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Charleston, (aka the Holy City) is one of the oldest cities in the country, and with that comes a whole lot of history, a perfect ingredient for ghost stories! And Charleston certainly has its fair share of those. Click the link below to learn more of haunted truth hiding in Charleston.

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Francis Marion Hotel Charleston South Carolina

Most Haunted Hotels in South Carolina

Famous for its hospitality, fine dining, historic cities, and stunning landscape, the Palmetto State is a perfect vacation or short break destination. Not only that, it’s also home to a number of haunted hotels for you to spend the night. Let’s start your search for one of the most haunted places to stay in South Carolina shall we?

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South Carolina’s Most Haunted Locations

Ready to move your paranormal interests up a level and away from the artificial haunted houses scares you’ve been visiting? There’s no better way to do that than to experience a real haunted location in the dead of night! Just remember to respect each location, and to obtain permission if needed…Let’s go ghost hunting!

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