Reported ghosts

The Hickam Air Force Base in Oahu is an actual historical landmark of the Second World War. Several soldiers died during the surprise attack of the Japanese that fateful day in December. This is the explanation why a lot of people who visit the base hear bombing noises and sounds made by dying soldiers. Aside from hearing sounds, many people have also reported seeing the actual ghosts of World War II soldiers still wearing their fatigues and wandering around the hall.

The most recognizable ghost in the base is Charley. He roams the hall and often switches the radio stations. He is also known for throwing things about in the base.


Hickam Air Force Base was completed and officially used on the 15th of September in 1938. The construction of the main barracks began in early 1939. By the 1940 it was the largest structure of American military installation. it had a post exchange, a laundry, squadron dayrooms, a medical dispensary, barber shops and a mess hall. It was called the “Hickam Hotel” by the men stationed there.

When the Japanese Navy attached on the 7th of December, the base was bombed to eliminate its air opposition and prevent the planes from firing back at the Japanese aircrafts.  During the war the base served as the center for training, as well as assembling aircraft. The base has been designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1985.

The base has had its share of accidents and incidents. In 1955 an R6D-1 was landing in darkness but there was heavy rain and it crashed into the Pali Kea Peak and it killed more than sixty people on board.  It is still the worst air disaster in the history of the island of Hawaii.