Storytelling is a way of life in Hawaii and some of the most fun and exciting tales to tell are those with a paranormal element! The island of Oahu in Hawaii has more than its fair share of spooky stories to tell, but these are some of the ones that are rooted in actual hauntings.

Join us in exploring the 10 most haunted places in Oahu, HI:

10 – Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii

Custodians and students alike all claim to have seen and heard strange things inside the Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii! Unexplained noises and phantom footsteps are a regular occurrence and there have been numerous reports of various apparitions appearing in the bathrooms and lurking in the aisles of the library.

The most common sighting seems to be of a young woman dressed in a pink coloured muumuu who is seen regularly by janitorial staff in the library’s mauka wing on the first floor.

No-one is sure who she is or why she is haunting the library, but she seems to be harmless.

9 - 16th Avenue Bridge

Approximately 15 years ago, a young girl was killed on 16th Avenue Bridge in Kaimuki by way of a hit and run accident. Local residents have claimed that the child still haunts the bridge.

She is often encountered by pedestrians on the bridge and usually asks if they can help her to get home. However, those who do agree to walk her home say that by the time they reach the end of the bridge she vanishes.

It is incredibly sad to think that this poor girl is trapped on the bridge where she met her death and never able to go home.

8 – Kipapa Gulch

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Kipapa Gulch is one of the most haunted places in Oahu given the fact that it was the site of a major battle in Hawaiian history.

In addition this, the bridge spanning the ravine has also seen a high number of head on collisions and is also on the path of ‘the Night Marchers’ who are ancient warriors said to roam the islands at night and who are said to walk with torches from the mountains down to the ocean.

All of this adds up to the perfect recipe for some paranormal activity! Locals have reported seeing lights moving down the mountainside and into the gulch at night and others say that you can often here disembodied crying coming from underneath the bridge.

The local legend is that if you encounter one of the night Marchers and look into his eyes then you too will be doomed to roam the islands in their ranks for all of eternity.

7 – The North Shore

Oahu’s North Shore area seems to be a hotbed of paranormal activity and there are various tales of strange sights and sounds. There is said to be an extremely haunted house on the North Shore where a woman became so frustrated by the constant crying of her newborn that she ended up killing the child and burying his body underneath the house.

Now locals say that in the early hours of the morning the sounds of a baby crying can be heard coming from the house, but no-one can ever trace where exactly and most of the time no living infant is in the property.

This is by no means the only spirit belonging to the North Shore. There is also said to be a ‘drowning spirit’ inhabiting the pond in Waimea Falls Park.

Legend has it that the spirit must sacrifice a soul every so often and indeed, throughout history a number of people have drowned in the pond.

That might not be all that unusual until you learn that their bodies always resurface 3 days after they drown – the length of time that the spirit takes to perform its ritual.

6 – Old Waialae Drive Theater

Old Waialae Drive Theater has long been considered one of the most haunted places in Oahu. The outdoor theater closed down some time in the eighties, but even before it closed there were reports of paranormal activity – perhaps stemming from the fact that it was situated next door to a cemetery!

The most prominent tale that was reported with some regularity involved a faceless woman haunting the ladies bathroom! She would occasionally appear in the mirror, but more often patrons of the theater would report her pounding angrily on stall doors.

In addition to being without a face, many witnesses also say that she had no feet!

5 – Kaimuki House

Kaimuki House

According to reports, one night in the summer of 1942 police were called to the Kaimuki House where a woman was screaming hysterically that an evil spirit was going to kill her children.

The police arrived and were unable to do anything but look on in terror and disbelief as all three of her children were thrown around, hit repeatedly and even levitated by some unseen force.

The children eventually died from the injuries and the mother was devastated. Police were unable to offer any explanation.

It is unclear if the spirit responsible still dwells in the property, but we are in no rush to find out for ourselves!

4 – Oahu Community Correctional Center

Oahu Community Correctional Center

The site where the 950 bed Oahu Community Correctional Center now stands is the same ground where Oahu Prison once stood. The old prison included the gallows where 47 men were hanged during the period between 1909 and 1944.

The former gallows have been converted into an office at the new correctional center. The squad room now sits next to the former execution chamber and the guards have some difficulty sleeping in that room due to unexplained disturbances.

Elsewhere in the prison some of the prisoners have reported strange noises including hearing their cell doors opening even although they have not been opened.

3 – Bishop Museum

Bishop Museum

According to local Hawaiian superstition, nothing should ever be removed from a heiau – that’s a place of worship and human sacrifice. However, someone at Bishop Museum apparently did not get that memo because while designing an exhibit for the museum he attempted to recreate one and took some lava stones from a real heiau to use in his exhibit.

The following day the mother of one of the museum’s employees had a nightmare and told her son that if he went to work there was going to be blood everywhere. Her son shrugged off the warning reminding his mother that he could not afford to miss work.

Upon his arrival at work he was asked to fix a problem with the roof of the museum. However, he ended up falling through it and landing on the heiau exhibit, striving his head on one of the stolen lava stones. He died instantly. It is said that the man is still haunting the museum to this day.

2 – Dole Cannery Theater

Dole Cannery Theater

Thanks to the story above, you are now familiar with a heiau which leads us perfectly to another one of the most haunted places in Oahu – Dole Cannery Theater. It is said that the theater was actually built right on top of a heiau.

The site was also the scene if a tragic school bus crash in the eighties. Armed with this information, it is really not all that surprising that the property is apparently haunted.

Many people, both staff and visitors alike have said that they can hear the disembodied voices of children in the bathrooms and some have even seen the apparition of their bus driver.

1 – Chaminade University

Chaminade University

Chaminade University is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Oahu thanks to the history of one of its buildings. There is a rumour that Dorm Lokelani at Charminade University actually served as a children’s hospital during the second world war.

Students and members of the faculty have reported hearing children’s voices, seeing doors open and close on their own and feeling as though they might not be alone.

There is also one particular room – number 208 – which is notorious for paranormal activity. It is said that not only has there been at least one suicide in the room, but an exorcism has also been conducted there!

That has to have left some kind of spiritual mark!