According to reports from locals, the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay has been haunted for many years. Although the name and owner of the hotel have changed numerous times over the years, the stories of the hauntings still remain. It’s widely believed to be the home to the spirits of two little girls, who regularly make noise running up and down the hallways at night, and when guests open the doors to ask them to be quiet, nobody is there, and the running continues. Guards are so used to this now they simply tell guests there’s nothing they can do since it’s the two girl ghosts making the noise!

If you’re walking around the hotel grounds, you may come across an apparition standing on the edge of the cliffs at the front of the hotel, and if you blink or look away for a second the apparition disappears! It’s believed the hauntings around this hotel point back to the ancient battleground that the hotels’ foundations now rest.

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