Hawaii is the place of magnificent volcanoes, spectacular surroundings and endless days basking under the sun. Only few people know that it is also the place of spirits in unrest. If you want to get a tan and get scared at the same time, the state of Hawaii is the perfect destination.

Reported ghosts

It is believed that the building of Hawaii’s busiest highway disturbed the spirit of warriors from their sleep. Bones have been excavated during the building process and since then numerous frightening apparitions have been seen by many people working on the highway. Aside from the apparitions, the cries and voices of these warriors can also be heard inside the tunnels.

Highway 1 has been described by many as one of the scariest places not only in the islands of Hawaii but in the entire United States. It is believed that the highway took so long to finish, approximately 7 years, because the workers were very frightened of the apparitions they saw that most of them refused to go back to work and quit on the very same day.


Highway 1 in Oahu cuts through the Koolau Mountains and this is a place where many ancient warriors were said to have met their death. When the land was disturbed to give way to a highway, the spirits were disturbed from their rest. The highway took seven years to complete as workers would often quite unexpectedly and the management had to find other people to fill the void left.