Maryland is a state filled with history, impressive architecture, and countless activities to enjoy. There are many people that come to Maryland not only to get away from their busy lives but in hopes of experiencing something new and exciting. There are people that come to Maryland in hopes of staying at one of the hotels and inns that claim to have paranormal activity and ghostly sightings.

Here are just a few of what many consider the most haunted hotels and inns Maryland has to offer.

9 - Wayside Inn, Ellicott CitySpend the Night

Wayside Inn, Ellicott City

The Wayside Inn is located in Ellicott City, Maryland. It dates back to the late 1700s. The beauty and serenity of the Wayside Inn is one draw to the location. Other people venture to the inn due to reports of the paranormal.

There are guests of the inn that claim it is haunted by the ghost of a woman that makes her presence known on occasion. There are other claims that they heard the sound of approaching footsteps after a door was opened. Despite both of these sounds nobody was there.

8 - Aida’s Victoriana Inn, St. Michaels

Aida’s Victoriana Inn, St. Michaels

In St. Michaels, Maryland sits Aida’s Victoriana Inn. Dating back to the 19th century people have enjoyed a quiet stay at the bed and breakfast for decades.

There is a story that along with being a relaxing place to stay a former guest, who perished in the upstairs room in which he was staying, never left. The man wanders around the inn and leaves money for the current owner.

It is believed he leaves the money around for the new owner because he never paid his bill in full because of his untimely death.

7 - Governor Calvert House, AnnapolisSpend the Night

Governor Calvert House, Annapolis

Another haunted inn in Maryland is located in Annapolis.  The Governor Calvert House has been around since 1695. In its history it was a private home to a wealthy and prominent family before becoming the home to Governor Benedict Leonard Calvert.

As the building changed hands it eventually become the elegant hotel it is today. Along with excellent accommodations guests might find themselves experiencing a ghostly sighting or two.

There are a number of ghosts that reportedly haunt the location. One of the ghosts is a woman who committed suicide sometime during the 1940s.

An entity known as Dominic is never seen, but his male presence is often felt by guests and staff members alike.

An additional ghost that people have encountered is believed to be from the 1700s because of the style of clothing he is wearing.

6 - The Kitty Knight House, Georgetown

The Kitty Knight House, Georgetown

The Kitty Knight House dates back to the late 1700s, early 1800s. The home, once threatened by soldiers during the War of 1812, was saved when the former owner, Kitty Knight begged the soldiers to leave it intact.

It was and has enjoyed a long life as a home and now a bed and breakfast. As well as being a beautiful place to stay, it is also home to the woman that saved the structure.

According to numerous claims by guests and staff members over the years, Kitty Knight never left her beloved home. She appears to wander around the bed and breakfast in clothing from the 19th century.

It is said that her ghost is that of an older woman.

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5 - Admiral Fell Inn, BaltimoreBook a Room

Admiral Fell Inn, Baltimore

The Admiral Fell Inn is one of the most haunted inns in Maryland. It is also classified as one of the most haunted hotels in the entirety of the USA. The inn, which has sections of the inn that dates back to the 1770s, has a history of ghost sightings and unusual paranormal activity.

A former boarding house for sailors, it is not unusual that countless claims have been made over the years of sailors wandering in or sitting around the hotel. Once, when the inn was evacuated for a hurricane, a manager claimed to have heard a loud party taking place at the inn despite it being empty.

There are other stories of butlers knocking on hotel doors only to vanish into thin air. Full ghost apparitions have been seen and sounds coming from empty rooms have also been reported.

A dog, whose owners’ were staying at the inn, was barking at the window. When one of its owners woke up, he discovered the ghost of a sailor hovering or sitting right outside the window.

4 - The Maryland Inn, AnnapolisCheck Availability

The Maryland Inn, Annapolis

The Maryland Inn is in Annapolis, Maryland and has been around since 1772. There have been countless reports of apparitions and unusual paranormal activity.

Staff members of the inn, as well as guests, have reported smelling perfume that is not from anyone living. They have also reported hearing footsteps as well as encountering cold spots even during the hottest days.

The number of apparitions people have seen around the place varies. People have encountered what appeared to be the ghost of a former sea captain who died in front of the inn when struck by a carriage.

A woman who died when she fell down a flight of stairs at the inn appears to guests and staff wearing a black dress.

People have also heard a soldier from the Civil War singing around the inn.

3 - The Yellow Turtle Inn, New WindsorSpend the Night

The Yellow Turtle Inn, New Windsor

In the town of New Windsor in Maryland is a quaint B&B, the Yellow Turtle Inn. It is now known as the Seasons at Magnolia Manor. The original structure dates back to the mid-1800’s and was part of the Civil War trail at one point.

The age and history could explain the paranormal activity at the location. Another reason for ghostly sightings at the location could be the presence of unmarked graves located somewhere on the grounds.

Paranormal activity that guests have experienced in the past includes flickering lights and unexplained sounds. The ghostly figure of a woman has also been spotted wandering the halls of the upper floors. 

2 - Atlantic Hotel, BerlinBook a Room

Atlantic Hotel, Berlin

The Atlantic Hotel was built in 1895 in Berlin, Maryland. In its 120 year history it has had countless guess. Some of those guess remain at the hotel from the other side.

Guests and staff members of the Atlantic Hotel have experienced a variety of hauntings. Common activity includes lights switching on and off without the assistance of a living person or modern technology. Seeing things move around unassisted is also a common occurrence around the hotel.

One of the most famous ghosts haunting the hotel is that of a little girl on her tricycle. She is frequently seen or heard around the hotel’s hallways playing. The general manager of the hotel once encountered the ghost of a woman claiming she had no towels in her room.

She went and retrieved some towels and took them to room 16. To her surprise the door was ajar and nobody was there. She later discovered that nobody was registered as staying in that particular room at the time.

These and other stories have confirmed that this is another one of the haunted hotels in Maryland. 

1 - The Lord Baltimore Hotel, BaltimoreBook Now

The Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore

The Lord Baltimore Hotel dates back to 1928. Situated in Baltimore it is one of the most haunted hotels in Maryland. There are countless stories of different types of paranormal activity in the hotel.

The most famous ghost seen and experienced in the hotel is that of a little girl. People have seen her playing around the 19th floor. People have heard what sounded like marbles on hardwood floors on the 19th floor when they were guests on the 18th floor.

Other guests have heard what sounded like a child bouncing a ball as well as running back and forth down the hallway. Guests of one room stated that they were woken to the sound of someone spinning a quarter on the table in their hotel room, as they were in bed after telling the front desk attendant they were informed it was probably the little girl’s spirit.

Other guests have seen the spirits of a well-dressed couple wandering around the hotel.

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