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It’s no wonder that Cashtown Inn, a hotel that served as the headquarters of the Confederate Army during the Battle of Gettysburg, is a hotbed of paranormal activity.

The battle is considered the bloodiest campaign of the Civil War, amassing a staggering 51,000 casualties over the course of only three days. The inn, currently under new management, is now a bed and breakfast and fine dining restaurant that sits a mere eight miles from the epicenter of the battle.

Cashtown Inn Ghosts

In the century-and-a-half since the gruesome Battle of Gettysburg, ghostly activity has been steadily reported by guests of Cashtown Inn and hotel staff alike.

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The hotel itself has a section on its official website dedicated to photos of ghosts, orbs and specters witnessed on site. Paranormal activity even becomes more spirited and vigorous during the dates of the original battle, July 1-3. 

cashtown inn haunted

Though no specific room is said to be more haunted than the others, any room booked at Cashtown Inn has the chance of experiencing a supernatural occurrence.

Patrons have witnessed the rocking chair in the A.P. Hill room rocking by itself and feeling a person’s weight sitting on the bed next to them.

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A Confederate soldier has been seen frequently in the Henry Heth room and near the bar area, while an old-timey woman has been spotted habitually in the General Lee Suite. 

The most common incidents are descriptions of footsteps and visuals of a Confederate soldier walking up and down the hallways at night.

Occasionally guests have heard a light knocking on the door when the hallway is vacant. One couple even described hearing footsteps inside their room, feeling their mattress shake, and even being touched on their shoulders. 

Multiple guests have reported coming back to their rooms to find their suitcases packed, their televisions turning off and on, and have woken up in the night to the stampeding sounds of army horses.

The owners themselves have even witnessed shadowy apparitions disappearing into thin air, right before their eyes. 

Cahstown Inn Ghost Pictures

Cashtown Inn History

Built in 1797, Cashtown Inn is one of the oldest hotels in Gettysburg. By 1815, innkeeper Peter Marck was running it as a tavern and lodge and only accepted cash for payment. This spawned the Cashtown moniker that was adopted by Marck.

cashtown inn civil war

When the pivotal battle approached in 1863, Jacob Mickley had taken over the Cashtown Inn as the innkeeper. Confederate officers, including generals A. P. Hill, John D. Imboden, and Henry Heth, took up residence in the hotel in June of that year, primarily because the hotel sat directly on the supply pipeline between Virginia and Gettysburg.

The cellar of Cashtown Inn had additional amenities critical to the Confederate guests, featuring bathing springs and large brick ovens for baking bread. The basement was also transformed into a makeshift field hospital where many soldiers died or had their wounds treated and countless amputations performed. Lore suggests that so many limbs were amputated that the pile eclipsed the cellar windows, preventing sunlight.

Cashtown Inn Fame

Cashtown Inn can be seen in the 1993 movie Gettysburg and some of the actors and crew, such as star Sam Elliott, even stayed at the hotel during filming.

Cashtown Inn peaked in popularity in recent years when featured on season four of Ghost Hunters, on the 2008 episode titled “The Fear Cage.” The investigators captured objects moving and voices on recording devices.

Visiting Cashtown Inn

Cashtown Inn hosts four rooms and three suites, each named after a general. The rooms will run you $145-$160 per night, whereas the suites are $185-$200 per night. The hotel is a quick car ride from downtown Gettysburg, featuring museums, battlefield tours, historic buildings, and plenty of exquisite restaurants. 

There are plenty of walking ghost tours within Gettysburg proper, but unfortunately, none include a Cashtown Inn tour. If you are looking to have an eerie expedition to experience the haunts of Gettysburg, book a room at the Cashtown Inn and check out the hotel for yourself.

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