Baltimore, Maryland is a city filled with history. In some cases that history comes to life in the form of ghosts or other paranormal activity. Ghost hunters from around the globe visit the popular city in hope of finding some truth to the many ghost rumors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most haunted places in Baltimore, MD:

11 - Westminster Church Cemetery

Westminster Church Cemetery

The Westminster Church Cemetery is a favorite destination for fans of famous writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Although so people may visit the cemetery to pay their respects to the famous writer, others come in hopes of seeing his ghost.

Stories stating he wanders the grounds as well as the church are not uncommon. People who have been to the cemetery also state that the spirits of people who were buried alive at the location can be seen around the area.

If you venture to the cemetery do not be surprised if you smell a horrid odor as it is said it accompanies one spirit as well as muffled screams.

Ghost hunters who have visited the location claim that one ghost tries to scare them off the premises; the ghost died in 1816 at the age of 16, her name was Lucia Watson Taylor.

There is also a very dark and eerie feeling when walking around the Westminster Church Cemetery.

10 - USS Constellation

USS Constellation

When in search of haunted places in Baltimore one place to be visited is the USS Constellation. This amazing vessel has been in service since 1854 and is not lacking in the paranormal activity category.

In use for more than 100 years, including serving in both the Civil War and World War II it is not unusual that people visiting the now restored ship, encounter the ghosts of seamen that once served on the ship.

Seeing former crew members wandering about the ship is not the only activity people encounter. One ghost that wanders the ship wears an old-fashioned Navy uniform and has been identified as Captain Thomas Truxton.

Another ghost likes to give tours and play cards with people visiting the vessel. Near the gun and forecastle decks are the ghosts of a sailor who committed suicide and a surgeon’s assistant who was eleven.

People have also had problems with electronics malfunctioning upon boarding the ship.

Cell phones that suddenly stop working properly are one of the most common issues people experience.

People interested in seeing if there are ghosts still living on the USS Constellation can stay overnight and do a bit of their own ghost hunting.

9 - The Horse You Came In On Saloon

The Horse You Came In On Saloon

The Horse You Came in on Saloon was built more than 200 years ago in 1775. Many people have passed through the doors in all that time. One of the most famous people to visit the saloon was Edgar Allan Poe.

One of the key reason some people may visit the Horse You Came in on Saloon is to catch a glimpse of the famous writer. It is said his ghost visits the saloon and partakes in the glass of cognac left out for him by the bartenders.

If you are outside the saloon you may have the opportunity to see Poe’s ghost walking in the direction of the saloon.

Seeing light orbs is another activity people witness when this location is on their list of haunted places in Baltimore to visit.

8 - The Admiral Fell InnSTAY HERE


Admiral Fell Inn in Baltimore, Maryland

The Admiral Fell Inn has all the makings of being one of the most haunted places in Baltimore. With a history that dates back to the 1700s it has seen many people call the place either a short term or a long term home.

The location has also been used for many things, including a boarding house for seamen, a theater, and a sometime brothel. That extensive history has left the ghosts of former seamen and prostitutes in the inn.

Following an evacuation due to a hurricane witnesses once heard what sounded like a wild party coming from the interior of the inn but everyone knew it was empty.

The ghosts of butlers appearing to knock on doors and then disappear are another common occurrence.

The Hauntings of the Admiral Fell Inn

7 - Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry

Back in 1814 Fort McHenry was the site of the brutal Battle of Baltimore. Hundreds of people, both British and American died at the location.

Further people died at the location during the Civil War and a deadly flu epidemic in 1919. Many of the soldiers, nurses, and patients that died at Fort McHenry have never left according to reports.

It is quite common to feel a strange or odd sensation when walking around the property. Seeing the ghosts of soldiers who still appear to be marching, just as they did in life, is another common sight.

To further add to the reasons Fort McHenry is among the most haunted locations in Baltimore, are the reports that people feel they are being watched as well as unusual and sometimes frightening noises coming from the spirits of prisoners once held in the dungeons!

6 - USCGC Taney


The USCGC Taney was once the target of kamikaze pilots when in combat during Pearl Harbor. Despite 119 strikes it survived. What also survived are numerous ghosts that continue to live on the vessel.

People have made claims that this deserves to be among the haunted places in Baltimore because of the sounds of footsteps and voices heard around the ship as well as the ghosts of former crew members in their World War II/Pearl Harbor era clothing.

One visitor that took a tour of the USCGC with her kids and parents claims she capture the voices of ghosts on her video recording. Only after she was home were the voices clear.

One of her sons also stated he saw a man in white and his young son on the ship waving to them, and they were only seen by the young boy.

5 - Improved Order of Heptasophs

Long ago, around the 1880s, the members of the Improved Order of Heptasophs had a building constructed for their various purposes.

At one point, instead of serving as a place of meetings it became a dancehall where people gathered. To this day the structure remains haunted.

The most commonly seen ghost enjoys playing the piano and wears a suit from that era. He is said to be a friendly ghost and does not bother anyone.

4 - Edgar Allan Poe Residence

Edgar Allan Poe Residence

It is almost expected that the home of the famous dark writer, Edgar Allan Poe would be haunted on some level. Due to a number of factors, the home that was built somewhere in the 1800s, is among the most haunted locations in Baltimore where Poe resided.

For more than a century, people have made claims that a female ghost haunts the home.

The woman is on the heavier side and has grey hair. Some believe she is Poe’s wife, others believe there is no connection to Poe, only to the house.

Other experiences have included the sound of footsteps, thumps around the house, along with windows and doors opening and closing.  Some people even claim to have seen Poe’s ghost wandering outside the home and inside.

3 - Middleton Tavern

Middleton Tavern

Middleton Tavern is not just your ordinary destination if you want to enjoy a cocktail. Middleton Tavern is considered one of the haunted places in Baltimore because of the ghosts that still remain.

Some of the ghosts that hang out in the tavern that was first opened back in 1750 are rather destructive.  Some of the ghosts like to send plates and glasses flying across the room crashing to the floor shattering them.

For the lucky ones hoping to see a ghost you might get to see the ghost of a man in revolutionary-era clothing named Roland. He enjoys looking out at the harbor.

The wall-mounted lanterns are sometimes turned by additional ghosts that haunt the tavern.

2 - Baltimore County Almshouse

Baltimore County Almshouse

Back in the 1870s in the city of Baltimore, it became necessary for Baltimore County to build a place to house the elderly, children who were not properly cared for, and the unwell. That building is the Baltimore County Almshouse.

With so many adults and children in and out of the home, some only after death, spirits remain.

There are people that say if you are on the third floor it is possible to hear children playing or hear women’s voices.

It’s been known for faces to appear in different places in the house as well.

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1 - Lord Baltimore HotelSTAY HERE

Lord Baltimore Hotel

Ghost hunters know that when you come across a hotel as old as the Lord Baltimore Hotel, it is bound to be one of the most haunted places in the area. Currently, the almost 90 year old hotel is believed to be haunted by multiple apparitions.

Dressed in formal attire, a couple is seen wandering through the hotel. On the 19th floor of the hotel resides the ghost of a little girl according to multiple reports.

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