouse

The Banyan Resort consists of six different buildings that were built during the 1800s. Originally the structures were individual homes before they were converted into a resort. People have been coming to Key West to enjoy the destination for decades.

Along with enjoying the ideal location and history of the buildings guests might also encounter a ghost or two. The ghost of a little girl has made herself known to guests and the housekeeping staff over the years. Some claim she steals the chocolates left on the pillows of locked guest rooms. Other guests have felt as if she was following them as they walked around the property.

One guest that visited the property claimed to have heard odd knocking sounds and felt as though someone had tapped him, but no one was near him at the time. The ghost of Captain Cosgrove, the owner of one of the original six homes, is said to have been spotted on the property.

2 - Marrero’s Guest MansionBook Now

Marrero’s Guest Mansion

Francisco Marrero built Marrero’s Guest mansion in 1889. He and his wife, Enriquetta lived in the home with their eight children. Following his death a woman showed up at the home and declared she was Francisco’s first wife whom he never divorced. She took possession of the mansion and all his worldly possessions.

Prior to Enriquetta and her children departing the home she vowed that her spirit would always be there. Based on countless stories of paranormal activity and ghost sightings she has kept her word. Some guests have seen Enriquetta brushing her hair in front of a mirror in the home.

Others have smelt the scent of her favorite lavender perfume. Babies crying and children playing are sounds heard in the mansion by guests and employees alike.

The most haunted rooms are said to be rooms 23, 17, and 18, which was Enriquetta’s bedroom. There is no doubt this is one of the most haunted hotels in Key West, Florida.

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1 - The Artist HouseBOOK A ROOM

The Artist House

Between 1890 and 1898 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Otto had a home built. The highly active and career minded people ended up having a song, Robert “Gene” Otto. Since they were rarely gone the Otto’s hired staff to look after their son Gene.

One nurse in particular gave Gene a doll she made in his image. After she was fired odd things began happening in the home. Gene would have nightmares, his room would be destroyed and Gene’s doll, which he named Robert, would always be around.

Many of the other staff members claimed the nurse who made the doll practiced voodoo. There were claims that when Robert was a child people would hear a strange voice talking that wasn’t Gene’s voice. Many feel it was the doll.

An aunt visited, told Gene’s parents the doll might be haunted so it was put away and the aunt died the following day. Years later when Gene married his wife, Anne, she didn’t like his obsession with his doll and she ended up going mentally insane.

Although Robert the doll is now in a museum, the home has lingering paranormal activity. People have stated that the ghost of Anne in her wedding dress can be seen walking down the staircase in the home.

Others have stated that there is a very unnerving and creepy feeling to them home as well as unexplained sounds. There is definitely enough activity to consider this place one of the most haunted hotels in Key West.