South Carolina is an excellent destination for a short break or vacation. There is lots to see and do, plenty of history and an abundance of fine dining. It is a great place to enjoy some Southern hospitality. It is also a great place to find things that go bump in the night!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most haunted hotels in South Carolina.

10 - Embassy Suites, GreenvilleBook a Room

Embassy Suites, Greenville

The Embassy Suites building is relatively new, so you could be forgiven for thinking that it is unlikely to be haunted. However, staff say that it is definitely haunted. While there have been no sightings of apparitions there have been other unusual events.

Lights often turn on and off by themselves and in fact, during construction there were many reports of lights coming on despite the electricity not having been installed yet! There are patches in the grounds where nothing will grow and some guests have reported hearing disembodied wailing in the hotel!

9 - Pelican Inn, Summerville

Pelican Inn, Summerville

The Pelican inn on Pawleys Island is a great hotel with great history and with history comes ghosts.  The main ghost is of the grey man who is known to frequent the hotel and also sometimes stroll along the beach.  The second ghost seems to be an old maid from the hotel as she is seen wandering up and down the stairs and in the kitchen as if she is going about her daily routine.

8 - 1837 Bed & Breakfast, Charleston

1837 Bed & Breakfast, Charleston

The 1837 Bed & Breakfast is home to George the friendly ghost.  George is the ghost of a little boy that has been seen running up and down the stairs. George has also been know to shake beds and shut bathroom doors, but don’t worry the hotel staff promise everyone that George is a friendly ghost.

7 - The Historic Belmont Inn, AbbevilleSpend the Night

The Historic Belmont Inn, Abbeville

Established in 1902 the Historic Belmont inn has a couple of ghosts that like to make an appearance.  One ghost is a Scotsman that likes to chap doors to check to see who is in the rooms, but when the door is answered no one is there.  The second ghost named Abraham is seen just out of the corner of your eye on the ground floor.

6 - The Inn at Merridun, Union

The Inn at Merridun, Union

Originally built in 1855 the history that this inn has is a long and interesting one.  The current owners of the inn claim that as many as 10 ghosts inhabit the hotel, which is great if you love ghosts, but maybe not so good for a restful sleep although if you are reading this then ghosts is what you want.

5 - Battery Carriage House Inn, Charleston

Battery Carriage House Inn, Charleston

The Battery Carriage House Inn is one haunted place.  There is a ghost of a man’s torso in room 8 that likes to torment the men and in room 10 there is a ghost of a gray man named the gentlemen ghost that likes to just hang out and watch the day go by.  If you they travel down to the basement you will be able to see some light orbs that love nothing more that messing with the electronics and faucets just for fun.

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4 - Annie’s Inn Bed & Breakfast, Aiken

Annie’s Inn Bed & Breakfast, Aiken

This bed & breakfast was once a doctor’s office and hospital with that combination there are sure to be ghosts.  The main ghost of this bed & Breakfast is one of a little girl who roams the halls looking for her mom.  Guests and staff alike have heard the girl’s voice calling for her mommy only to see no one when they look.

3 - Walnut Lane Inn, Lyman

Walnut Lane Inn, Lyman

This beautiful and picturesque inn has a few guests that will never check out.  The first is a dark shape that likes to hang around in the kitchen.  The second ghost of a women in dark skirts enjoys wandering up and down the stairs sometime knocking pictures on the wall.  The third ghost is a voice that is heard and seems to like annoying the dog, but when people check to see what the dog is barking at there is nothing there.

2 - Barksdale House Inn, CharlestonStay Here

Barksdale House Inn, Charleston

George Barksdale bought the land in 1778 and this hotel has been around for more than a century.  Staff and guests have commented on seeing a dark shadow across the room and enter the closet and disappear.

1 - Meeting Street Inn, CharlestonCheck Availability

Meeting Street Inn, Charleston

The Meeting Street inn is a beautiful place to stay and on top of that it has some ghosts to look for.  One of the ghosts looks your room door and doesn’t let you in even with the master key.  Another ghost of a woman has been seen manifesting at the bottom of your bed thankfully that is all she does.  The hotel is also home to another couple of ex family members that roam the halls making noise at all hours of the night.