10 Most Haunted Places in Denver, CO

Denver, also called the “Mile High City,” is a beautiful city in the state of Colorado. People visit the city to take in the beautiful scenery, the great mountains, and to go hiking, white water rafting, skiing, and of course to enjoy sporting events. People also visit the city so that they can check out different places that are supposedly home to paranormal activity.

Let’s take a closer look at 10 of the most haunted places in Denver:

10. Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park is a beautiful place to visit if a person is interested in spending some quality time sitting under a tree or relaxing on a patch of grass. Most people like to enjoy a nice relaxing picnic or other gatherings at a park.

What most people do not enjoy is going to a park that was actually once a cemetery.  The Cheesman Park is exactly that. At one time the Cheesman Park served as a burial ground, although intended for everyone it ended up being a cemetery for the poor, diseased, and outlaws.

The cemetery was transformed into a park when people stopped caring for the cemetery. It is believed that the spirits and ghosts of the estimated 2,000 bodies still buried at the location haunt the place. People living near the park claim to have seen ghosts that look sad and confused.

People who spend time at the park also hear whispering, moaning, while others feel an overall sense of dread or sadness.

9. Lumber Baron InnBOOK NOW

Lumber Baron Inn

John Mouat was a lumber baron in Denver in 1890. Mouat and his team built 200 buildings as well as a stunning home for himself. From 1890 to the 1970s many people lived in the home after Mouat.

Today, John Mouat’s former private home is the Lumber Baron Inn.  It was restored to its former glory. Now the Inn is a beautiful bed and breakfast countless people have been able to enjoy.

Guests of the Inn need to be aware that it is one of many haunted places in Denver. Two different teenagers perished in the Inn and their murders were never solved. It is possible to hear voices and unexplainable footsteps at times.

8. The Buckhorn Exchange

The Buckhorn Exchange

When the Buckhorn Exchange originally opened back in 1893 it was a trading post. The building served as more than just a trading post, it was also a restaurant and bar.

Cowboys, miners, railroad builders and more passed through the doors of the popular Buckhorn Exchange. Even President Theodore Roosevelt enjoyed some time at the Exchange in 1905.

Patrons of the Buckhorn Exchange have been enjoying the offerings of this restaurant for more than a century. The patrons and employees also occasionally experience paranormal activity.

It is extremely common to hear the sounds of footsteps or hear disembodied voices. Tables moving on their own are also rather common.

7. Patterson InnSPEND A NIGHT

Patterson Inn

When Thomas Croke had a home built for himself in 1890 he assumed he would live there for some time. Based on urban legend Croke went into the home only once and vowed never to return again.

He said something terrified him so much he would not and could not return. The home became the property of Thomas Patterson two years later. Additional families and people have either lived in, or worked in, the Croke-Patterson Mansion.

The mansion is one of the scariest haunted places in Denver because of the many odd occurrences that have taken place there.

There is one story of two Doberman Pinschers who were left in the house overnight. During the night they jumped out of a third-floor window to their death. Why this happened, no one knows.

The ghost of Kate Patterson, Thomas Patterson’s wife, appeared to a pregnant woman who was in the mansion.

Thomas Patterson’s ghost has been spotted in the courtyard of the mansion and a child has been spotted playing in the stairway.

6. The Oxford HotelBOOK A ROOM

The Oxford Hotel

In 1891, Frank Edbrooke designed and helped build the Oxford Hotel. Even with the Great Depression the hotel remained standing. In the 1930s, the Oxford was given a facelift to an Art Deco style. The Oxford Hotel remains open today and caters to travelers from around the globe.

The Oxford is both the oldest hotel and one of many haunted places in Denver. In one of the rooms, guests have claimed that the ghost of a woman appears to be standing in the room.

The guests have also reported the face of a woman being faintly visible when photos are taken in the room.  Based on reports, this woman was murdered by her husband when he discovered her with her lover.

In the Cruise Room, a ghost of an old postal worker has come in, sat at the bar, requested a beer and drank it. When the bartender goes to retrieve the empty bottle he discovered it wasn’t. The postal worker apparently was on his way to take Christmas presents to kids and never arrived.

5. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

The wealthiest citizens of Denver once lived on Capitol Hill. As the years have passed and the city has changed and grown, some of those citizens apparently never left. While some of the old mansions remain and new contemporary apartment complexes and condos have joined the once elite neighbourhood, the prior inhabitants let the new residents know they are still around.

There are ghosts that dwell within many of the buildings on Capitol Hill, including the Governor’s Mansion and the State Capitol buildings. Ghosts are spotted wandering around Capitol Hill streets and hang out at the park in the area.

Any trip to Denver’s Capitol Hill is bound to include a meeting with one of the former residents who cannot seem to depart the beautiful city.

4. Denver Children's Home

Denver Children's Home

When the present day Denver Children’s Home first opened in the 1880s, it was the Denver Orphan’s Home. Sadly, many children on the third floor were killed when a fire broke out in 1888.

The building was rebuilt and has continued to provide assorted services to the youth in Denver. Having children die in the building it is not surprising that it is not uncommon to hear the cries and whimpers of children a fairly regular basis. It is also not unusual to hear children playing.

An unusual ghost that haunts the Denver Children’s Home is that of a bride. When seen she appears to float down the stairs and across the second floor hallway that spans 50 feet.

3. Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

With so many people wanting to travel to the haunted places in Denver it was important to build a larger and more modern airport. The plan to build the Denver International Airport was not without its problems.

There were financial issues and a number of technical problems. If the problems during the construction process were not enough, other unusual problems and situations have arisen. People traveling through the airport and employees have experienced unusual activity, sounds, and an uneasy feeling.

There are people that attribute these potential hauntings, as well as the problems during the construction of the airport to the land on which it sits. Instead of looking for an alternative site, the airport sits on sacred ground belonging to Native American tribes.

2. Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum

Most people have heard of the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown as she was a survivor of the Titanic tragedy. When Molly lived in Denver she lived in a three-story Victorian with her husband J.J. Brown.

The home eventually became a tribute to Molly and her husband becoming the Molly Brown House Museum. Employees that have worked at the museum have experienced assorted paranormal activity.

Some employees have smelled fresh cigar smoker, which many believe are caused by the ghost of J.J. Brown a cigar smoker. Piano keys moving without anyone touching the piano is something else that people have experienced.

It is not unusual to see dark shadowy figures moving around the house as well at any given time.


Brown Palace Hotel

The Brown Palace Hotel had its grand opening back in 1892 and has remained open to guests ever since. Records show that the Hotel is the second-oldest functioning hotel in Denver. There are a few of those guests that have decided they would rather not leave.

One ghost people have noticed in the hotel is a former railroad ticket manager. When people see him he apparently walks directly into a wall. People have witnessed the ghost of a waiter riding in the service elevator, and the sound of a baby crying in the basement is also rather common for guests and employees.

To add even more to the odd ghosts in this hotel, witnesses have seen and heard a string quartet practicing their routines.


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