When most people think of Hawaii, the first thing that comes to mind is a tropical paradise! However, the islands have a rich cultures and a long history of paranormal activity. Beneath the sun, sea and surf lies a much darker side to Hawaii including an abundance of haunted accommodation!

Join us as we explore some of the most haunted hotels in Hawaii!

8 - Volcano House Hotel, Big Island

Volcano House Hotel, Big Island

Volcano House Hotel was originally built as a private residence and the family who lived there often claimed to see the apparition of an elderly woman in the house. Since becoming a hotel, the same apparition has been reported in the guest rooms by many of the people who stay at the hotel! There are also frequent reports of a ghostly white dog on the entrance road that leads up to the hotel!

7 - Hilton Hawaiian Village, OahuBook a Room

Hilton Hawaiian Village, Oahu

One of the most haunted hotels in Hawaii is the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Oahu. Guests of the hotel often report seeing an apparition that they describe as a beautiful young woman in a red dress. She is seen walking in the hotels and sometimes on the beach. There are two different theories regarding who this female spirit might be. Some say that she is a woman who was murdered in her hotel room while others believe that she is actually a manifestation of Pele, the Volcano Goddess.

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6 - Kona Beach Hotel, Big IslandBOOK NOW

Kona Beach Hotel, Big Island

Some believe that the reason why Kona Beach Hotel is haunted is that King Kamehameha is said to be buried somewhere in the grounds – after all, the hotel is built where King Kamehamha’s castle once stood. The bulk of the paranormal activity seems to be focused on the top floor of the hotel. Guests say that they can hear the distant sounds of a battle and also report seeing apparitions of warriors. It is also said that the portrait of Queen Liliuokalani which hangs on the ground floor of the hotel has been seen to inhale and exhale!

5 - The Waikiki Prince Hotel, OahuSpend the Night

The Waikiki Prince Hotel, Oahu

The Waikiki Prince Hotel in Oahu has been the site of various different strange occurrences. Some of the most commonly reported phenomena include strange lights moving around the hotel, unexplained whispering voices and also luggage being moved around!

4 - Four Seasons Resort, OahuBook a Room

Four Seasons Resort, Oahu

As haunted accommodation in Hawaii goes, Oahu’s Four Seasons Resort is one of the most active! The seventeenth floor of the hotel is the hub of paranormal activity in the resort as it is apparently haunted by a former guest who took ill during a vacation there and died in her hotel room. Guests on the seventeenth floor will frequently report that the glass sliding doors open and close by themselves and some of them have even seen a female apparition who they say watches over guests as they sleep – perhaps so that they will not suffer her fate and die in the their beds?

3 - Kona Sheraton, Big IslandBook a Room

Kona Sheraton, Big Island

The Kona Sheraton on the Big island has been haunted for many years. It has undergone a number of name changes throughout its history, but the ghostly tales have prevailed. It is very common for guests to call down to security and complain of the little girls playing noisly in the hallways at night, and the guards always have to apologise for being unable to do anything since they know that the girls are ghosts!

Staff often see an apparition standing on the edge of the cliffs at the front of the hotel which disappears if they look away even for a moment. The hotel stands on what was an ancient battleground, so it is no surprise that there is some paranormal activity afoot!

2 - Waikiki Parc Hotel, OahuStay the Night

Waikiki Parc Hotel, Oahu

The Waikiki Parc Hotel in Oahu is apparently haunted by the ghost of a former employee. The gentleman passed away while employed by the hotel and apparently still comes to work daily! The punch in machine records someone punching in on the time clock using the deceased employees card, even though the magnetic card was cancelled following his death! He only ever punches in, never punching out! Now that is one dedicated employee!

1 - The Lodge at Koele, LanaiCheck Availability

The Lodge at Koele, Lanai

The Lodge at Koele in Lanai is a stunning four seasons resort that is very popular with tourists. However, it is also one of the most haunted hotels in Hawaii! The property is said to be haunted by multiple spirits, most prominently a little girl who is frequently spotted in guest’s rooms! There is no known reason why so many spirits have gathered here and none have been identified.