The state of New Mexico has long been connected with a variety of paranormal activity, especially UFO sightings! It also has plenty of ghost stories to tell and the braver visitors out there may want to stay in one of the haunted hotels and inns scattered across the state!

Let’s explore some of the most haunted hotels in New Mexico.

9 - Plaza Hotel, Las VegasBook Now

Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas

The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, NM dates back to 1882 and it has a couple of different claims to fame! The first is the one that most people are aware of and it is the fact that the hotel features in a number of movies including ‘Easy Rider’ and ‘No Country for Old Men’. However, its other lesser-known claim to fame is that the hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of the hotel’s former owner Byron T. Wells.

8 - Shaffer Hotel, Mountainair

There seems to be a whole range of different paranormal phenomena being reported at The Shaffer Hotel. Some of the reports from guests and employees include unexplained flashing lights and the aroma of chocolate appearing with no real reason why!

7 - St James Hotel, Cimarron

St James Hotel, Cimarron

Over the years, the St James Hotel in Cimarron has hosted a number of well-known guests including the likes of Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody, the Earp Brothers, Black Jack Ketchum, and even Billy the Kid! They say that back in the day Cimarron was one of the wildest spots in the Wild West.

The hotel has seen at least 26 death by both natural and not so natural means. Some of the walls still have bullet marks on them. No wonder this place is one of the most haunted hotels in New Mexico! In fact, room 18 is never rented out because it is the permanent resident of one ghost names T.J. Wright!

6 - The Lodge Resort, Cloudcroft

The Lodge Resort, Cloudcroft

The Lodge Resort in Cloudcroft is said to be haunted by a ghost known as Rebecca. She once worked in the hotel as a chambermaid but met a violent and untimely end when she was murdered by a spurned suitor. Her spirit now lingers in her former workplace and has been blamed for turning lights on and off, rearranging furniture, and lighting the fireplaces. In fact, it sounds very much like she is simply continuing with her usual duties despite being dead!

5 - Laguna Vista Lodge, Eagle NestStay Here

Laguna Vista Lodge, Eagle Nest

The Laguna Vista Lodge is home to a variety of very strange occurrences that could very safely be considered to be paranormal! These odd happenings include a piano that plays all by itself, chairs that move mysteriously on their own and an apparition appearing in the dance hall!

4 - Hotel Parq Central, AlbuquerqueBook a Room

Hotel Parq Central, Albuquerque

The building that houses Hotel Parq Central in Albuquerque has only been converted into a hotel fairly recently. Up until the late 1980s or early 1990s, it was actually a hospital. Initially, it served railroad employees but was later converted into a psychiatric hospital. The patients complained of hauntings back then, with bedsheets apparently being yanked from their bed as they slept! Today, hotel guests also report similar occurrences!

3 - La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa FeCheck Availability

La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe

The La Fonda on the Plaza opened in Santa Fe in 1922, but historical records indicate that there has been an inn of some description on this land since at least 1607. Is it any surprise then that the hotel is apparently haunted?

It is said that at some point a failing salesman took his own life by throwing himself down the hotel well. That well is now under the floor of the on-site restaurant. There have been many reports of people seeing the apparition appearing in the hotel restaurant and then jumping into the floor as though repeating the moment of his death.

He is not the only spirit that is said to haunt La Fonda on the Plaza. There are also reports of a murdered bride, a cowboy, and the ghost of Judge John P Slough along with several others.

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2 - Hotel Andaluz, AlbuquerqueSpend the Night

Hotel Andaluz, Albuquerque

Conrad Hilton was the one who originally built the Hotel Andaluz. It first opened for business in 1939 and over the years it has had many renovations. This current version of the hotel has only been around since 2009. However, the spirits that are said to haunt here go way back!

Some of the strange reports from guests here include jewelry being moved around guest rooms and the horrific sounds of disembodied screaming in the night!

1 - La Posada de Santa Fe, Santa FeBook Now

LaPosada Hotel in Sante Fe, New Mexico
LaPosada Hotel in Sante Fe, New Mexico

The La Posada de Santa Fe Hotel includes the 1882 building known as The Staab House. It is believed that the former lady of the house, Julia Stabb is the one who is now haunting the hotel. In her final years of life, she had become something of a recluse and refused to leave the building.

It seems as though she continued this habit following her death as she is still hanging around! Guests have reported seeing Julia’s apparition on the main staircase and in the bar. In honor of Ms. Stabb the hotel restaurant has actually been named ‘Julia: a Spirited Restaurant & Bar’.